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The Ditter Photo Hoax
November 11, 1966
Zanesville, Roseville, Ohio

Fran Ridge:
November 13, 1966; Zanesville, Ohio
A local barber and amateur astronomer Ralph Ditter took "several "spectacular" UFO photos. Later, NICAP and Raytheon (not RAND as some had reported) dealt with the photographic analysis of the photos and that the photos were not taken in rapid succession, but approximately one hour and ten minutes had elapsed between photos. Also, the numbers on the backs of the photographs were out of sequence with Mr. Ditter’s story.

Detailed reports and documents
661113_The_Zanesville_Ohio_Photographs.pdf (MUFON Ohio)
661113zanesville_report.htm[Comment on Ohio invesitgation] (Brad Sparks)
661113_Zanesville_Report (NICAP UFO Investigator - Oct, 1967) (Mary Castner) (Mary Castner) (Mary Castner) (Mary Castner)

Fotocat Entry (Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos)
The UFO Investigator
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