Hartmann, William
William Hartmann was a young assistant professor in the Lunar and Planetary laboratory at the University of Arizona when the USAF contract to Colorado was announced. Somehow he was interested in UFOs enough (Jim McDonald??) that he volunteered to be a team member. Unlike Norm Levine, Hartmann did not leave Tucson but did his work from there. That work was photographic analysis of alleged UFO still and moving picture materials. Hartmann was a tough analyst to convince, but did not have a closed mind either consciously (like Condon) or unconsciously (like Craig). Several of his analyses stood the test of his skepticism and are some of the admitted unknowns in the final report. What almost no one knows about Hartmann is that he wrote his draft chapter for the final report recommending further serious study of the UFO phenomenon. Condon read that draft and wrote "Good God!!!" over the page and scrawled that paragraph out.