Capt. Sneider, Robert Raphael
Robert Sneider was born in 1914 (July 18th.). He would, therefore, have been 27-30 years old during WWII. Post-war he was at Wright-Patterson in the T-2 intelligence department and in 1947-8 had the rank of Captain. He retired as a Lt, Colonel on November 14th, 1960. He passed in 1983 (September 12th), at age 70. His service number, I believe, was "345030." There are a few things that we could reasonably assume: that he was a pilot during WWII and already an officer. After the war, he wanted to stay in, and apparently was a sharp knife so he was recruited to Intel at Dayton. What exactly he did between 1945 and 1947, I don't know. As to the picture that I'm attaching: It is a cropping from a Pacific theatre air crew (I believe it's the Pacific --- my notes are gone.) The picture showed a crew, and "on the back" was a list of names. The troubles with this are two: The person shown is my guess-at-name since the listing wasn't perfectly clear as to where each man named stood (There was no "l to r" for instance, and no front vs back.) This fellow was said to be the co-pilot, and the picture and position seem OK. (As an honest guess anyway.) Secondly (the bigger leap): The name on the back is "Robert R. Snyder." So I'm in rationalization mode now. I've seen notational errors on these things before. I also know that (in my experience) "Snyder" is a lot more common a spelling than "Sneider." Did the annotator just not know anything more than that this was Lieutenant "Snyder/Sneider" and scribbled down the wrong thing? Well, it's not impossible --- these are hardly formal documents. The only relevance to the inquiry is, that if the fellow in the picture IS our Robert R. Sneider, then that places him as a war-involved pilot through WWII. Going from an action co-pilot to a pilot to a post-war intel agent Lieutenant to Captain, is a believable scenario. (Michael Swords)