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Electromagnetic Effects
This listing covers cases 1964 to recent. For earlier cases, click on link below:

This page is under construction. The cases listed here represent reports in which a distinct UFO was observed at the same time and place that a definite electro-magnetic effect (E-M) such as a car-stalling occurred.  

E-M EFFECTS: SURFACE VEHICLES (E=Engine; R=Radio; L=Lights) (Section refers to UFO Evidence Vol. II)
Date & ID Time / Effects / Features

Report - May 10, 1964; 9:30 p.m., La Rioja, Argentina. Light beam, landed craft, humming noise, physical traces. (E,L) See Section VI. Van

Report - June 29, 1964; Nr. Lavonia, Georgia. Vehicle encounter, top-shaped UFO and strange effects.

Report - December 21, 1964; 5:00 p.m., Staunton, Va. Cone-shaped object crossed road, landed, sound heard. Radioactivity detected.  (E) See Section I. Car.

Report - January 14, 1965; 10:00 p.m., Wilmot, NH  Luminous object hovering, humming sound, electricity resumed when car object sped away.  (E,R,L)  Manchester, N.H. Leader, 1/16/65. Car

Report - January 23, 1965; 8:40 a.m., Williamsburg, Va. Mushroom-shaped object hovering near ground, sound like vacuum cleaner. (E) Project Blue Book case, National Archives. Car

Report - July 3, 1965; Argentina, UFO interfered with instruments measuring magnetic fields.

Report - August 3, 1965; Santa Ana, California. Rex Heflin photographs UFO near highway.

Report - August 4, 1965; 1:30 a.m., Abilene, Kans. Domed disc swooped over truck, landed on road,  blocked highway. (L) See Section VI

Report - August 18, 1965; Noblesville, Indiana. Top-shaped object with dome, body lights, hovered over car. Report in NICAP files (E,R)

Report - September 14, 1965; 1:00 a.m., Langenhoe, Essex, England. Glowing blue domed disc approached, buzzing sound; paralysis and shock See Section IV  (E,L)

Report - November 9, 1965; New York, NE power grid failure & possibly related sightings.

Report - November 12, 1965; Argentina, UFO caused compass on ship to swing off course.

Report - December 20, 1965; 11:45 p.m., Herman, Minn. Disc with dome, green light, hovered just above road, whistling sound, truck thrown off road. Report in NICAP files (E,L) truck 

Report - January 9, 1966; night, Chascomus, Argentina. Object with blue light beam observed flying away. Flying Saucer Review Histories, Supplement 17 (E.L.) car

Report - March 23, 1966; 11:50 p.m., Bangor, Maine. Landed ellipse with body lights, within 50 ft., humming sound. Report in NICAP files. (E,L) car. Section II. 

Report - June 19, 1966; 9:45 p.m., Nha Trang, Viet Nam. UFO descends on hundreds of witnesses and shuts down vehicles (E.L), illuminated terrain; widespread electrical failures, aircraft, trucks

Report - August 25, 1966; North Dakota. Minuteman site jammed by UFO

Report - October 15, 1966; 4:30 a.m., Split Rock Pond, N.J. Disc-shaped object near car, effects associated with light; extreme  physiological effects. See Section I, (E,L) car

Report -  November 30, 1966; 5:55 p.m., Taylorsville, Indiana. Ellipse approached car, slowed,  buzzing sound heard. CUFOS report; see Rodeghier, 1981, p. 31, (E,L) car

Report - January 11, 1967;  night, Aveyron, France. White ball, oval near ground, whistling sound; heat, paralysis,  car vibrating road sign, Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 17, No.1; see Rodeghier, 1981, p. 31, (E,L)

Report - January 20, 1967; 6:30 p.m., Methuen, Mass. Inverted-bowl shaped object moving slowly, accelerated.  Fowler, 1974, pp. 138-143;  Sagan & Page, 1972, pp. xxvixxvii (E,R,L) car

Report - March ?, 1967;11:00 p.m., Dry Creek Basin, Colo. Luminous inverted bowl-shaped object approached within 100 ft., heat felt.  Gillmor, 1969, pp. 295-297  (E,R,L) car

Report - March 8, 1967; 1:05 a.m., Leominster, Mass. Luminous oval hovering, rocking; witness felt shock, paralysis. See Section VI (E,R,L) car

Report - March 16, 1967; Malmstrom AFB, Montana UFO shuts down missile facility.

Report - March 21, 1967; evening, Hillsboro, Kans. "Upside-down cup on a saucer" hovered over car, which rocked violently. APRO Bulletin, May-June 1967, (E) p. 5, car

Report - April 5, 1967; 7:20 p.m., Jonestown, Pa..  Round object, flashing blue light,  moved over car, tilted, sped away;  car lifted off ground as UFO departed. See Section VI, (E,L) car

Report - April 12, 1967; 8:59 p.m., Phoenix, Ariz. Bell-shaped object buzzed car, banked,  turned and flew away.  Project Blue Book files, (E) National Archives, car

Report - April 14, 1967; 9:00 p.m., Melville, N.Y., Circular object landed, small figure seen in doorway; radio (off) made strange noises. CUFOS report; See Rodeghier, 1981, p. 34, (E,R) car

Report - May 1, 1967; night, Peel Tree, W. Va., Elliptical object hovered close to car, intense heat felt; later headaches and vision problems. Report in NICAP files, (E,R) car

Report - May 26, 1967;10:15 p.m. Albuquerque, N. Mex. Luminous object chased car, hovered above it; able to restart engine after UFO sped away. APRO Bulletin, May-June 1967 (E,L) car

Report - June 6, 1967;1:30 a.m., Itajuba, Brazil. Mushroom-shaped buzzed car, humanoid faces seen through window. Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 14, No. 6; Rodeghier, 1981, p. 35 (E,L) car 

Report - August 27, 1967;11:20 p.m., Texas Creek, Colo. Oval on ground beside road; one driver walked toward it, flash of light knocked him out, APRO Bulletin, Mar.-Apr. 1969 (E,L) 3 cars

Report - October 11, 1967; 8:00 p.m., Aldersyde, Alta., Canada. Oval with dome circled car, driver felt cold; engine restarted by itself as object departed. CUFOS report; see Rodeghier, 1981, p. 37 (E,L) car

Report - October 25, 1967; 4:30 a.m., Hooks, Hamps., England. Domed disc hovered ahead, driver felt  pressure on eardrums. Flying Saucer Review,  Nov.-Dec. 1967, p. 6 (E,R,L) truck

Report - October 28, 1967; 6:45 p.m., Tunbridge Wells, Kent England. Triangular object with bright white lights ahead. Slowly rose and moved away; car could then be restarted. Flying Saucer Review,  Vol. 14, No. 3; see Rodeghier, 1981, p. 37 (E,L) car

Report - October 30, 1967; 9:20 p.m., Kulikup, Australia. Luminous, pulsating ellipse, forward motion stopped abruptly. Flying Saucer Review, July-Aug. 1968, pp. 15-16; Journal of UFO Studies, New Series, v.2, 1990, pp. 27-28 (E,L) car

Report - November 2, 1967; 9:30 p.m., Ririe, Idaho. Disc with dome above car, two small beings descended, entered car. See Section XII (E) car

Report - November 5/6, 1967; midnight to 2:30 a.m., Fordingbridge, England. Luminous green ellipse hovered just  above road, whining sound; batteries dead after sighting. See Section VI. (E,R,L) truck & car 

Report - November 8, 1967; 3:30 a.m.. Elsinore, Calif. Red-orange disc, witness felt pressure on head and shoulders. Gillmor, Case 39, 1969,  p. 380 (E,R,L) car

Report - November 28, 1967;10:20 p.m., High River, Alta., Canada. Elongated blue-green object, sound like "jet motor," flew by, after which lights, radio worked normally. CUFOS report; see Rodeghier, 1981, p.39 (R,L) car

Report - December 13, 1967; 2:00 a.m. Edmonton, Alta., Canada. Dome-shaped object hovering, rocking,   heat felt. CUFOS report; see Rodeghier.1981, p. 39 (E,L) car

Report - January 2, 1968; 4:00 p.m., Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. Bright pulsating yellow-orange object nearby, heat felt. U.F.O. Investigator, May- June 1968, p. 3; Star, Jan. 4, 1968  (E) snowmobile

Report - April 4,1968; 8:15 p.m., Cochrane, Wisc. Object glowing orange  while standing still, bright red while moving, hovered over car; heat, "weightlessness felt". CUFOS report; see Rodeghier, 1981, p. 40 (E,L) 2 cars 

Report - May 27, 1968; 9:45 p.m., Punta Gorda, Fla. Domed disc, green-blue glow, below treetop height, landed. CUFOS report; see Rodeghier, 1981, p. 41 (E,L) car

Report - July 16, 1968; 12:15 a.m., Andacollo, Argentina. National Police officers saw disc with blue light nearby, moving slowly. Flying Saucer Review Case  Histories, Supplement 18; see Rodeghier, 1981, p. 41 (E) jeep

Report - July 25, 1968;  LaPastora, Argentina. Silvery, spinning top hovered near road, rose quickly and sped away;  engine restarted by itself. Flying Saucer Review Case Histories, Supplement 16; see Rodeghier, 1981, p. 41 (E) car

Report - July 29, 1968; 3:15 a.m., La Atalaya. Object like upside-down bowl, glowing underside, flew low over road, landed. Flying Saucer Review Case Histories, Supplement 13, February 1973, p. 14 (E,L) car

Report - September 1,1968; 3:30 a.m., Mendoza, Argentina. Huge circular object hovering nearby, three small humanoids. Flying Saucer Review, November 1968; see Rodeghier,1981, p. 43 (E,L) car

Report - November 1, 1968   4:30 a.m; Los Monegros,  Spain. Orange disc approached car, landed; after UFO took off, car and watches operated normally. Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 15, UFO  No.1; see Rodeghier, 1981, p. 43.  (E,L) car effects, watches stopped

Report - November 22, 1968 8:10 p.m.; Albany, Ga.  Glowing yellow-white oval ahead of car, light beam struck car; color changed to orange-red as object flew away.  Project Blue Book files, National Archives, same as Nov. 23, Newton, Ga.; U.F.O Investigator, IV-9, p. 8. (E,R,L) car

Report - November 25, 1968 6:00 p.m.; Marcellus, N.Y.  Object with red blinking light on top within 100 ft. of car; made 2nd car pass; E-M effects again. Keyhoe & Lore, 1969b, pp. 40-41. (E,R) car

Report - January 25, 1969 12:30 a.m.; Plattevillie, Ill. Cone-shaped object approached, outside farm lights went out. CUFOS report; see Rodeghier, 1981, p. 44. (E,L) car

Report - February 20, 1969 3:00 p.m.; Australia. Luminous cigar followed car; object rose quickly raising dust and leaves. Perth West Australian, Norseman, Feb. 21, 1969. (E) car

Report - March 4, 1969 6:40 a.m.; Atlanta, Mo. Luminous red object paced ahead of car, effects associated with beam of light from object.  See Section I.  (R,L) car

Report - March 11, 1969 4:45 p.m.; Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Erratically moving, color-changing object hovered in front of car, witness felt paralysis.    Flying Saucer Review Case Histories, Supplement 6; see Rodeghier, 1981, p. 45 (E) car

Report - April 14, 1969 evening; Hill City, Kans.  Multi-colored object came within 100 ft., hovered. Ulysses, Kans., News, Apr. 24, 1969; CUFOS report, dated as Apr 19.(E) car

Report - June 19, 1969 12:25 a.m.; Docking, England. Glowing blue mushroom-shaped object hovered about a mile away. See Section IV (E.L.) car

Report - August 5, 1969 10:15 p.m.; Raleigh, N.C. Shiny object approached, hovered over road ahead of car.   Letter from B.C.M., dated Aug. 7, 1969, in NICAP files (R,L) car

Report - January 30, 1970  9:30 p.m.; Mrewa, Zimbabwe. Three shiny ovals hovering nearby; headlights remained off until 10 minutes after UFOs departed. Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 16, No. 5; see Rodeghier, 1981, p. 48   (L) police car

Report - August 13, 1970 10:50 p.m.; Haderslav, Denmark. Ellipse approached at low altitude, heat felt. See Section V (E,R,L) police car

Report - Sometime in 1971; U.S.S. John F. Kennedy stopped by UFO

Report - May 25, 1971 10:50 p.m.; Ibstock, Leicestershire, England. Luminous white disc passed over car, bright illumination; lights dimmed, engine lost power.  Flying Saucer Review Case Histories, Suppl. 11, August 1972, pp. 9-11 (E,R,L) car

Report - August 8, 1971 6:45 p.m. Kadina, South Australia. Glowing orange disc illuminated area, buzzing sound. See Section VI (E)

Report - September 24, 1971  night. Caleta, Buena, Chile. Luminous oval with dome approached car. APRO Bulletin, Mar.-Apr. 1972 (E,R) police car

Report - March 10, 1972  9:25 p.m. Normandy, France. Ellipse with red light landed about 200 meters away. APRO Bulletin, May-June, 1972 (E) car

Report - June 9, 1972 10:30 p.m. Algodonales, Cadiz, Spain. Pulsating yellow oval on road 5 meters ahead. Ballester Olmos, 1976, p. 37 (E) car

Report - August 21, 1972 2:30 a.m. Waukesha County, Wisc.  Orange object hovering over treetops, beeping sound, radiator boiled over. Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 18, No. 6; see Rodeghier, 1981, p. 55 (E,L) car 

Report - November. 30, 1972 11:15 p.m. Murray Bridge, S. Australia. Diamond-shaped object in paddock, "beeping" sounds on radio. Frola, 1990, p. 121 (E,R,L) car

Report - January 1, 1973  midnight Osorno, Chilie. Disc with green light and flashing, red light flew over car, engine restarted. Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 19, No. 3; see Rodeghier, 1981, p. 55 (E) car 

Report - February 2, 1973; Ohura Beacon area of New Zealand. Aircraft encounters object, gyroscopic & magnetic compass went haywire. 

Report - February 9, 1973 3:00 a.m. St. Albans, England. Bright yellow sphere hovered low over road, engine restarted by itself when UFO departed. Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 19, No. 2; see Rodeghier, 1981, p. 56 (E) car

Report - April 10, 1973 9:00 p.m. Rhode Island. Orange-red object surrounded by green haze passed over car. APRO Bulletin, May-June 1973; see Rodeghier, 1981, p. 56 (E,L.) car

Report - April 22, 1973 10:00 p.m.  Guadalcanal, Spain. Four yellow lights as if on one object, beside rode, buzzed car; burn marks found where UFO first seen.  Ballester Olmos, 1976, pp. 40-41 (E) car

Report - May 22, 1973 3:00 a.m. Itajobi, Brazil. Oval object hovering overhead, blue light beam shone onto car, heat felt. Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 21, No. 3-4; see Rodeghier, 1981, p. 57 (E,R) car

Report - June 7, 1973 10:00 p.m. Sousas, Brazil. Yellow "fireball" approached, stopped 50 meters away, prickling sensation felt, later intense headaches. Flying Saucer Review Case Histories, Supplement 17; see Rodeghier, 1981, p. 57 (E) car

Report - July 21, 1973 9:00 p.m. Gavignano, Corisica, France.  E-M effects, paralysis, cold felt; bright object rose from ground and shot into sky, power returned, engine restarted by itself. Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 23, No. 6; see Rodeghier, 1981, p. 57 (E, R,L) car

Report - July 27, 1973 2:10 a.m. Lake Isabella, Calif. Dome-shaped object 15 ft. in diameter on roadside; rose and crossed road. MUFON UFO Journal, July 1988, p. 19 (R,L) car

Report - September 3, 1973 evening Athens, Ga. Radio "went berserk," silver ellipse landed on road ahead of car, humanoid encounter. See Section XII (R) car

Report - September 18, 1973; Teheran, Iran, F-4 Phantom radar/E-M Case

Report - October 17, 1973 7:45 p.m. Europa, Miss. Bluish object landed on road, creature encounter. See Section XII (E,L) car

Report - October 19, 1973 8:30 p.m. Draguignan, France. During humanoid encounter lights went out, car displaced off road. See Section XII (L) car

Report - October 20, 1973 1:00 a.m. Fort Smith, Ark. Glowing disc descended within 6 ft. of car, "computer-like" sound.  Southwest Times Record, Oct 21, 1973; cited in Rodeghier, 1981, p. 59 (E,R,L) car

Report - October 20, 1973; Mt. Vernon, Indiana. UFO disables train (diesel) & effects blocking system

Report - October 24, 1973 9:00 p.m. Dobson, N.C.  Oval, 12 ft. in diameter, landed, humanoid encounter, engine restarted by itself when being departed. D. Webb, 1976, p. 17 (E,L) car

Report - November 19, 1973 Sidrolandia, Brazil. Orange oval emerged from white cloud, hovered near truck, small humanoid visible inside object. See Section XII (E) truck

Report - January 7, 1974 8:40 p.m. Warneton, Belgium. Helmet-shaped object with tripod legs on ground nearby, shock, humanoid encounter. See Section XII (E,R,L) car

Report - January 24, 1974 4:00 p.m. Aische-en-Refail, Belgium. Disc-like object on ground near road; engine restarted by itself when object departed. See Section VI (E,R) car

Report - February 14, 1974 4:15 a.m. Ely, Nevada. Round orange object, others, moved nearby, force felt, truck lifted off road. See Section VI (E,L) rental truck

Report - March 21, 1974 2:30 a.m. Valdehijaderos, Salamanca, Spain. Two objects descended, one landed; humanoids in "diving suits" seen. Ballester Olmos, 1976, pp. 44-45; see Section XII (E,L) diesel truck

Report - March. 30, 1974 9:30 p.m. Hombreiro, Lugo, Spain. Blinding yellow-green object beside road, buzzing sound; three squarish imprints found. Ballester Olmos, 1976, pp. 46.47 (E,L) car

Report - November 11, 1974; Between Dekalk & Mendota, IL. Enronka Champ, E-M on compass as UFO is alongside. 

Report - February 19, 1975 7:19 p.m. Orbak, Denmark. Large circular object descended over car, heat, prickly sensation felt. MUFON UFO Journal, Aug. 1976, p. 15; Jylland Posten, Feb. 25, 1975 (E,L) car

Report - May 3, 1975 9:15 p.m. San Antonio, Texas. Saturn-shaped UFO over truck, beamed light down; humanoids visible in dome. See Section XII (E,L) truck

Report - August 13, 1975 10:50 p.m. Haderslev, Denmark. Blue-white light, E-M effects, heat felt, circular object low overhead. MUFON UFO Journal, September 1976, pp. 10-12 (E,R,L) police car

Report - October 17, 1975 12:30 a.m. Helena, Montana. Object with flashing green lights flew over truck, hovered over road ahead, shone light beam toward truck. MUFON UFO Journal, October 1990, p. 20, 22 (E,L) cement truck

Report - November 4, 1975 6:45 p.m. Ross, Ohio. Cylinder hovering at treetop level, windows, body lights visible. Skylook, MUFON, January 1976, p. 6 (E,L) car

Report - November 16, 1975 3:00 a.m. Curiel, Valladolid, Spain. Red ellipse hovering 1-1.5 km. away; suddenly flew away.  Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 22,  No. 6;  see Rodeghier, 1981, p. 66 (E) car

Report - December 23, 1975 11:00 p.m. Goodridge, Minn. Flat, round, orange object passed nearby, engine restarted by itself. Rodeghier, 1981, p. 67 (E,L) car

Report - April 22, 1976 11:10 p.m. Elmwood, Wisc. Huge orange object, figures moving inside, blue flash, witness stunned; TV interference coincided. Rodeghier, 1981, p. 68; Schuessler, 1995, p. 109 (E,R,L) police car

Report - June 11, 1976 1:00 a.m. Hotstun, Drome, France. Orange dome-shaped object hovered over bridge, memory loss, apparent abduction. See Section XIII (E,L) car

Report - March 9, 1977 3:10 a.m. Nelson, Lancashire, England. Ellipse with red-orange lights approached, hovered, tingling sensation felt, physiological effects. See Section VI (E,L) car

Report - June 16, 1977 5:15 a.m. Middelburg, S. Africa. Glowing object, van enveloped in light, buzzing sound, engine restarted by itself. Die Vaterland, June 23, 1977 (E,L) van

Report - June 6, 1977 night Yorkshire, England. Oval object over two vehicles; heat felt, mass displacement. Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 23, No. 5; see Rodeghier, 1981, p. 70 (E) cars

Report - July 8, 1977 6:45 p.m. Jessup, Md. Silver disc with dome, green windows, moved erratically around farm for 20-25 minutes, flew away slowly. CUFOS report; see Rodeghier, p. 71 (E) tractor

Report - December 17, 1977 4:00 p.m. Kenyon, R.I. Blue-white glowing oval, windows; one witness reported eye irritation. APRO Bulletin, July 1978; see Rodeghier, 1981, p. 72 (E) pickup truck & car

Report - July 27, 1978 10:45 p.m. Sheffield Village, Ohio. Elongated object with flashing lights, humming sound, close to ground, moved up and down for about 15 minutes, flew away.  Trouble restarting engine. International UFO Reporter, September 1978, see Rodeghier, 1981, p. 72 (E,L) car

Report - August 11, 1978 11:00 p.m. Buffalo Shoals, N.C. Glowing, yellow domed disc passed nearby, hovered, shot straight up, humming noise. MUFON UFO Journal, August 1988, p. 16; Maiden, N.C. Times, Aug. 16, 1978 (E,L) motorcycle

Report - August 24, 1978 10:00 p.m. Ottumwa, Iowa. Red-orange object flew in front of car, windshield fogged up; engine restarted by itself. International UFO Reporter, December 1978, see Rodeghier, 1981, p. 73 (E) car

Report - August 24, 1978 11:40 p.m. Ginghamsburg, Ohio. Two orange lights, humming sound, light beam shone onto car. International UFO Reporter, December 1978, see Rodeghier, 1981, p. 73 (E,R) car

Report - August 30, 1978 11:30 p.m. Nisula, Mich. Cone-shaped object with body lights flew overhead. International UFO Reporter, December 1978, see Rodeghier, 1981, p. 73 (E) pickup truck

Report - September 17, 1978 8:15 p.m. Torrita di Siena, Italy. Orange domed disc ahead of car illuminated area, light beams humanoid encounter, physical traces. See Section XII (E,L) car

Report - September 26, 1978 12:05 a.m. Strongsville, Ohio. Disc with dome moved back and forth, heavy static on FM radio, headlights out briefly. International UFO Reporter, July 1979; see Rodeghier, 1981, p. 73 (R,L) car

Report - December 12, 1978 10:15 p.m. Marzocca, Italy.  Luminous UFO emitted light beam, shone onto car, tape player malfunctioned.  See Section VIII, 1978 Sighting Wave (E,L) car

Report - January 5, 1979 6:20 a.m. Auburn, Mass. Three red triangles hovered over road; heat, paralysis, physiological effects, car slowed. MUFON UFO Journal, Mar.-Apr. 1979, pp. 8-9 (R) car

Report - February 5, 1979 9:50 p.m. Lawitta, Tasmania, Australia. Car engulfed in intense white light, memory loss, dazed, witness admitted to hospital. MUFON UFO Journal, August 1980, p. 6 (E,R,L) car

Report - February 8, 1979 9:00 p.m. Liverpool Creek, Onsid., Australia. Beehive-shaped object beside road, rose about one meter, light flash. MUFON UFO Journal, December 1979 (E,L)

Report - May 5, 1979 night Pampulhas, Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Object with portholes, blinding red-orange light, landed within 50 meters. Cronica, May 7, 1979 Buenos Aires, Argentina (E,R) police car

Report - May 6, 1979 12:05 a.m. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Bright orange lights on road ahead, terrain illuminated, lights shot straight up at high speed. Frola, 1990, p. 204 (E,L) car

Report - August 1, 1979 1:35 a.m. Lewisboro, N.Y. White ball made two passes, two-way and portable radios failed.  International UFO Reporter, September-October 1979, see Rodeghier, 1981, p. 74 (R) police car

Report - February 11, 1980 11:40 p.m. Council Bluffs, Iowa. Brilliant orange light in field, memory loss, physiological effects. MUFON UFO Journal, February 1990, pp. 20-21; Omaha, Nebr., Morning World-Herald, Feb. 14, 1980 (E,R,L) car

Report - May 14, 1980 3:30 a.m. Simpson City, Miss. Glowing disc shone light beam on road, E-M when car entered light beam. Biloxi-Gulfport, Miss., Daily Herald, May 14, 1980 (L) car

Report - August 9, 1980; Albuquerque, NM. Landing and E-M case at Manzano WSA.

Report - November 19, 1980 11:45 p.m. Longmont, Colo. Blue beam engulfed car, swishing sound, car levitated; abduction.  See Section XIII (R,L) car

Report - December 19, 1981 evening Areal, Brazil. Silo-shaped object with three legs landed on road ahead of car. See Section VI (E,L) car

Report - February 19, 1982 8:45 p.m. Allen, Rio Negro Province, Argentina. Mushroom-shaped object above car, sound, witness blacked out; later physiological effects. La Razon, Feb. 23, 1982 (E,L) car

Report - April 10, 1983 8:20 p.m. Ross, Ohio. Luminous object descended, power failure, animal reaction, traces. See Section I (E,L) two cars

Report - October 15, 1983 8:30 p.m. Altoona, Pa. Silvery disc passed overhead, right wheels lifted off road; physiological effects. See Section VI (E,L) car

Report - December 14, 1984 9:30 p.m. Launceston, Northern Tasmania. Gray ellipse, blinding light from underside, landed ahead of car, car dragged toward UFO. Clark, 1990, p. 21, dated 1987; Chalker, 1996, pp. 182-183 (E,L) car

Report - October 20, 1986 9:30 p.m. Edmonton, Queensland, Australia. Bright blue-green oval paced ahead of car, buzzing sound, forward motion impeded. Chalker, 1987, p. 176 (E,L) car

Report - January 20, 1990 1:20 a.m. Boyle, Miss. Silvery object with flashing, blue-green lights paced ahead of car. MUFON UFO Journal, April 1990, p. 15 (E,L) car

Report - March 20, 1990 9:00 p.m. Carney, Okla. Object approached car, hovered, red illumination, heat felt. MUFON UFO Journal, May 1990, p. 17; MUFON Log #900416 (R,L) car

Report - March 19, 1992 3:52 a.m. Haines City, Fla. Domed object approached police car, green illumination, chill, wind felt. See Section V (E,R,L) car

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