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                         Bent Headlights Case
April 4, 1966
Burkes Flat,Victoria, Australia

Keith Basterfield:
April, 4, 1966; Burkes Flat, Victoria, Australia
At about 7:50 PM local time, businessman Ron Sullivan, 38, was alone driving a vehicle at a speed of about 60 miles per hour, approaching the town of St Arnaut. In the distance he saw a light in a roadside paddock. Suddenly, the headlights of his vehicle 'bent' to the right and lit up the roadside fence. He braked the vehicle. In the middle of an adjacent paddock he saw a column of light, some 25 feet high and shaped like an inverted ice cream cone, three feet wide at the bottom and ten feet wide at the top. It then rose to a height of 20 feet; then the whole light complex disappeared. There was no associated noise. Sullivan drove on to Wycheproof, checked his lights but found nothing wrong. On the night of April 6 1966, 19 year old Gary Taylor was killed at the same spot when the car he was driving left the road and hit a tree, at the same spot where Sullivan's incident happened. (Sources: 1. Age , Melbourne, April 6 & 12, 1966; 2. Ballarat Courier April 12, 1966;  3. Sun, Melbourne, April 12 1966; 4. Maryborough Advertiser April 13, 1966 p.5.)

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