Goll, Lt. Col. Miles E.
Lt. Colonel Miles E. Goll was an intelligence specialist at Air Materiel Command under Colonel Mack McCoy during WW2. After the war he remained in the service briefly, but then retired, staying on to work as a civilian in the T-2 intelligence group. Goll could be considered the third ranking officer (under McCoy [MCI] and William Clingerman [MCIA]) during the SIGN era, acting as chief of the Analysis Section [MCIAT] and often signing for Clingerman. Goll entered UFO legend as he was a contact officer for the famous Battelle Memorial study during the Ruppelt years, and was the recipient of the famous [infamous?] memorandum to Battelle, called by some as the "Pentacle_Memorandum", and interpreted very controversially as indicating something deeply conspiratorial going on at Wright-Patterson AFB as regards UFO information. (See document NARA-PBB86-536)