"Regional Encounters: The FC Files"
  By Francis L. Ridge

The book, "Regional Encounters: The FC Files", was a sell-out, a 170-page, fully-illustrated  (8-1/2x11) perfect binding book covering the best close encounters in the region  since the turn of the century. It is now an exciting and very versatile CD-Rom written in three formats: 1) html, 2) jpeg, 3)  pdf!!!! The six-state region covers Missouri to Ohio and Indiana to Tennessee. The CD/book covers the entire sighting period from before the turn of the century, to 1991.

The CD/book includes the MADAR UFO detection study conducted from 1970 to 1991. Reports include some of the best encounters ever reported, including the case where a train was stopped by a UFO in 1973, and one where a man suffered from possible radiation exposure, and many incidents of jet chases.

Francis L. Ridge is a 54-year veteran researcher with service in NICAP, MUFON, and CUFOS.

Shipped First Class in the U.S. at only $12.00 postpaid, this chronological compilation  is only half the original price of the book.    Foreign, First Class, $22.00.

Send money order to:

Francis Ridge
618 Davis Drive
Mt. Vernon, IN 47620

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