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Railroad Men See "Men" Inspecting Tracks
Nov. 13, 1954
Curitiba, Parana State, BRAZIL

Fran Ridge:
Nov. 13, 1954; Curitiba, Parana State.  Brazil
3:30 a.m. A disk-shaped object was seen landed on the railroad tracks at a place between the railroad stations of Coponhae and Uray, Parana State.  The witness, Mr. Jose Rodrigues, working with Group 19 from “Parama-Santa Catarina Railroad  Network”, reported that three little “men” of small size, dressed in shiny, close-fitted clothes and with very strong colors, jumped from the machine, an oval-shaped object, and began to inspect the tracks with the help of luminous objects they had in their hands. "They were examining the 'ballast' with the aid of lanterns.  When they spotted me, they hurried back to their apparatus, which took off at a great speed."  Approximately at the same hour, a professor saw a “shiny” object over the village of Urai, mentioned before. The prefect (sheriff) of this city and several inhabitants of the region went to the place of the incident.(CUFOS Rob Swiatek, Rio's newspapers, “CORRETO DA MANHA, etc.).

Detailed reports and documents
1954_11_13_BR_Curitiba_HUMCAT.pdf (Rob Swiatek, Rich Vitello, Barry Greenwood)

Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos:
The additional information can serve (source is the Humanoid catalogue of Luis R. González):

(059) Sunday, 14 November 1954 – Curitiba, Paraná
Quality Index = 2                                  Case Type: B                                         Humanoid Type:  Hm
About 3:30. A railway stationmaster (JR) saw 3 midgets in tight-fitting, luminous clothing examining ballast of the permanent railway by the light of some kind of lantern. When discovered, they entered an oval-shaped craft that rose into the sky and quickly disappeared.
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