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Electromagnetic Effects

This listing covers cases to end of 1963, For 1964 to recent, click on link below:

Since  the historical research documentation endeavor is currently concentrating on the best physical evidence cases, in particular radar (Cat 9), sightings from aircraft (Cat 11), and those with a possible nuclear connection  (some Cat 10), this page is under construction. The cases listed here represent reports in which a distinct UFO was observed at the same time and place that a definite electro-magnetic effect (E-M) such as a car-stalling occurred.

Report - August 28, 1945; near Iwo Jima, C-46 had engine trouble, lost altitude, as three UFOs were observed from plane. [2.]

Report- June 24, 1947; Cascade Mts., Oregon, compass needle waved wildly as UFO passed overhead.

Report - Fall 1949; New Mexico, music on car radio blanked out by static as UFO passed low over car.

Report - Sept. 1950; Korea, Navy planes on mission approached by two large discs, radar jammed, radio transmitter blocked by buzzing noise each time new frequency tried.

Report - February 10, 1951; Gander, Newfoundland, Bethune Case. Several onboard aircraft compasses slowly rotated or spun during UFO encounter.

Report - Spring 1951; Korea, Craft hit soldier with light beam

Report - March 26, 1952; Long Beach, Calif. Two yellowish discs passed by slowly; "as they passed the radio was agitated twice."

Report - January 9, 1952; Kerrville, Texas. Odd 'roaring" interference on radio as UFO circled town.

Report - September 29, 1953; Easton, Pa., Television picture "began going up and down real fast," as UFO emitting white vapor passed overhead.

Report - January 29, 1954; near Santa Ana, Calif., car radio quit and motor missed as UFO passed low over car.

Report - June 21, 1954; Ridgeway, Ontario, Canada, Car motor quit as UFO crossed highway ahead of car.

Report - August 30, 1954; Porto Alegre, Brazil. House lights failed as UFO passed.

Report - September 16, 1954; Marion, Va. Radio station transmitter failed to operate properly as round shiny UFO passed tower.

Report - September 18, 1954; New Mexico. Large green fireball observed; radio and television interference noted over wide area.

Report - October 7, 1954; St.-Jean-d'Asse, France. Car motor and headlights failed; UFO over road.

Report - October 9, 1954; Cuisy (Seine-Et-Marne), France. Car motor and headlights failed as cigar-shaped UFO passed above.

Report - October 11, 1954; Fronfrede (Loire) France. Car motor and headlights failed as UFO crossed road ahead of car, below cloud cover.

Report - October 11, 1954; Clamecy (Nievre), France. Car motor and headlights failed, passengers felt shock and numbness; round UFO took off from nearby field.

Report - October 11, 1954; Chateauneuf-Sur-Charente, France. Car motor and headlights failed; two UFOs observed at low altitude ahead of car.

Report - October 14, 1954; near Brosses-Thillot, Saone-Et-Loire, France. Motorcycle stalled, round lighted UFO observed about 50 yards ahead.

Report - Oct. 16, 1954; Banlolet, Seine-Infeneure, France. 4 UFOs at low altitude ahead of car. One descended toward road; driver felt shock, numbness, car motor, headlights failed.

Report - October 18, 1954; Coheix, Puy-De-Dorne, France. Driver of light truck felt half paralyzed, motor began missing; dark elongated object seen in nearby field.

Report - October 20, 1954; Schirmeck, France. Motorist felt paralyzed, motor stalled, heat felt; UFO on road.

Report - October 21, 1954; near La Rochelle, France. Motorist and child felt shock and heat, motor and headlights failed; then luminous UFO became visible ahead of car.

Report - October 23, 1954; Cincinnati, Ohio. Radio made harsh shrieking noise, volume increased; then reddish disc seen circling overhead.

Report - October 27, 1954; near Linzeux, France. Headlights and motor failed, passengers felt ''electric shock"; UFO passed ahead of car.

Report - November 14, 1954; Forli, Italy. Conventional and diesel tractors driving side by side, conventional stalled, diesel did not, as luminous UFO flew overhead.

Report - December 5, 1954; North East, Pa. House radio "pulsated" as UFO observed hovering low over Lake Erie.

Report - February 2, 1955; near Valera, Venezuela. Com. airliner en route fr Barquisimeto; radio went dead both at Valera and Barq. as pilot started to report a UFO sighting.

Report - April 6, 1955; New Mexico. Three unusual green fire balls; heavy radio and TV disturbance reported.

Report - June 26, 1955; Washington, D. C. National airport ceiling lights went out as round UFO approached. UFO caught in searchlight, searchlight went out.

Report - August 25, 1955; Bedford, Indiana. House lights dimmed and brightened as hovering UFO pulsated.

Report - Sept. or Oct., 1955; Agrinion, Greece. Truck driver and hotel manager driving over mountain road saw luminous object fly overhead, truck engine stopped.

Report - May 1954; La Porte, Indiana. Car lights and radio went off, motorist saw three round or oval UFOs moving as unit, emitting beams of light toward ground.

Report - May 1, 1954; Tokyo, Japan. TV pictures distorted as UFO passed over.

Report - July 28, 1954; Brentwood, Calif. "Sparkling green light" appeared to land in orchard,
television reception interrupted.

Report - October 1956; Oslo, Norway. Motorist felt "prickly sensation," wristwatch magnetized  when UFO flew in front of car and hovered over road.

Report - October 28, 1956; Minot, North Dakota, photos by missile crew, radar

Report - November 16, 1956; Lemmon, S.D. Railroad phones, automatic block system "mysteriously dead" as UFO passed over railroad yards.

Report - December 1956, Far East. Visual & radar sighting of round UFO by Air Force jet pilot. Radar jammed by strong Interference.

Report - April 14, 1957; Vins-Sur-Caraney, France. Metal signs magnetized after vibrating as UFO maneuvered near. Deviation of compass noted in immediate area of sighting.

Report - April 19, 1957; Maiquetia, Venezuela. Airliner en route to Maiquetia sighted UFO; strange radio signals received at Maiquetia airport at same time.

Report - April or May 1957; Moriah Center, N. Y. "Television started to have all sorts of trouble"; witness called out-doors in time to see red disc pass overhead.

Report - May 31, 1957; Kent, England. Airliner suffered radio failure during UFO sighting. Normal functions returned when UFO left.

Report - June 25, 1957; Baltimore, Maryland. Car radio stopped playing and street lights went out as formation of seven white discs with red rims passed overhead.

Report - August 14, 1957; near Joinville, Brazil. Airliner cabin lights dimmed and engine sputtered during UFO sighting.

Report - October 15, 1957; Covington, Indiana. Combine engine failed as hovering UFO began to rise.

Report - October 30, 1957; Casper, Wyoming. Car motor kept stalling as motorist tried to turn around to avoid UFO sitting on road.

Report - October 31, 1957; Lumberton, N.C. Car motor failed as UFO observed.

Report - November 2, 1957; near Seminole, Texas. Car motor and headlights failed, UFO seen on road.

Report - November 2, 1957; Amarillo, Texas. Car motor failed, UFO seen on road.

Report - November 2/3, 1957; Levelland, Texas. Many witnesses, series of sightings, watched egg-shaped UFOs on or near ground, nine instances of car interference.

Report - November 3, 1957; near Calgary, Alta., Canada. Car motor missed, headlights flickered as UFO arced overhead.

Report - November 3/4, 1957; Ararangua, Brazil. Airliner direction finder and  transmitter - receiver burnt during UFO sighting.

Report - November 3/4, 1957; Sao Vicente, Brazil. ltaipu Fort electrical system failed, sentries received burns as UFO approached and hovered.

Report - November 4, 1957; Elmwood Park, Illinois. Squad car lights and spotlight dimmed as police pursued low-flying UFO.

Report - November 4, 1957; Toronto, Ont., Canada. TV interference (audio); viewers called out by neighbors to see UFO.

Report - November 4, 1957; Orogrande, N.M. Car motor stalled, radio failed, heat felt. Stokes Case.

Report - November 4, 1957; Kodiak, Alaska. A "steady dit-dit-dit" interference on police radio during UFO sighting.

Report - November 5, 1957; Ft. Oglethorpe, Ga. Brilliant round orange object hovered, revolving; television blacked out.

Report - November 5, 1957; near San Antonio, Texas. Car radio quit, headlights dimmed, engine stopped; UFO seen hovering low over field.

Report - November 5, 1957; Hedley, Texas. Farmer saw UFO; neighbor reported TV off at same time.

Report - November 5, 1957; Philadelphia, Penn. Apartment lights dead, electric clock stopped; bright light  awakened couple. Milkman reported flaming disc.

Report - November 5, 1957; Hobbs, N.M. Speeding car, motor failed, lights went out as UFO swooped over car.

Report - November 5, 1957; Ringwood, Illinois. UFO followed car returning to town. TV sets in town dimmed, finally lost both picture and sound during same period of time.

Report - November 5, 1957; 5. Springfield, Ohio, Car and cab stalled as UFO observed.

Report - November 6, 1957; Merom, Indiana, Gilham Case. Ironworker stood under UFO for ten minutes, treated at hospital for burns.

Report - November 6, 1957; Pell City, Alabama. Car motor stalled, as driver attempted to approach UFO hovering low over ground.

Report - November 6, 1957; Houston, Texas. Car motor stalled, radio blanked with static, during UFO sighting.

Report - November 6, 1957; Santa Fe, N.M. Car motor failed, car clock and wristwatch stopped as UFO passed low over car.

Report - November 6, 1957; Danville, Illinois. Police chased UFO, unable to notify headquarters "because their radio went mysteriously dead."

Report - November 6, 1957; Montville, Ohio. TV blurred, next day found automobile pockmarked. Night of Olden Moore's report of UFO on ground one-half mile from viewer's house.

Report - November 6, 1957; north of Ottawa, Canada. Battery radio and portable short wave radio failed, tone signal heard on one short wave frequency. UFO hovering.

Report - November 7, 1957; Lake Charles, La. Car motor sputtered and failed as UFO hovered low overhead.

Report - November 7, 1957; near Orogrande, N.M. Car traveling about 60 mph. Speedometer waved wildly between 60 and 110. UFO then sighted.

Report - November 9, 1957; Near White Oaks, N.M. Car lights failed as UFO observed.

Report - November 10, 1957; Hammond, Indiana. Loud beeping caused radio interference as police chased UFO. TV blackout in city, motorist reported radio failure.

Report - November 12, 1957; Rumney, N.H. Car motor and lights failed. Ground Observer Corps reported UFO at same time.

Report - November 12 or 13, 1957; Hazelton, Penna. TV disrupted as UFO seen.

Report - November 14, 1957; Tamaroa, Illinois. Power failed for 10 minutes in a four mile area, just after hovering UFO flashed.

Report - November 15, 1957; Cachoeira, Brazil. Several car motors failed as drivers attempted to approach UFO hovering low above ground.

Report - November 25, 1957; Mogi Mirim, Brazil. All city lights failed as three UFOs passed overhead.

Report - December 3, 1957; Near Ellensburg, Washington. Truck motor "almost stopped, "caught again, as UFO sighted. Sighting confirmed by police.

Report - December 3, 1957; Cobalt, Ont., Canada. Radio static as several UFOs seen over area.

Report - December 8, 1957; Near Coulee City, Washington. Automobiles stalled, headlights flickered and went out, as large fiery object passed overhead.

Report - December 18, 1957; Sarasota, Florida. White light source glided overhead, TV interference noted.

Report - January 13, 1958; Casino, N.S.W., Australia. Interference on car radio as UFO followed car.

Report - January 30, 1958; near Lima, Peru. Truck, bus, and car passengers felt shock; motors of all three vehicles failed, as UFO descended and hovered.

Report - February 24, 1958; Near Santa Antonio de Jesus, Brazil. Car motor failed; passengers then noticed a Saturn-shaped disc hovering overhead.

Report - May 5, 1958; Pan De Azucar, Uruguay, Aerial encounter, heat, between Piper Cub and "top-shaped" object.

Report - May 1958; Near Richmond, Va. Engine of car began running roughly, driver then noticed UFO following car.

Report - August 3, 1958; Rome Italy. Luminous UFO observed passing overhead as city lights failed; one report of car radio failure.

Report - August 31, 1958; La Verde, Argentina. Light aircraft (Piper) engine increased its revolutions abnormally during UFO sighting. Engine normal after UFO left.

Report - October 3, 1958; Fukushima-Ken, Japan. Portable radio emitted strange buzz as green fireball passed.

Report - October 26, 1958; Baltimore, Maryland. UFO observed hovering over bridge ahead of car; motor and headlights failed, two passengers felt heat.

Report - January 13, 1959; Pymatuning Lake, Penna. Truck motor, lights and radio failed as UFO hovered over truck.

Report - January 13, 1959; Bygholm, Denmark. Car motor failed as UFO passed overhead; headlights and spotlight functioned normally.

Report - February 25, 1959; Hobbs, N.M. Signals on car radio (steady succession of two dots and a  dash) as UFO passed.

Report - March 19, 1959; Kyger, Ohio. Buzzing static-like sound on car radio. Lights dimmed; unidentified light source seen ahead of car.

Report - June 22, 1959; Salta, Argentina. Luminous sphere observed passing in sky, city lights failed.

Report - July 14, 1959; Salisbury, N.C. Television sets blacked out, some lights reported off, as circular UFO observed; loud oscillating high frequency noise reported.

Report - August 13, 1959; Freeport, Texas. UFO crossed road ahead of car at low altitude. Motor and headlights failed.

Report - August 17, 1959; Uberlandia, Brazil. Automatic keys at power station turned off as round UFO passed over following trunk line. After UFO left, keys turned back on.

Report - October 22, 1959; Cumberland, Maryland. Car motor, headlights, and radio failed as UFO hovered low over road ahead.

Report - January 18,1960; Near Lakota, ND. Car lights dimmed as UFO descended toward field, apparently about a mile off highway.

Report - August 13, 1960; Red Bluff, California. Police, vehicle encounter, light beam, E-M, maneuvers, cat-and-mouse pursuit.

Report - February 28, 1961; Lakeville, Mass. House lights dimmed three times, went out on two occasions as elongated UFO twice passed overhead.

Report - February 9, 1962; Ashton Clinton, Beds., England. Car motor lost power, headlights not affected, as UFO passed ahead of car.

Report - July 30, 1962; Near Pojucara, Bela Horizonte, Brazil. Car motor stopped, then oval UFO seen alongside road.

Report - August 4, 1963; Wayne City, Illinois. UFO car-chase with E-M effects and possible radiation. Investigated by NICAP team AND special Air Force team.

Report - September 20, 1963; Wonthaggi, Victoria, Australia. TV difficulty, viewer called outside to see UFO. Object hovered, darted at h.s. TV I/F noted in area of 3 towns.

Report - November 7, 1963; San Francisco, Calif. Fireball observed, shock wave felt, over Bay area. Unidentified signal picked up by local radio station.

Report - November 14, 1963; Carson City, Nevada. Disc with bluish-green glow hovered emitting beam  which  illuminated hilltop; house radio failed, came back on when UFO left.

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