Wertheimer, Dr. Michael
Dr. Wertheimer was a professor of psychology at the University of Colorado when the Air Force contract was signed. His area of research was human perception and he saw the contract as an opportunity to test hypotheses about the accuracy of human perception and the extent of errors made. ( a second professor really wanted to press this and retired immediately from the project when the USAF gave the idea thumbs down). In this he was obviously skeptical of treating any witness testimony as being very accurate. He was one of the first professors to volunteer as a team member. His emphasis irked David Saunders and there was always antipathy between them. Wertheimer (and the second professor, a man named Scott) received a huge setback when the ideas to test the validity of human testimony by rigging phony UFO incidents and interviewing naive witnesses to them were presented in front of the Air Force project officers. Condon and the team were told flat by Colonel Robert Hippler NOT to do any such thing. That was all the Air Force needed as to bad PR, to have it get out that they were testing how people are unreliable. Wertheimer then presented a philosophical concept which purported to logically demonstrate that you could never prove anything one way or the other about UFOs so why bother? This "Wertheimer Hypothesis" stymied project progress for several weeks, causing David Saunders to strike out at Wertheimer for creating an impossible argument for scientific progress of any kind. Bob Low, never happy with Wertheimer's ideas, ultimately consigned them to the trash heap by writing a memo quoting Richard Feynman on the nature of science which reduced Wertheimer's objections to unproductive nonsense and the project continued mainly without him. (Michael Swords)