Woodbury Hall was an older science building given to the Colorado Project for their use during the UFO study. A "temporarily permanent" office was set up there under the secretary-ship of Mary Lou Armstrong, Edward Condon's then-current secretary. Bob Low set up an office of his own, as did project leaders such as Saunders and Levine. Phone calls for the Project were directed here, and meetings were held. All the active Project records were at Woodbury. All of this is mentioned to make the point that this location WAS the Colorado Project, but that Ed Condon did not have an office there, and refused to be there for any reason whatever except for important staff meetings [and occasionally not even then]. Woodbury Hall, therefore, stands as an iconic symbol for the inappropriate neglect that the so-designated "Principal Investigator" displayed towards the Project, and the consequent inappropriateness of him writing in his opinions about anything as the supposed final conclusions of the Project's work. And, as a telling aside: secretaries are notoriously loyal to their bosses, but Mary Lou Armstrong wrote a lengthy and pointedly critical letter-of-resignation to Condon near the end of the active work era of the Project due to his firing of Saunders and Levine and his generally wrong-headed behavior towards Project business.