John S. "Red" Honaker
"Red" Honaker was an old friend of Colonel Watson's. Watson used him as a point man—keeping in contact with every project and facet of work going on at ATIC. Officially, his title was Assistant to the Chief. In reality, he was Watson's eyes and ears. Honaker would constantly pop in on different departments and ask for quick verbal status reports. This was Colonel Watson's way of keeping everyone on their toes. Yet Honaker may have cut Cum-mings (and later Ruppelt) a lot of slack. Honaker was a former assistant to Project Sign, and had become as convinced in the extraterrestrial hypothesis as Loedding and Deyarmond. But unlike Loedding, Honaker and Deyarmond had the savvy to keep their opinions to themselves when flying saucers suddenly became a politically incorrect issue within the halls of ATIC. Honaker and Deyarmond, seemingly, would both later give Ruppelt a lot of behind the scenes assistance. Also, around this time, Colonel Watson was transferred out of ATIC to a European command that would prove an important assignment in his career. (Wendy Connors) At T-2 meeting