Low, Robert
Robert Low was the de facto administrator of the Colorado Project in the absence of proper attention by the grantee, Edward Condon.  Bob Low was not formally scientifically trained but had picked up his science "on the fly" as an administrator-manager of the High-Altitude Observatory for Walter Orr Roberts.  Low ultimately moved out of that job and into the administration of the University of Colorado.  When the Air Force grant was proposed, Low agreed to do the hard work in aid of nominal-chief Edward Condon, as a favor to Roberts, and as a grant getter for the University.  He greatly admired Condon and was considering writing a biography of him.  In order to sell the administration on the project, Low wrote the famous "Trick" memo.  This memo was worded so as to give administrators peace-of-mind about involving Colorado with a UFO grant.  His salesmanship worked, but his words were used against him later by the UFO community.  This was understandable, but incorrect.  Bob Low proved many times during his administration of the project that he had an open-minded, even often an enthusiastic, view of the subject.  Had Condon been even slightly reasonable, Low might well have held the project together to a much more palatable conclusion.  As it was, he was blasted by all sides.  This resulted in his removal from the writing of the final report [by Condon] and his ultimate angry striking out at the UFO subject which had smeared his career.  He shortly left the University and took up a job at a small college on the west coast.