Watson, Col. Harold E.
Ruppelt: "Col. Watson, now a Brig Gen and once again Chief of ATIC, was chief of ATIC when I arrived. (He later went to Europe for three years.) He was violently anti-saucer but he crossed himself up too many times trying to constantly grab publicity. He was the one who made the famous remark about all UFO observers being nuts or 'fatigued airline pilots'. He continually hauled in writers who would plug him and debunk the UFO's. I've overheard him tell how he completely snowed Bob Considine." Watson's malicious remarks so outraged Nick Mariana (Montana film) that he filed a libel suit against Considine and publisher for repeating Watson's remarks in an article that slammed Mariana for his Great Falls film. Mariana didn't win. Watson and Grudge project leader, James Rodgers, were mainly responsible for the failure of Project Grudge, which enraged Cabell. (Brad Sparks: Watson took over from McCoy as head of AMC Technical Intelligence Division when Ruppelt arrived in about Jan 1951, ATIC did not exist yet (until May 21, 1951). This is Ruppelt's oversimplification of org name in which projects 'ATIC' back to 1947").