Lt. Col. John O'Mara
Lt. Col. O'Mara was the Deputy Commander of Air Force Intelligence for a short time in 1954. According to FBI memos,  [one of which states] “The same source [CRIFO member] furnished a copy of the ‘Newsletter’ [that] reports that Stringfield had a private talk with Lieutenant Colonel John O’Mara, Deputy Commander, Intelligence, United States Air Force, on September 21, 1954, and that in essence Colonel O’Mara told Stringfield that flying saucers do exist and that past contradictions were unfortunate. Stringfield has stated that he believes his home telephone is being monitored, presumably by the Air Force, and that he therefore makes his phone calls to Lieutenant O’Mara at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base from his office."  At some point in time O'Mara also told Stringfield that the Air Force was getting over 700 reports a week!!!  (Fran Ridge) The figure of 700/week is an exact match to ADC's 35,000 700 x 50 (rounding) weeks in a year = 35,000.  These are not UFO's!! Virtually all are ordinary aircraft not properly filing flight plans or deviating from designated flight paths.  Various stages of identification whittle the numbers down, with maybe a residual 100 being UFO's. (Brad Sparks) Stringfield may have interpreted comments by O'Mara  as a go-ahead for him to consider himself an unofficial UFO information gathering spot in service to Wright-Pat. The only thing that I know for sure about O'Mara is that he interviewed/debriefed the German paperclip people, including Von Braun. (Mike Swords) O'Mara also told Stringfield that over 1000 of the nation's leading scientists were working on governmental UFO projects, that Dr. Clyde Tombaugh and Dr. Lincoln La Paz were heading the project in White Sands, New Mexico where scientists were tracking two artificial satellites circling our Earth, and that Sec. of Air Force [Harold] Talbott's aircraft was paced by an 'Unidentified Flying Object' over Fresno, California in March, 1954. (Fran Ridge)