Leslie Rosenzweig
Born 1922 (I know not where), interested in geography. During WWII served in Office of Strategic Services, joined Air Force intelligence as a geographer in 1946. Shortly joined Stefan Possony of Georgetown, working on matters relating to the military problems in Air Power and projection of military force. Co-authored with Possony a paper (The Geography of the Air) which led off the book: Air Power and National Security. Possony and Rosenzweig convinced people like Thomas Dresser White and Thomas K Finletter to write essays for it. Member of the American Academy of Political and Social Science.  Awarded the Department of the Air Force's Award for Meritorious Civilian Service in 1954. Died in Delray Beach, FL in 2007 at age 85. (Mike Swords)   Les Rosenzweig worked for Possony [on the AF Directorate of Intelligence (AFOIN) Special Studies Group (SSG)]. He was sort of a dull tool and whenever Possony said or did anything Les took it as the gospel. When it came to UFO’s there was no difference. Les made quite a few studies on how the UFO’s could be powered, how they could be contacted, etc. He pushed the idea of using a huge horizontal movie screen to flash messages to the UFO’s. He, or possibly it was Possony himself, made a lot of contacts with Willy Ley. They dropped him fast however, when good old commercial Willy began to try to push himself into the act a little too fast. It is interesting to note that those people in the U.S. who are actually considered to be tops in the fields of interplanetary travel have no use for Willy Ley or Von Braun. (Edward Ruppelt)