Col. Frank Dunn
Colonel Frank Dunn was the officer who replaced Harold Watson after Chief of Intelligence Charles Cabell got fed up with Watson's and Grudge's mismanagement of the flying disk investigation project in the 1949-1951 years. Dunn was a good man, much less fiery and intolerant than Watson, and nicely served as a good light-handed leader for the work of Blue Book during the beginning of the Ruppelt era. Colonel Dunn told General Samford that UFO sightings "followed a pattern" by occurring most frequently at "areas vital to the defense of the United States." The areas the Colonel had in mind were: Los Alamos-Albuquerque, N.M.; Oak Ridge, Tenn.; White Sands, N.M.; Port Areas; Strategic Air Command bomber bases; and industrial complexes. If anyone else were to impune such sinister motives to UFO's they would have evoked smirks by people who felt that nonbelief in such objects was a measure of normality. Here we have none other than the Air Force's Project GRUDGE suggesting something that one would expect to find on the front page of a cheap tabloid. But then, Colonel Dunn's concern was well founded.