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                         Intense Red BOL On Rt. 15 & EME
June 12, 1978
Orrington, Maine

Fran Ridge:
June 12, 1978; Orrington, Maine
11:30 PM. A teenage girl en-route to Bangor while traveling on on Route 15 encountered a huge, intense red ball of light "radiating a lot of heat" that passed over her car at Wheeler Hill, on the Orrington-Brewer town line. Witness felt a shock, then the car radio went "haywire" and the car lights went out. The witness veered off the road onto the front lawn of a private home. When no one could be raised at residence witness then flagged down a man in pick-up truck who drove her back home. Ninety minutes later, at 12:30 AM Tuesday, she reported her sighting to the Bangor Police. (Source: Bangor Daily News - Jun 15, 1978)

Jan Aldrich:
This one, and a half a dozen others that Greenwood sent me, are not in BUFORA's vehicle interference catalog by Falla.  While CE2Es are small fraction of ufo reports, they are an important part.  CE2s I believe hold the keys to the ufo problem.

Detailed reports and documents
June 15, 1978, Bangor newsclipping (Chris Wyatt)

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