Dr. Robert Sarbacher
Dr. Robert Sarbacher (1907-1986) was a preeminent scientist. A Harvard graduate, he was Dean of the Graduate School of Georgia Institute of Technology, Director of Research at Wedd Laboratories, an accomplished inventor, a Scientific Consultant to the U.S. Marines and government agencies, and connected to the Joint Research and Development Board (JRDB) of the US DOD. One of his research specialties was remote controlled rockets. He would later go on to create the Washington Institute of Technology. In the 1980s, Sarbacher confirmed to researchers William Steinman, Stan Friedman, Jerry Clark, William Moore and Bruce Maccabee several truths about UFOs and ET. He indicated that in the early 1950s, he was officially made aware of a crash of a non-terrestrial craft in the Southwest - a crash that occurred at that time or likely some time prior, and may well have been the Roswell UFO crash. He had confirmed to them (as well as to scientist Wilbert Smith of Canada three decades prior) that the subject was classified higher that the development of the Atom Bomb. He said that the debris was very light and very tough. He understood that the aliens were lightweight and constructed somewhat like insects. He said that a small group of people were likely involved in the crash debris analysis and included Von Braun, Vannevar Bush, Oppenheimer, and Eric Walker, among others. They were attempting to reverse-engineer the technology, but to no avail. In a letter dated November 29, 1983, Dr. Sarbacher confirmed that he had indeed made such a statement. In the actual letter below, Dr. Sarbacher goes into detail about the material and alien bodies recovered. (Stan Friedman) Wilbert Smith apparently got his information in a phone call interview in which Sarbacher thought that he was talking merely to R&D Canadian liaison, Lt Commander James Stewart Bremner.  Smith sends questions "through" Bremner to Sarbacher; Sarbacher responds to Bremner. The phone call is short, and Smith apparently scrambles to write the exchange down after it ends. Sarbacher is apparently talking this loosely to Bremner because he has met Bremner in official R&D Board capacity --- if that's not true his casual conversation about something like this is pretty stunning. Once it's "out" he's stuck with admitting to what he said to others later. Still, what exactly did Sarbacher know, and why did he know it?  (Mike Swords)

Important notes and files
Sarbacher letter to Steinman on Nov 29, 1983
Complete NICAP "Smith" file folder
SECRET Jan 3, 1951 letter to Gordon Cox from Wilbert Smith
Stanton Friedman - Robert Sarbacher Interview - 1983
Sarbacher-thread (NICAP-Research@googlegroups.com)