Marano, Carmon L., 2nd Lt. USAF
Last Chief of Project Blue Book, from circa Feb 1969 to Jan 1970.  Handled archiving of BB files at Air Archives, Maxwell AFB, Montgomery, Alabama, in Jan 1970. (Sparks) Reviewed PBB files for cases that met Phil Klass' plasma criteria. (Aldrich)  I believe that Marano is pretty irrelevant. He said he was trained in physics, something in the optics area. He was assigned to FTD in the fall of 1967 and basically told to report to Quintanilla. He said that he didn't mind the assignment because he had read Sagan and Shklovskii's book and found it interesting. The only really interesting thing I've heard about him was his admission that even if a UFO case which was reported to the USAF could not be identified by the UFOB officer at the local base, it wasn't necessarily sent on to Blue Book, and therefore they'd never hear of it. (Swords)