Seashore, Malcolm, Lt. Col.
Lt. Colonel Malcolm Seashore was acting chief of AMC's analysis division [MCIAT] directly under Colonel Clingerman when the UFO wave broke out in the United States in the summer of 1947. When the Pentagon decided that AMC was the correct place to create a focussed intelligence project on the flying disks, Wright-Patterson felt that one possibility for explaining this phenomenon was advanced aerotechnology development by the Soviets, or possibly some other potential enemy, maybe based upon the leading edge technologies of the Germans. Seashore and McCoy's AMC team then created an EEI [Essential Elements of Intelligence], basically a lengthy list of things for contacts and spies to look for, and Seashore himself hand-carried the EEI to Europe for clandestine distribution to embassies et al, in the fall of 1947. This was the last that Seashore was involved with UFO matters, even though he ultimately returned to Wright-Pat some time later. When Seashore left MCIAT, he was replaced as acting chief by Miles Goll. (Swords)