Col  Edward H. Porter
Col. Porter was the Deputy Director for Estimates of the D/I. He was violently anti-UFO. He was Fournetís boss (until Porter went to the JCS in Aug 1952). At every briefing or meeting he always got his two cents worth in and he minced no words. But he never had a decent argument; he didnít know what was being reported nor did he care. He just didnít believe that there was anything to it. General Cabell is reported to have climbed all over him and Col Harold Watson for conspiring to get rid of the UFO project in 1950. (Ed Ruppelt)  He was Fournet's boss' boss' boss. Deputy Director for Estimates (Porter later Morrow), Topical Intelligence Division Chief (Adams), Current Intelligence Branch Chief (Weldon Smith), Fournet. (Brad Sparks)
(Ed Ruppelt)