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From: daniel wilson <>
Subject: June 14, 1968, Near Cabanas, Cuba
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Compiled by
Albert Rosales

Location. Near Cabañas, Pinar Del Rio, Cuba
Date: June 14 1968
Time: after midnight
Shortly after midnight several bursts of machine gun fire were heard coming from a location in the vicinity where militia member Isidro Puentes Ventura was on guard duty. At dawn, Puentes was found unconscious by an Army patrol and taken to a hospital in Pinar Del Rio, where he remained in shock and unable to speak for six days. Removed to the neurological ward at the Naval Hospital in Havana, Puentes was diagnosed to be suffering from emotional trauma, remaining in shock for another week. At the site where Puentes had been posted, Cuban and Soviet intelligence investigators found forty-eight spent cartridges and fourteen bullets apparently flattened by impact, as well as equally spaced indentations in the ground, indicating that a heavy device had landed. Tests revealed that the soil had been exposed to a high degree of heat. When Puentes recovered consciousness he reported that he had come to within 150 feet of a brilliant round object on the ground, with a dome and several antennas on top. Convinced that the device was an American helicopter, Puentes fired about forty rounds at it. The craft turned orange and emitted a strong whistling sound---Puentes last recollection before losing consciousness. Soviet intelligence specialists subjected Puentes to a fifty-hour interrogation after which he was examined by a team of psychiatrists and put through fifteen hypnosis sessions. No contradictions were found in his story.

HC addendum
Source: Timothy Good, "Beyond Top Secret" quoting Jacques Vallee
Type: G?
High Strangeness Index: 8
Reliability of Source: 9
Comments: This if probably an abduction event that apparently the Soviet investigators failed to uncover, or if they did they kept it under wraps.