Lt. Col.A. J. Hemstreet
Graduated Creighton University. Joined Army Air Force in 1929 following college. Active duty in Army Air Force for WWII and assigned to the India/Burma theatre, became field commissioned Lt. Colonel. Stuck with USAF intelligence post-War, assigned to Wright-Patterson's Technical Intelligence Division (T-2) of AMC. (Colonel McCoy's office) Passed on at age 91. (Mike Swords) We did find a copy of a letter from A.M. Mood of the RAND Corporation to Lt. Col. A. J. Hemstreet, dated 29 March 1949, which sheds some light about the cooperation between RAND and the USAF regarding their early UFO projects. The letter begins by stating that, “we had not planned to issue a formal report on Project Grudge until or unless our study leads to some unusual or unexpected finding which would throw new light on Grudge.” Mood then goes on to say that “we are now working through the data in search of significant consistencies or other indirect bits of evidence,” but that “to date we have found nothing which would seriously controvert simple rational explanations of the various phenomena…” (he includes a long list with balloons, aircraft, plane). (Fran Ridge)