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                         Car Stalls After Girls See UFO Over Field
Jan. 20, 1967
Methuen, Massachusetts

Fran Ridge:
Jan. 20, 1967; Methuen, MA
6:30 p.m. EST. Three girls, 16-17 years old, were traveling in an automobile when they saw a string of 9-10 bright red lights on a dark object that was moving over a field. The object hovered, and swung around, revealing lights of a different color and configuration. When the girls stopped to watch, their car stalled and the radio and lights went out (EM effects). Four glowing body lights were arranged in a trapezoid pattern, red lights on top and white lights forming the base. The lights appeared to be reflecting off a metal surface. The object started moving slowly and then shot away at high speed. Independent observation: A second car about 3 miles away driven by an adult male accompanied by his daughter and a friend saw 7-8 bright lights flying low. (Fowler, 1974, pp. 138-43; Sagan and Page, 1972, p. xxvi.).

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