Thayer, Gordon
Gordon Thayer was a bachelors degree holder in physics working at a sister institution of Colorado, the Environmental Science Service Administration (ESSA). He played no role in the project until nearly the end. When Condon fired Saunders and Levine, he left his project with no one capable of writing up the vital radar case section of the final report. By the time that this dawned on Condon, Craig et al, time was short. Somehow Thayer was brought in at the eleventh hour to do the work. It was an impossible request, but Thayer did as well as he reasonably could, given his restrictions in time and information --- he had only the project case files to work with. He has taken some unjustified heat from the UFO community for his analyses in a few cases, but it would have taken a Jim McDonald to do the proper job under these conditions. With all that, Thayer's chapter gives UFOlogists their strongest argument from within the report itself for the worthiness of UFO research. Very shortly after the project ended, he made very stout statements of his support for UFO study, and published a positive case study in the AIAA journal. Thayer is another example of the misbehavior of both Ed Condon and the UFO community towards a guy trying honestly to do his job under difficult conditions.