Homer T. "Tom" Gittings, Jr.
Homer Gittings was Ruppelt's contact in Los Alamos. He was a charter member of the group that was trying to correlate recorded radiation from an unknown source with UFO reports. Ruppelt: "He worked closely with a Ph.D. but I've forgotten the Ph.D.'s name (Dr. William W. Carter). Gittings, the Ph.D. and several other scientists would fly down to Albuquerque and we'd meet with Col. Matheny at 34th Air Division Headquarters. If I remember correctly, Gittings had an MS degree in Physics and was an instrumentation specialist." Joel Carpenter provided the 30 Nov. 49  DOE Green Fireball doc: "A group of scientists and technicians from the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory have become extremely interested in the observations of the aerial phenomena observed at various times in this vicinity, on which reports have been rendered periodically. This group is headed by Richard Taschek and is composed of the following additional personnel: Homer T. Gittings, Jr. George A. Jarvis, J. Fred Kalbach, Stan H. Simmons, Jud Nicholas, Harold Agnew, W. J. Masilun, Howard Parsons, Robert Potter. All of the foregoing have been appropriately cleared under the provisions of the Atomic Energy Act and therefore would have access to any and all information on this subject which might be developed by the National Military Establishment, principally the U. S. Air Forces."  Gittings later worked on nuclear rocket engines for Project ROVER. Killed in an auto crash in 1961. The "group" was the Los Alamos UFO observation group, called the Los Alamos Astrophysical Association, later the Los Alamos Bird Watchers Association. Began observations on Nov. 25, 1949. Member Harold Agnew was a future Director of Los Alamos labs in 1970-79.