Andy Flues
Anderson (Andy) Flues was born in Sandusky OH in 1928. Too young for the War, he graduated from Yale University and joined the Air Force just thereafter (1951). He was immediately assigned to Intelligence where he served (partly at Blue Book) during 1951-1954. He was Ruppelt's only subordinate that Ed trusted totally with running the project seriously in his absence. Shortly, however, he decided that an Air Force career was not for him, and he left (1954) to run his family's furniture business, and marry his wife. He wrote Ruppelt later to express his view that he went into Blue Book believing that the extraterrestrial hypothesis was at least possible, but finding no single case which was convincing to him. Flues died in the late 1990s. (Mike Swords)  From the way Col. Bower talked about him Flues was his favorite, his golden boy. (Brad Sparks)