Zimmerman, Charles
Ruppelt: "Charley Zimmerman was the technical advisor to the chief of the Analysis Branch at ATIC. I never could figure out exactly where he stood on the subject of UFO’s but I think he was a bit of a believer. Several times I tried to put through an explanation that a UFO was a balloon or other known object and he’d argue like mad against it. Many times he’d come running into my office to show me “a new, red hot report”. This man is none other than the Charles Zimmerman who built the unique prototype of the Vought V-162 disc-winged plane for the US Navy, better known as the "Flapjack" or "Zimmer Skimmer." It is quite ironic that the builder of a plane, which has been constantly and erroneously proposed as "the explanation" for UFOs was so much interested in UFOs and obviously a "believer."