Smith, Weldon H. S. Col .
Ruppelt: "This man was Dewey Fournetís boss. He wasnít quite as sold on the UFOís as Col Bill Adams but he was pretty well sold. He also 'bought' Fournetís ideas and studies. I remember specifically the case of the burned Scoutmaster: Col Smith was 'sold' that this was the real thing. He was following the whole show from the Pentagon, through my calls to Fournet and from the wires that I was sending back. Just as soon as I got back from the first trip to Florida I went in to see him and he got quite irked when I said that something about this scoutmaster just didnít ring true. He said that I was biased and wasnít giving the man a chance. According to Keyhoe, he is the person from the D/I that wrote the anonymous letter that Keyhoe quotes in his book. I donít believe it, however, I think that Fournet wrote it."Col. Smith investigated with Fournet & Ruppelt on UFO maneuvers (Haneda case) and agreed that the nature of the maneuvers indicated intelligent control.