1955 UFO Chronology
Creatures at Kelly
Aug. 21-22, 1955; Kelly (Hopkinsville), Kentucky (BBU)

Released: 15 December 2005, Updated 6 Aug 2020
This is a 13-page report on an on-going project involving a number of people. With the help of Rebecca Wise (Project Blue Book Archive), Dan Wilson, Jean Waskiewicz, the task became much easier. As an indication of what the Air Force was doing I have added the redacted sighting lists by month. Unredacted versions can be accessed below at the beginning of each month. Finally, there is the Sparks' catalog entries for 1955. All of the cases are listed within the chrono, many of which have case directories and supporting documents. Loren Gross' "UFO's: A History" is a good place to start.
Francis Ridge
NICAP Site Coordinator

The 1955 UFO Chronology

1955; Agrinion, Greece
Cat. 3. Truck driver and hotel manager driving over mountain road saw luminous object fly overhead, truck engine stopped.

1955; Virginia, nr. Washington, D. C.
Navy pilot observed domed disc. [UFOE, IV]

Jan, 1, 1955. [20] 30 miles E of Cochise [County, Ariz., not NM]
6:44 or 6:55 a.m. (MST). BB mistakenly filled out BB Record Cards with the wrong date (correct date Feb. 1 not Jan. 1), wrong time and wrong location. (Sparks; Greenwood; NICAP/Ridge; Berliner; cf. NARCAP)

Jan. 2, 1955; Nr. Punta San Juan, Venezuela
Airliner en route to Maracaibo approached by luminous UFO. [UFOE, X]

Jan, 3, 1955; AUSTRALIA, Melbourne (E-M)
7:25 a.m. Two persons in a car saw a flying object come within 70 metres of them after their vehicle was stopped (stalled) . (Source: Vallee, J. Passport to Magonia. p.248. Catalogue number 359, Rodeghier) Email from Keith Basterfield

Jan. 05, 1955 San Sebastian, SPAIN
A red circular object 3 m in diameter was observed to land and take off again. (360, Quincy)

Jan. 7 (or 8th), 1955; Cobalt, Ontario
Bright white discs were seen Friday and Saturday by at least 10 people, according to the Halifax Mail-Star,  Jan. 14. (Source: Pg. 162, .Science, the public and the UFO. Ottawa, ON, Canada: Bray Book Service; Franz Nentwich)

Jan. 11, 1955; Caracas, Venezuela
A blue light at a high altitude was accompanied by an explosion (FSR, 1955, May, p. 6, Franz Nentwich).

Jan. 14, 1955; Bet. Virginia and Kansas (BBU)
6 p.m. Airliner pilot saw a dark object leaving a contrail. (Project 1947)

Jan. 19, 1955; Pacific Ocean (BBU)
8:10 a.m. U.S. military pilot saw a white-reddish globular object flying level with the aircraft. (Project 1947)

Jan. 26, 1955; Lakeland, Florida (BBU 3401)
6:15 p.m. J. M. Holland saw a black smoke trail make a circle. There was an explosion and some objects fell. No further information in file. (Berliner)

Jan. 28, 1955; Fairbanks, Alaska
Midnight. The man reporting said he was in­volved in an 'occurrence' while a member of the Air Defense Command stationed at Fairbanks, Alaska. He and his pilot were on number one alert, when the scramble bell sounded at 12:01. GCI radar had an unknown track with a heading of 135 degrees. The target, at first report was travelling at 2,800 knots; in the space of some ten minutes the targets' speed had been recomputed as 3,200, 3,600, and finally 4,800 knots. The target crossed their interception track while still out of range of the airborne radar and out of sight visually. Another pilot who was in the air at the time told him that he saw a 'blood red' glow in the sky in that part where the unknown should have been. This object was above 30,000 feet altitude, climbing at that altitude and they were still climbing when they gave up the chase. (Letter: To: APRO. From: Herbert B. Johnson, Jr. Rt. 1, Box 244, Grand Rapids, Minnesota. 55744. Date: 6 March 67. APRO files. Photocopy in Loren Gross files).

9:07 p.m. (CST). Iowa Air National Guard pilots, Major A. Packer and Lt. D. Myers with 132nd Fighter Bomber Group flying a T-33A jet (s/n 52-9590) heading 30° at 290 knots (330 mph) saw a white light flashing at a set rate, no trail, on a direct head on collision course in level flight at 20,000 ft. At the last instant the object rose and flew over the jet, climbing rapidly to 35,000 ft. When the pilot tried to chase the object it out climbed and out turned him, seemingly using radar or similar means to track the T-33A so as to employ highly maneuverable tactics at "excess" speed and altitude. (Project 1947; NARCAP)

Jan. 31, 1955; Fuju [?], Japan (BBU)
1:33 p.m. U.S. military pilots saw a white circular object, no trail, moving against the wind. (Project 1947)

Feb. 1, 1955; 20 miles E of Cochise, Arizona [not NM as previously presented] (BBU 3414)
7:55 [6:55?] p.m. Instructor Capt. D.  F. Ritzdorf and aviation cadet F. W. Miller flying TB-25 bomber/trainer (s/n 44-86894) at 13,000 ft and ground speed 238 mph saw a very bright round object with red and white hues approach then hover off the left wing of the TB-25 for 5 mins about 5° above horizontal. Object climbed rapidly on a parallel flight track to disappearance in 3 mins. [See details at link and note the Jan. 1, 1955, incident.] (Berliner; NARCAP)

Feb. 2, 1955; Miramar NAS, Calif. (BBU 3416)
11:50 a.m. USN Cdr. J. L. Ingersoll saw a highly polished sphere, with reddish-brown coloring, fall, then instantly accelerate to 1,000-1,500 mph. [More details at link above]  (Berliner)

Feb. 2, 1955; Valera (near Merida), Venezuela
Aeropost Airlines pilot, approached by top-shaped object, with "portholes" and central ring. Radio went dead both at Valera and Barq. as pilot started to report a UFO sighting. [UFOE, X]

Feb. 3 (or 7), 1955. Knights Landing, Calif. (BBU)
4:30 p.m. (PST). Electronic technician and civilian pilot George M. Allender sighted from the ground a large 350 to 500 ft size delta-wing or flying wing type aircraft in the NW headed towards him at about 2,500 to 4,000 ft altitude and about 2,500 ft ground distance. No exhaust, no smoke, no markings, no visible means of propulsion. Object climbed vertically about 34,000 ft in 20 secs to 38,000 ft, then accelerated ahead of a flight of about 7 jets (possibly F86’s) flying SE from his NW at about 600 mph, then object dove about 37,000 ft in 12 secs to about 1,000 ft altitude. Object could almost hover motionless and reach speeds of 2,000 mph. 4-5 mins. (Sparks)

Feb. 6, 1955; New Zealand
A brightly-lit silvery cigar-shaped craft moved at a high velocity and losing altitude, shortly after which an explosion was heard over an area of several hundred square miles (FSR, 1955, May, p. 6, Franz Nentwich).
Feb. 7, 1955; Harrisburg, Penna. (BBU)
10:18 a.m. Flying Tiger pilot saw a brilliant object flash off to the S. (Project 1947)

Feb. 7, 1955; Knights Landing, California (BB)
4:30 p.m. local. During observations of conventional jet aircraft the witness observed the antics of a winged UFO that reportedly executed a vertical climb and later, a steep dive. This incident was discovered in an OSI document to the FBI, found in the Blue Book file collection. If this actually occurred it would be an interesting, but distant encounter, worth posting in the Cat. 1 file. (Dan Wilson, BB files)

Feb. 7, 1955; Ft. Wayne, Indiana (BBU)
At 7:55 p.m. EST American Airline pilots of Flight 266 while flying over Fort Wayne, observed 5 star-like stationary objects due north at an estimated altitude of 30,000 to 40,000 feet. The objects then departed at terrific speed.

Feb. 10, 1955; Bethesda, Maryland (BBU 3427)
10:03 p.m. E. J. Stein, model maker at U.S. Navy ship design facility, saw an object, shaped like a small portion of the bottom of the Moon, with a radiant yellow color, hover for 30 seconds. The bottom changed to a funnel shape. (Berliner)

Feb. 10, 1955; Dunedin, New Zealand
A woman in Dunedin saw an oval object surrounded by a halo (Flying Saucer Review, 1955, May, p. 6, Franz Nentwich).

Feb. 11, 1955; Ryukyu Islands, S Japan (BBU)
7:15 p.m. local. USAF MATS crew flying C-124 transport saw a yellow or amber object shaped like a Jack o lantern flying at 25,000' and 1,000 mph. (Project 1947) All we have is the Project Record Card and "case missing". "Considering reliability of crew and good weather conditions, evaluations considered unknown, Duration and other factors missing and case carried as insufficient data." (Project 1947)

Feb. 11, 1955; Miama to New York
Pan American Airways flight saw two reddish-green objects speed past under wing. [UFOE, V]

Feb. 14, 1955; Green City, Missouri (BB)
5:15 p.m. CST. A civilian witness reported that a disc-shaped object, 100' in diameter and 12' thick, hovered at 500'. This object, complete with "windows", would be classified as a flying saucer, and in 1955 was suuposed to be investigated by Project Blue Book. It was reported to the Air Force as the UFOB Index Card shows. "The observer was driving a vehicle at the time of sighting and estimated that he was one mile from the object at this time. Due to the brevity of sighting (20-25 secs), the delay in the receipt of the preliminary report at this Headquarters, and, therefore the improbability of investigation turning up more valuable information, no subsequent investigation was directed." (BB files, Dan wilson)

Feb. 17, 1955; Blackstone, Virginia (BBU)
USAF pilot in flight saw an extremely large light-blue object at 35,000 ft. (Project 1947)

A 1954-1955 study by Douglas Aircraft Company of unconventional propulsion
 systems; with references to "flying saucers."  Memo dated 1 March 1955. (Basterfield/Greenwood)

March, 1955 Branch Hill, Ohio
04:00 a.m. Robert Hunnicutt, a businessman, saw three men kneeling on the side of the road. They were about 1 m tall, had gray skin, and wore tight-fitting gray clothes. They had a froglike face, long slender arms, normal eyes, but no eyebrows. One of them held a dark object (emitting blue flashes) between his raised arms. Hunnicutt tried to go near but "must have lost consciousness," because he found himself driving to the police station without remembering what took place in the meantime. (Stringfield; FS May., 61; Sanderson 147)

March, 1955; Nr. Los Angeles, California
Bt. 10:00 PM & Midnight. Duty officer in the radar van of an M-33 Radar/90 MM Antiaircraft Artillery battery site in Baldwin Hills reservoir area just southwest of Los Angeles and north of Inglewood. "During an alert for an unidentified aircraft in the SE area, a strong return was spotted at maximum range due west over the ocean, moving due east. Return moved within track radar acquisition range, and was locked on. Estimated speed of approach 2,000 mph, prior to lock-on. At estimated 10-15,000 yards, target made abrupt turn to port, breaking track lock-on, and moved rapidly north out of range. Intensity of the blip in­dicated a vehicle equal to a larger than the largest commercial aircraft. No known air­craft could perform the turn that the blip described on the PPI scope. The turn was made within a few seconds of track radar lock-on--- ­no time to verify speed. Speed estimated by travel between returns based on search radar sweep time. Calculations verified by radar operator on duty---­he also saw return on scope. Sighting not reported te Area Control until after off-screen. Thought might be system failure. Heard nothing more from A.C."  (Source: Schuessler, John F. "Unusual Radar Tracking Reported." Skylook. #39. Feburary 1971)

March, 1955; SPAIN, between Montorn-es del Valles and La Roca (E-M)
Two adult males were driving when their car's motor failed. They got out, lifted the hood, then saw a grey metallic UFO about 250 meters away. It had a dome surrounded by a ring that reminded them of the planet Saturn. There were two humanoids in the dome. The UFO rose rapidly at a 45° angle and disappeared almost instantaneously. Their car could then be restarted. Scorched grass was later found. (Rodeghier, Catalog of 200 Type-1 UFO Events in  Spain and  Portugal, Ballester-Olmos)
March 2, 1955; Huntley, Illinois (BBU)
5:00 p.m. Car was followed by 3 elongated "balloons," each showing 8 red lights and about 20 ft long. (Vallée Magonia 362)

March 16 [17?], 1955; 35 miles N of Salton Sea [or Ripley?], Calif. (BBU)
9:24 a.m. USAF SAC pilot flying B-47 saw a silver circular object on a steady course S fading in the distance. (Project 1947)

May 17, 1955; Mojave, California (BB)
8:15 p.m. PST. Two independent observers saw 9 round, red objects the size of a grapefruits (at arm's length?) moving overhead across the sky. The 9 objects were 2 in front, then 3,2 and 2. Interference on T.V. was noticed - lost voice and picture. Six of the objects faded out, 1 flared and 2 disappeared.The objects were observed for 10-15 minutes. Project Blue Book Evaluation: Aircraft. (Dan Wilson, BB files)

March 20, 1955; Johnson AFB, Tokyo, Japan (BBU)
4:21 p.m. CPS-1 air traffic control radar of the USAF 1954th AACS Sq, Johnson AFB, Tokyo RATCC, detected 4 unidentified targets due N at about 32 miles, then after adjusting manual scan found 16 unidentified targets in 6 separate formations N of base at ranges of about 20 to 28 miles, which slowly moved [about 50 mph] from radar scope azimuth 0° to 20° while heading about 145° over 10 mins until 4:31 p.m. F-86D was scrambled from Yokota AFB.......... (See full report)

March 24, 1955; Ryukyu Islands, S Japan (BBU)
March, on or about the 24th, 1955; Ryukyu Islands, Japan
2:30 p.m. The pilot of a private one-engine Beechcraft airplane experienced the following, according to Lorenzen and Lorenzen (1969, p. 65): at an altitude about 1,500 feet the pilot’s passenger (a student friend) alerted the pilot to a hat-shaped circular craft with “three window-like apertures in the ‘crown’ section;” the craft changed colour from white to orange and back to white again; the circular craft seemed larger than the Beechcraft; over the next few minutes, the craft flew over, in front of, and under the airplane; when the pilot decided to put the plane into a dive, the craft stayed with the plane; the plane’s instruments stopped working; the pilot did a steep right turn but the craft still accompanied the plane; when the plane’s engine began to stall the pilot called Naha Tower [Okinawa, Japan]; Naha Tower informed Kadena Air Force Base [near Okinawa], which sent up two jets, but by that time they arrived the craft was long gone; after the pilot landed at Okinawa, a report was made and the pilot and passenger were asked not to mention the incident again. (NARCAP, Project 1947, Franz Nentwich)

March 29, 1955; Sonoma & Soledad, CA (BBU)
7:35/7:38 p.m. (PST) McGrath (GOC observer) and Brown. (McDonald list) A round silvery white object with red and green flashing lights was seen to rise vertically at a 45 degree angle . The 666th AC&W Squadron reported 8:15 p.m. (30/0415Z)  that they had a slow moving blip in that area, but for only a few sweeps of their radar. The area was searched thoroughly by two F-51 aircraft but without results. (Dan Wilson)

Mar. 30, 1955; near Tucson, Arizona (E-M)
3:15 a.m. Andy Florio sighted a "disc machine" at least 100 feet in diameter. It made the sound of "electrical humming" and had bluish-green lights on its top, and amber lights from openings on the rim. Florio stopped his car when the radio failed, the lights dimmed, and the car slowed involuntarily to 12-15 mph. The UFO swayed back and forth while hovering and shot a beam of white light at the witness, burning his elbow and bubbling paint on the car. Florio also felt heat and a tingling sensation. Eventually the UFO departed, and when the car was checked, it was found to have a defective battery, dead radio, and only three spark plugs still firing. (Rodeghier, CUFOS)

NARA-PBB1-125 (Unredacted) April Sightings

During the week of April 3-9, five green fireballs were reported in New Mexico and two in northern California. After a number of sightings reported about mid-morning April 5, LaPaz said: "This is a record. We believe we have it narrowed from the many reports to three.  But they were seen within a very few minutes of each other."

April, 1955; northern Rhodesia
A flying saucer followed a car driven by Army veteran D. Clarke (Flying Saucer Review, 1955, May, p. 2, Franz Nentwich).

April 6, 1955; Beaumont, Calif. (BBU)
7:45 p.m. (PST) Briggs. (Hynek UFO Rpt p. 44; FUFOR Index)

April 6, 1955; New Mexico
Three unusual green fireballs; heavy radio and TV disturbances. (NICAP, 1960)

April 8, 1955; Rockford, Illinois
GOC members, on watch, witnessed a UFO near their post and sent in a report to the Filter Center in Chicago. Within minutes, jets were up on an intercept mission, and, according to them, fired on the mysterious object, causing it to explode. Before the explosion, however, GOC reported that a smaller round object shot out of the side of the parent device, then, in horizontal flight, passed up the jets, after which it was seen to turn on edge and disappear straight up into the sky.

April 21, 1955; 3 miles NE of Moisant Airport, New Orleans, Louisiana (BBU)
4:00 p.m. CST. Air National Guard pilot Ponticelli flying L-19 aircraft saw a bright silver delta-shaped object. (Project 1947; FUFOR Index)

Apr. 22, 1955; Tintinara, South Australia
07:45 hrs (CST). Driving with two companions, a man looked to his right and at 5 deg. elevation saw an object in the sky. Stopping the car, he got out, as the object approached and crossed the road 100 yards behind the car. The object at its closest, was a silver, aluminum like, sphere, 10 feet in diameter, surrounded by a flat flange making the overall diameter 30 feet. This flange was bright red in color. The object moved smoothly and silently at 15 m.p.h., with the flange horizontal. There were no markings, and no portholes. It then travelled east, parallel to the road. Once it got to 500 yards distance, he got back in the car and followed it. It accelerated. He got up to 70 m.p.h. in the car and followed it for 15-20 miles and couldn’t catch up with it. Twenty minutes after first seeing it, he stopped the car and last saw the object at 45 deg. elevation, climbing rapidly. (Keith Basterfied; reported to the Australian Flying Saucer Research Society [AFSRS] by the driver. AFSRS “Australian Saucer Record.” Second Quarter, 1955. Vol. 1, No. 2, p.8.)

April 24, 1955; AIbuquerque, N. Mex. April 23 (AP)
Dr. Lincoln Lapaz: "I'm sure the yellow-green fireballs aren't ordinary meteorite falls. I've been observing the skies since 1914, and I've never seen any meteoric fireballs like them."

At 1:20 p.m. (EST), AG1 David F. Robinson was tracking a pibal with a ground theodolite when he came upon a UFOB. He described the object as round,  20-30 feet in diameter, silver metallic in color, and seemed to be elongated at times. The object seemed to waver at times. The object was 31.8 degrees elevation and 40 degrees relative bearing from Dahlgren Operations, US Naval Proving Ground, Dahlgren, Virginia, at 1:20 p.m. The object was at 19.8 degrees elevation and 59 degrees true bearing at 2:40 p.m. from same location. Other manner of observation was air surveillance radar. Analysis shows that this WAS NOT a UFO but a celestial target. (Dan Wilson, McDonald list, Brad Sparks BBU listing).

April 30, 1955; Travis County, Texas (BBU 3517)
7:30 a.m. USAF Wing Intelligence Officer Maj. L. J. Pagozalski saw 4 black objects in a cluster make a whooshing sound like a zephyr. (Berliner)

NARA-PBB1-126 (Unredacted) May 1-15 Sightings
NARA-PBB1-127 (Unredacted) May 16-31 Sightings

May (a Saturday), 1955; Dinan, France
11:45 pm. a Mr. Droguet described seeing two humanoids, each with a black box into which one of the humanoids was placing samples, probably pebbles (Flying Saucer Review Case Histories, 1970, Oct., pdf p. 16, Franz Nentwich).

May 4, 1955; Keflavik Airport, Iceland (BBU 3523)
12:38 p.m. USAF Lt. Col. E. J. Stealy and 1st Lt. J. W. Burt saw about 10 round, white objects, one of which left a brief smoke trail, flying in an irregular formation, some of them making erratic movements. (Berliner; FUFOR Index, Dan Wilson)

6:06 p.m. MST. Crew of American Airlines DC-7 saw an object flying on a SE course at 20,000 ft. (Project 1947; FUFOR Index)

May 13, 1955; Duluth, MN (BBU)
8:30 PM. Two airmen flying in a F-89D at 26,000 feet on an air intercept mission locked onto an object on the RO's radar scope. The target was at 8 miles distance and move to 6 miles distance. The target moved to within 6000 yards and stopped dead. The object immediately began going out in range faster that it came in. The estimated speed at the time target indication was going out in range, according to scope interpretation and pilot's and RO's experience in running interception, would be over 1000 knots. Air-electronics: APG-40; APA-84 Observers were: 1/Lt. Charles M. Middleton, pilot, and 2/Lt. Donald. G. Fisher, radar observer, both of the 11th FIS, and both rated as completely reliable. (BB files, Dan Wilson)

May 14, 1955; USSR coast sea of Japan (BBU)
HF jamming and SIGINT (?). Jan Aldrich; AFOIN files).

May 18, 1955: Niagara Falls AFB, New York (BB)
8:40 p.m. One spherical, white object, approximately 10 feet in diameter was observed by the pilot of an F-86D jet aircraft while flying over Niagara Falls AFB. The object was observed for about 2-3 seconds. (Dan Wilson)

May 20, 1955; Tokyo, Japan (BB)
4:45 p.m. (20/0745Z) . A military pilot made an air-visual sighting of a swept wing object at approximately 60,000 feet between Tokyo Radio and Daigo Homer. It was observed for approximately 14 minutes then the object disappeared leaving puffs of smoke. The observer pilot was very experienced. (Blue Book files, Dan Wilson)

May 23 [23-24?], 1955; Cheyenne, Wyoming (BBU 3565)
12 midnight. USAF Airman/Basic I. J. Shapiro and E. C. Ingber saw 2 slender, vertical rectangles low on the horizon, and two ovals with tops, dark, with dark blue illumination, which flew higher. (Berliner; FUFOR Index)

May 25, 1955; Alexandra Park, London, England
Circular, luminous object approached B-47, quickly reversed direction and shot away. [UFOE, II]

May. 29 (approx), 1955 Smithfield, near Cairns, AUSTRALIA
7:20 p.m.  Three farmers, among them Thomas Robinson, saw a light growing in size for 2 min and flying between them and Mt. Williams. Looking like a "light airplane on fire," it changed course, losing altitude and trailing flames. It touched the ground, lighting up the whole area, rose again, and began to "feel its way along the crooked edge of the cane field and the swamp toward our house." It returned to earth four times. The dogs ran out barking as it landed within 100 m of the witnesses before taking off again. (UFO Bulletin Mar., 58)

May. 31, 1955 Puy-Saint-Gulmier, FRANCE
11:10 a.m. A farmer, 74-year-old J. B. Collange, was watching his cows on a clear, calm morning when he suddenly observed, in an easterly direction, a vertical circular object about 3 m away, the bottom edge about 30 cm from the ground. It measured about 1.10 m in diameter, was very luminous, white, but not blinding. Many filaments of various colors were radiating from the disk. Their length varied between 0.5 and 2 m. The object rose over a hedge and was lost to sight behind some woods. (364, Ouranos 14, 15, 22)

NARA-PBB1-128 (Unredacted) June Sightings

Summer, 1955; Alabama
A UFO produced twin vortices of dust as it flew over a farmer’s field at a low altitude (Randle K. D., 1997, p. 135, Franz Nentwich).

June 1, 1955; N. Canada (BBU)
RB-47 onboard APG-32 gun-controlled radar and radar jamming case (Sparks)

June 2, 1955; N. Canada (BBU)
RB-47 onboard APG-32 gun-controlled radar and radar jamming case (Sparks)

June 4, 1955. Melville Sound, N Canada (BBU)
0030 (GMT). RB-47 crew sighted "glistening silver metallic" object and "obscured by contrails" confirmed by onboard APG-32 gun-control radar tracking of target at 7,000 yards range (4 miles) from 0030 to 0039 GMT. Object stayed "low and to the rear of the RB-47” until the UFO "broke off contact to the north with an increase in speed." Gun camera photos. 9+ mins. (Sparks)

June 4, 1955; Parker, Arizona (BB)
7:50 p.m. (PDT). GOC observation post observer in Parker, Ariz., sighted round object in the W traveling to the W, using binoculars, appeared red on bottom, white or pale yellow in middle, blue or green on top, disappeared suddenly after 3 mins. Near Vidal, Calif. (about 13 mi W or about 260° from Parker, Ariz.) USAF flight instructor 1st Lt. B. E. Beecroft, Laredo AFB, flying T-33 trainer, with student cadet, heading 260° at 20,000 ft at 350 knots (400 mph), saw an “extremely large” white star-like stationary object high in the W that suddenly disappeared after 3 mins. Noted extreme variations in magnetic compass and slave gyro as they approached UFO location, with precession of 20° per 12 miles of flight when nearing Vidal, Calif., reaching 320° apparent (but false heading) when 30-40 miles W of Vidal, and continued until landing at Norton AFB, San Bernardino, Calif. Radar station 751st ACWRON, Mt. Laguna, Calif., noted that on nights of June 2 and 3, 1955, other aircraft approaching Vidal, Calif., experienced severe compass problems requiring radar control directions to avoid serious accidents. (Sparks; BB fikes; NICAP website; Project 1947)

June 5, 1955; Namur, Belgium
Three photographs of UFOs taken on this day were considered genuine mainly because of the short condensation trail (Flying Saucer Review, 1961, Jan., p. 13, Franz Nentwich). Oct. 25, 1955; Yugoslavia Milorad Protic, director of the Belgrade Observatory, reported an object at a high altitude that observers at the observatory had decided that it was not a meteor or any other astronomical body, but after Sputnik was launched two years later, Protic decided that the 1955 object had been an experimental Soviet satellite (Lorenzen & Lorenzen, 1969, p. 68, Franz Nentwich).

June 6, 1955; City not noted, New Mexico
Cat 3. Three unusual green fireballs; heavy radio and TV disturbance reported.

June 8, 1955. S. of Bathurst Island, N. Canada (BBU)
June 8, 1955. S of Bathurst Island, N Canada. 2044 (GMT). RB-47 crew detected UFO briefly on the onboard APG-32 gun-control radar, visual contact was made for 20 minutes from 2044 to 2104 GMT, object trailing behind RB-47 at about 5-10 miles range. Second RB-47 some 80 miles behind the first spotted the contrail left behind as the UFO disappeared. (Sparks)

June 16, 1955; Eastern U.S.
UFOs observed over wide area, jets scrambled. [UFOE, III]

June 17, 1955; Nr. Adelaide, Australia
At 1415 hrs local time (CST) , a Mr McIntyre, watched a shiny object in the western sky, looking like a large star, at 10-15 degrees elevation. It was lost behind trees. At 1445 hrs local time, he viewed it through binoculars and observed an oblong shape with two points of brightness. It was silver in colour and moved behind clouds. (Source: Australian Saucer Record, Vol. 1; No. 3.1955,UFOE, XII)

June 23, 1955; Utica, NY / Boston, MA
12:15 p.m. A Mohawk Airlines DC-3 was cruising at 3000' in good daylight visibility below a 4000' overcast, about 15 miles E of Utica, N.Y., on a heading ESE to Albany, N.Y. at 160 knots. Both pilot and copilot saw an object come over the top of their aircraft from behind, an estimated 500' above their altitude, on a heading that made a 20-degree angle with the vertical as it crossed the windshield. They estimated the length of the object at about 150'. It was described as: "light gray, almost round, with a center line .... Beneath the line there were several (at least four) windows which emitted a bright blue-green light. It was not rotating but went straight. [The lights] seemed to change colour slightly from greenish to bluish or vice versa [as the object receded]. A few minutes after it went out of sight, two other aircraft (one, a Colonial DC-3, the other I did not catch the number) reported that they saw it and wondered if anyone else had seen it. The Albany control tower also reported that they had seen an object go by on Victor-2 [airway]. As we approached Albany, we overheard that Boston radar had also tracked an object along Victor-2, passing Boston. (NARCAP)

June 26, 1955; Holt, Florida (BBU)
Civilian and military witnesses. (Hynek UFO Rpt p. 45)

June 26, 1955; Washington, D. C.
A brilliant round object with trail 4 or 5 times its own length approached National Airport, stopped, oscillated, and moved off at high speed. Ceiling lights at airport went out when object approached; returned to operation when UFO left. [UFOE, VIII, XII]

NARA-PBB1-129 (Unredacted) July 1-15 Sightings
NARA-PBB1-130 (Unredacted) July 16-31 Sightings

Mid-Summer, 1955; Westbrook, Ontario, Canada
Daylight hours. On a hot, humid morning, with flashes of sheet lighting in the distance, the witness was standing in front of his father’s general store when a ball-of-lightening rose out of the graveyard.  It rose to about five feet in height and then silently dodged its way through the headstones, out onto the road and boom.  It disappeared.  It was composed of beautiful bluish and reddish shades and moved without crackling nor any odor. (Mike Swords)

July 1955; S. Alabama
2:00-2:30 p.m. Colonel William Coleman (a few years later the AF PIO officer for Blue Book) was flying a B-25 out of Miami with a co-pilot, flight engineer, a Lockheed test engineer and a General Motors jet engine guy (names forgotten of the latter two).  He got to Mariana, Florida, then [northward] into S Alabama when he spotted at 2 o'clock high what he called a "craze" in the windshield.  After a while he called the others' attention to it.  Eventually chased it at low altitude over farmland saw its shadow on the ground, saw two vortexes coming out of the shiny metallic disc which kicked up dust on the ground, and when he tried to cut it off at max speed of 300 knots the object was gone leaving behind the vortexes on the ground.  Duration 10-11 minutes. (Brad Sparks)

July 1, 1955; 50 miles SE of Sacramento, CA
11:10 AM. Silver object moving straight down from an estimated altitude of 32,000 feet. Observation made by air-visual and ground radar.(Dan Wilson)

July 1, 1955; China Lake, Calif. (BBU)
[Might be the same incident described above] (McDonald list)

July 3, 1955 Stockton, Georgia
Mrs. Wesley Symmonds was driving near this town when she saw four "bug-eyed" creatures near the road. They were small beings with thin arms, large eyes, and pointed chins. Two were turned away from the witness; one was bending over with something like a stick in its hand; and the fourth one was facing her with its right arm raised. It had bulging eyes, a sort of cap, no visible mouth, a long pointed nose, a chin which came to a sharp point, and long thin arms with claws. (365, Stringfield; Humanoids 54)

3:00-3:56 a.m. (AST).  At 3:00 a.m., USAF 97th Air Refueling Sq pilot Lt. Homer H. Speer and copilot Lt Paul Daily of KC-97 call sign Archie 29, and pilot Lt. Robert W. Schneck and copilot Lt. David Cueldner (sp?) of KC-97 Archie 91, both planes at 20,000 ft on a refueling mission out of Harmon AFB (48°32.7'N, 58°33.0'W), saw 2 bright objects at 49°10' N, 59°50' W, at 20,000 ft appearing stationary.  (See detailed "Archie 29" report, click blue link.)

July 8, 1955; Augusta, Maine
At 9:00 p.m. EDT, one spherical object with a green hue and a trail 9 -10 miles long was seen. A loud humming sound was also noted. The object was observed air-visually, ground-visually and on GCI radar. The length observation was approximately one minute.  (Dan Wilson)  

July 9, 1955; Santa Catalina Channel, Calif
Family aboard boat saw a round cylinder, grayish and white, surrounded by a "haze of fumes." UFO zigzagged upward, then sped away. [UFOE, XII]

July 11, 1955; Toulon, France (BBU)
Daytime. Military pilot of C-47 transport saw a round reddish-orange light changing color to bright white, no trail. (Project 1947)

July 11, 1955; China Lake NAS, California
(12/0510Z;July 1955) At 9:10 p.m., a round orangish-red object, the size of a dime held at arm's lenght was observed from the tower with 60 power and 8 power binoculars. The object seemed to have a tail 4 times the length of the object. F-86D's were scrambled but failed to contact anything. Type of observation: Ground-Visual and Ground-Radar. The object was observed for 20-30 minutes. Charles P. Chitwood, control tower operator gave this description of the object. The object was in the northern sky at a 340 degree heading. The object moved on a heading of 240 degrees for 7 minutes, then suddenly reversed its course and sped away at an 80 degree heading. The object then reversed its course again and disappeared on a measured course of 277 degrees. At 9:06 p.m. (12/0506Z), the AC&W Squadron at Boron, Calif., had an object on their scopes. They made a call to Edwards AFB, who in turn notified China Lake NAS. (Dan Wilson, BB files,

July 17, 1955; Canton, Ohio
Disc hovered, climbed away as airliner approached. [UFOE, XII]

July 18, 1955 Plessiel Airfield, near Abbeville, FRANCE
03:00 a.m. Mr. Maupin and five other witnesses on the airfield were blinded by a light from a disk-shaped object 150 m away. It left orange glows in its trail. Silent, flying slowly, it hovered near the Metro station, close to the ground, but did not actually land. It left toward the northwest. A woodsman from Mareul-Caubert, Mr. Rolle, saw the object half-an-hour earlier. It came from the direction of Amiens. (Magonia, 366)

July 20, 1955; Portland, Oregon (BBU)
2 fighter pilots and GOC ground observers saw a round object with a silver lower part climb when fighters approached. (Weinstein; BB files??)

July 25, 1955; Near Syracuse, New York (BBU)
5:22 a.m. [12:22 a.m. EST ?] Pilot flying F-86 fighter saw an orange object. (Project 1947; FUFOR Index)

9:34 p.m. [3:34 p.m. CST ?] USAF pilot flying B-47 bomber saw a round object, no trail. (Project 1947; FUFOR Index)

July 26, 1955--Lasham, Hants, England
Members of British Gliding Association watched boomerang-shaped object (or flattened triangle) hover above glider then speed away. [UFOE, XII]

July 29, 1955; Cincinnati, Ohio
Zigzagging UFO made shrill sound. [UFOE, VIII]

July 29, 1955; Columbus, Nebraska (BBU)
10:45 p.m. (CST) Morrice Raymond saw 4 orange flashing lights and a white flashing light move up and down like yo­yos. (Berliner; FUFOR Index)

Late July, 1955; near Niagara Falls, New York (E-M)
About 8:00 p.m. Two families were having a picnic on the shore of Lake Erie. A UFO rose out of the water and approached them, moving in swoops like a pendulum. It was 100 feet in diameter and silvery-colored. They ran to their cars to escape, but the cars wouldn't start. The UFO came within 30 feet and witnesses saw four humanoids with white heads inside, wearing black robes. The UFO then went back over the lake and rose up vertically. (Rodeghier, CUFOS)

Sometime in August, 1955; Jedburgh, Scotland, UK
Cat. 4. Dog bolts as cigar-shaped object flies by.

Aug. 1, 1955 Salon, near Arles, FRANCE
Two persons in a car saw night a lighted object dive toward them and hover about 30 m above the road. A disk, 12 m in diameter, it flew around the car and went away without noise. The witnesses were tourists, who went straight to the Arles police. (105)

Aug. 1, 1955 Chardon Road, Ohio
9:00 p.m. Mr. Sheneman, who was coming from Willoughby, came out of his car and saw a circular object with a red light on it that came down fast, hovered, and emitted two beams of light. The witness fled toward his house, and the object appeared to chase him at less than 70 m altitude. It measured about 30 m in diameter and supported a dome. Mr. Sheneman, his wife, and their two children saw it fly away. (368, Evidence 114)

Aug. 2, 1955; Fresno, Calif. (BBU)
1:30 p.m. (PST). US Weather Bureau observer Langer at Fresno Airport sighted a bright, silvery metallic circular UFO sharply outlined against the blue sky, with no shadows or markings, crossing the field of view of his balloon-tracking theodolite, which he then trained on the UFO to track its steady motion. UFO was brighter than the white 5 ft pilot balloon he had been tracking at 27,000 ft in the theodolite, with about ¼ to 1/5 the apparent size of the balloon. Langer’s impression was that UFO was farther and higher than the balloon but he could not be sure, possibly moving from the NE (in a different direction than the balloon) at 80-130 knots if at 40,000 ft MSL or 120-200 knots if at 60,000 ft MSL. Lost UFO after ½ minute when he had to return to tracking the balloon. (Sparks; BB files)

Aug. 3, 1955; Bronwood, near Dawson, Georgia (E-M)
A UFO was seen, after which the engine of a jeep stalled and a strange, hairy, six-foot-tall entity came near. It attempted to attack the witnesses, but was driven off. (Rodeghier, Orbit, Vol. 2, No. 7)

Aug. 5, 1955 Buzancy, Ardennes, FRANCE
2:30 p,m. Messrs. Coisin and Mahieu saw five brown, disk-shaped machines coming down and up again at great speed. One of them flew under the others, then two disks appeared to land 300 m away near the German cemetery. The others flew away toward the south at tremendous speed. (Magonia files)

August 6, 1955; Cincinnati, Ohio
Oval-shaped UFO observed ascending at high speed. [UFOE, XII]
11:45 a.m. USAF 2nd Lt. E. J. Marlow saw 12 grey objects, from cigar to egg­ shaped, vary formation from elliptical to wavy line to scattered to straight line to trail formation. Speed varied from hovering to 1,000 mph. (Berliner)

Aug. 16, 1955 Bradford, ENGLAND
04:00 a.m. Mr. Ernest Suddard, 35, and his 13-year-old son were in a lorry on Roundhill Street when they saw what seemed to be a human being about 1.20 m tall, dressed in skin-tight black clothes. It held its arms close to its sides, its feet close together, and walked by a series of jumps. On its chest was a silver disk perforated with holes. It turned off suddenly into a passageway and was lost to sight. The witnesses were too amazed to follow it. (370, Constance 222)

Aug. 19, 1955 Bradford, ENGLAND
11:30 p.m. About 700 m away from Round Hill street, Mr. Wood, a warehouseman, saw a bright, bullet-shaped, silvery object behind a hillock. It measured about 4 m in height, 1.5 m in diameter, had a surface similar to chromium and made a high- pitched buzzing sound. (371, Constance 222)

August 21, 1955; Chalmette, La.
Glowing-white Saturn-shaped object hovered, rotating; turned sideways and shot away. [UFOE, XII]

7, 8-11 p.m., 2:30-4:45 a.m. At about 7 p.m. Billy Ray Taylor went into the backyard of the Sutton farmhouse and saw a bright object from the SW [or actually about SSW about 210° azimuth from the direction of Fort Campbell U.S. Army base] then pass over and descend into a gully about 500 [300-600?] ft N of the farmhouse and about 35-40 ft lower elevation. Mrs. Glennie Lankford and 6 other adults [most Sutton family], plus 3 children (Charlton, Lonnie and Mary Lankford), saw two or more 3 ft tall gremlin-like creatures float down from trees and approach the house from the dark, which were shot at by rifle and shotgun fire without effect. At about 11 p.m. the entire group fled in terror in their two cars and drove at high speed into Hopkinsville to report the incident to the Police Dept. State police officer leaving the Shady Oaks restaurant 3 miles N of Hopkinsville in a car to respond to the call heard several meteor-like objects streaking over him sounding like artillery shells, and was able to see 2 in a series looking like meteors from the SW [or actually about S, from about 190° azimuth, headed towards Kelly from the direction of Fort Campbell and the TOP SECRET Armed Forces Special Weapons Project Site C, Clarksville Base, 36.665° N, 87.487° W, National Stockpile Site for nuclear weapons storage apparently recently including multi-megaton yield H­ bombs]. City, county, state and military police and reporters drove out to the Sutton farm to investigate from around 11:30 p.m. to 2 a.m. UFO entities returned at about 2:30 a.m. and were again shot at without effect, finally disappearing at about 4:45 a.m. (Davis-Bloecher 1978; Hynek UFO Rpt pp. 212-6; Vallée Magonia 372; FUFOR Index)

Aug. 21, 1955; Dog Town nr. Evansville, Indiana
Two women swimming in the Ohio River near Dog Town encountered a river monster. The day after the story was published in the Evansville Press, "several persons came forward to say they had observed a "shiny oval" a few hundred feet above the river at about the time the alleged incident had taken place". (Creatures of the Goblin World, Jerome Clark & Loren Coleman, pg. 32)

Aug. 22, 1955 Casa Blanca, near Riverside, California
2:00 pm. A group of children was playing in the garden of Mr. and Mrs. Douglas when they observed a hovering object which disappeared and reappeared as a spinning disk with curved lines radiating from it. Other objects, silvery and semi-transparent, soon appeared and were seen by all children. They made musical sounds as they vanished and reappeared. One of them landed, and a creature the size of a 4-year-old child, transparent, wearing a belt with a bright disk, was seen nearby. Another creature appeared and spoke to one of the boys. All the children experienced visions of the object and the creatures, as well as "arms" which appeared to beckon to them. (373, TSR 67, 5)

Aug. 23, 1955; Cincinnati, Ohio (BBU)
11:50 p.m. Several SAC USAF fighter pilots saw 3 round disc-shaped objects making evasive maneuvers. "Dogfight" with UFOs, first detected by radar. (Weinstein; BB files??)

Aug. 23, 1955; Arlington, Virginia (BBU 3720)
10:45 a.m. G. M. Park, using a 400x telescope saw several (6+) orange lights moving singly or in groups, circling and stopping. (Berliner; FUFOR Index)

Aug. 25, 1955; Bedford, Indiana
House lights dimmed and brightened as hovering UFO pulsated. (NICAP, 1960).

Aug. 25, 1955 Greenhills, Ohio)
Four adolescents in a car saw a creature with a luminous body, standing near a fire-plug. (374, Stringfield 64)

Aug. 25, 1955; Fordland, Missouri (BBU)
7:56 p.m. (CST) (26/0156Z) A blip appeared on a ground radar scope moving at about 1000 mph. After a few minutes the target began to slow down perceptibly to around 320 mph. A fighter plane, "Dropkick 17" was scrambled and was directed toward the target. When the fighter approached to within 5 miles of the target it faded. The target then popped up dead ahead 20 miles away. As the fighter DK 17 approached to 1/2 mile of target it faded away. From then on it was like a game, the target would pop up about 20 miles away and when the fighter would head toward it the target would fade away. This happened 10 to 15 times until DK 17 reported he was low on fuel. When DK 17 was about 50 miles away the UFOB began painting like a B-52 and was not moving. Radar personnel at the Fordland AFS were: 1st Lt.John N. Oliver, Director; A/2C J.L.Bossom, Radar operator; A/2C Issac N. Young, Radar operator. (Dan Wilson, Brad Sparks,, BB files).
August 28, 1955; Yonkers, N. Y. Board of Education official and others saw a white Saturn-shaped object through a telescope. [UFOE, XII]

Summer of 1955; Solomon's Island, Maryland
During this humid and quiet summer night, the witness' eyes were on the skies. He had walked to nearly the end of the Chesapeake Biological Laboratory’s half-mile long pier stretching far out into the calm river and aimed in the direction of the Patuxent Naval Air Station directly across the moon-drenched river… The air was still and there were few visible stars. The pier was his favorite spot on the little half-mile-long island. He reached what he called the visitor’s alcove where a wooden awning hung overhead and the hard cement benches were a welcome relief for the weary. His attention was drawn to what at first appeared to be a faint light in the distance quickly approaching from the jaws of the Chesapeake. With wide-open eyes and a vivid imagination, he strained to see what it was. Then the light grew brighter and illuminated a large silvery disc-shaped object that appeared to be about half the length of a football field. In clear view, he watched as the UFO suddenly dropped down into the water and disappear for perhaps twenty seconds, then reappeared as he saw streams of water fall from its bottom. He grabbed tightly onto one of the pier poles as the object approached him. Then, as it was close enough to the pier to scare him,, a large panel at its bottom opened and what seemed like several tons of water splashed close enough to his spot on the pier. He sat down with his eyes still on the object as it swiftly glided silently overhead and disappeared out of sight heading north. (Gordon Lore, Flying Saucers From Beyond Earth: A UFO Researcher’s Odyssey by Gordon Lore, Oct 2018, Bear Manor Media).

September or October, 1955; GREECE, Agrinion (E-M)
A truck driver and hotel manager driving over a mountain road saw a luminous object fly overhead. The truck engine stopped. (Rodeghier, The UFO Evidence, NICAP)

Sept. 3, 1955; Bellingham, Wash. (BBU 3743)
9:30 p.m. (PST) GOC observer Saunders saw white pinpoint move slowly across 30° of sky. No further information. (Berliner)

Sept. 7, 1955; Washington, D.C. (BBU 3750)
6:30 a.m. (EST) 2 photographers, one plate maker for the Army Map Service, one named Smith, saw a glowing round object fly an arc. (Berliner)

Sept. 9, 1955; Near Alcoa [Rock Garden?], Tenn. (BBU 3757)
12 noon. M. N. Dawkins, using binoculars, saw a brown, almost square object fly with a circular motion. (Berliner)

Sep. 16, 1955 Boisseuges, FRANCE
6:00 p.m. A young shepherd heard a whistling sound as a dark mass appeared to fall from the sky and a rush of air swept him from his feet. The object looked like a machine with an opening where a stairway became visible. Two occupants were seen. One was observed to have a reddish face, a bald head and very fine teeth. The craft was round, about 3.5 m diameter, 2 m high, lighted with neon-like light. The occupants gathered some plants and flew away to the northwest. (375, Magonia)

Sep. 17, 1955 Bush Pine, New York
Mr. and Mrs. Bordes, of New night York City, were fishing when they heard a loud splash and a "gurgling sound," saw a pink, iridescent, mushroom-shaped object rise about 70 cm above the water, and sink into the reservoir. Later, they saw the object again, about 5 m long and surrounded with turbulence. It reversed direction several times without turning around and finally flew away very fast. (376, Constance 226; FSR 55,5)

October, 1955; SCOTLAND, Newton Stewart
7:30 p.m. For about five minutes, Maurice Brazier's van was circled by a UFO. The object was shaped like a double saucer with a ring of rotating lights around the rim. The engine of his van failed while the UFO was approaching and circling. Brazier heard a high-pitched buzzing sound and then a clicking sound which became louder as the UFO moved around the van. (Rodeghier, FSR, Vol. 1, No. 5; Vol. 2, No. 1)
Oct. 2, 1955; Akron and Alliance, Ohio
Hovering disc- like UFO observed over wide area. [UFOE, VII]

Oct. 4, 1955. Across Transcaucasus region, SW of Baku, USSR (BBU)
7:10 p.m. Was Top Secret. Senator Richard B. Russell, Jr. (D-GA),­ then chairman of the Armed Services Committee­, was on a Soviet train when he spotted a disc-shaped craft taking off near the tracks. Senator Russell "saw the first flying disc ascend and pass over the train,” and went “rushing in to get Mr Efron (Ruben Efron, his interpreter) and Col. Hathaway (Col. E. U. Hathaway, his aide) to see it,” the report said.  “Col. Hathaway stated that he got to the window with the Senator in time to see the first (UFO), while Mr. Efron said that he got only a short glimpse of the first.  However, all three saw the second disc and all agreed that they saw the same round, disc-shaped craft…as the first.” A fourth witness was unidentified. The Air Force Intelligence report says Russell and his two traveling companions spotted the UFO’s on October 4, 1955 while traveling by rail across Russia’s Transcaucasus region.  “One disc ascended almost vertically, at a relatively slow speed, with its outer surface revolving slowly to the right, to an altitude of about 6000 feet, where its speed then increased sharply as it headed north,” the report states.  “The second flying disc was seen performing the same actions about one minute later.  The take-off area was about 1-2 miles south of the rail line…” The Air Force report was written by Lieut. Col. Thomas Ryan, who interviewed Senator Russell’s companions in Prague, Czechoslovakia, on October 13, after they arrived there from Russia shortly after the sighting. (Maccabee, FOIA files, Swords)

Oct. 2, 1955: Poughkeepsie, New York (BB)
At 6:16 p.m. EST, (2/2316Z). Colonial Airline Captain Edson Wood was flying at an altitude of 6,000 feet when he observed a round blue-white object that passed abeam to the port side of the aircraft and then it appeared to hover for 10 to 15 seconds. The object appeared as large as a baseball held at arm's length. It then departed on a southeasterly heading at an extreme rate of speed. As the object faded in the distance it appeared to gain altitude. The object was also observed by the co-pilot. The total length of observation was 30 seconds. Captain Wood tried unsuccessfully to contact Air Defense Radar in hopes they might track this object. (Blue Book files, Dan Wilson)

4:38 [5:38?] p.m. R. D. Prather and H. Ahern saw a round, silver or white object fly straight and level at more than 1,000 mph. (BB docs submitted by Dan Wilson. Berliner; FUFOR Index)

Oct. 11, 1955; Pt. Lookout, Maryland (BBU 3810)
4 p.m. B. Hale and A. Ostrom saw round object, white in daylight and turning red with sparks near end of sighting, with a deep roar unlike an aircraft. (Berliner)
8:30 p.m. (EST). An Air Force pilot flying in an F-86D at 25,000 feet observed a round, orange object flying straight and level at about 10 to 20 thousand feet above him to the east at 20 NM. After the visual observation, contact was made with the object on airborne radar (E-4) and a chase was attempted. The pilot was unable to close on the object. Total time of observation was two to three minutes. (Dan Wilson, Brad Sparks, McDonald list, FUFOR Index)

7:40 CST. USAF pilot, 1st Lt William F. Steck, 432nd FIS, while flying an F-89D at 25,000 feet was making a turn into the glide path when he saw a white glowing, oblong-shaped object 45 degrees to the right of his aircraft. The object was moving in a straight line very fast. The object then made a sharp 90 degree turn to the right. The object was picked up on radar by fighter pilot of the same organization. Airborne radar paint observed at 7 miles distance on scope. In 15-20 seconds the object was at 15 miles distance. (Dan Wilson, Brad Sparks, Weinstein; FUFOR Index)

Oct. 26 [30? 21?], 1955; Minneapolis, Minn. (BBU)
Same as Oct. 21, 1955, case?] (McDonald list)

October 28, 1955; Galloway, England
Disc with row of blue lights on rim, maneuvered slowly over car on lonely road. [UFOE, XII]

October 31, 1955; Nr. Auckland, N.Z.
Bright object passed National Airlines DC-3. [UFOE, X]

November 1, 1955; Mojave Desert, Calif.
Astronomer observed cigar-shaped UFO and smaller disc. [UFOE, VI]

November 2, 1955; Williston, Fla.
Deputy-sheriff A. H. Perkins, C. F. Bell, and a dozen other witnesses saw six bell- shaped objects moving by successive leaps. One came close to a patrol car; the men inside felt that their arms and legs "went dead" and that their clothes were burning them. (378, UFO Evidence, VIII 64)

November 5, 1955; Cleveland, Ohio
Minister observed elliptical UFO with square "windows". [UFOE, VIl]

November 9, 1955; Philadelphia, Pa.
Newspaper photographers and others saw 12 silvery-white round objects in formation. [UFOE, VII]

Nov. 14, 1955; Deming, New Mexico (BBU)
6:00 p.m. MST. Commercial airline pilot in flight saw a fast moving object, with a light on the rear, come from the SW. (Project 1947)

November 14, 1955; San Bernardino Mts., Calif.
Pilot saw a globe of white light approach plane, blinked landing lights; object blinked in seeming response, reversed course. [UFOE, V]

6:10 a.m. J. A. Mapes saw 12 round, flat objects, silver on top and dark on the bottom, fly in 4-deep formation, tipping in pitch and roll angles. [AF claimed UNIDENTIFIED but suggested birds] (Berliner)
5:20 p.m. Operations Officer Capt. B. G. Denkler and 5 men of the USAF 663rd AC&W Sq saw 2 oblong, bright orange, semi-transparent objects fly at terrific speed and erratically, toward and away from each other. (Berliner, UFOE, IX ) At  around 5:38 p.m. EST, at least 7 witnesses, including the five men from the 663rd observed elliptically shaped objects that appeared to be made of metal flying to the west at speeds estimated from hovering to 900 mph. Witnesses estimated the apparent size of the objects from a pea held at arm's length to that of a football held at arm's length. The actual size of the objects was estimated to be 100 to 200 feet long. After the visual sighting the 663rd AC&W Squadron direction center scrambled two F-86D aircraft to go after these objects. No completed intercept was accomplished. (Dan Wilson)

Nov. 20, 1955; Lake City, Tenn. (BBU 3862)
5:20 p.m. Operations Officer Capt. B. G. Denkler and 5 men of the USAF 663rd AC&W Sq saw 2 oblong, bright orange, semi-transparent objects fly at terrific speed and erratically, toward and away from each other. (Berliner, UFOE, IX )

November 23, 1955; Spirit Lake, Iowa
Ground Observer Corps spotters reported a brilliant object which changed color, moved erratically. [UFOE, VII]
10:30 a.m. State Senator S. T. Taylor reported the sighting of an object to the FBI. He described the object as a luminous, greenish-blue, seemed jellish-like, dirigible, slightly barrel-shaped with a larger front end, and tapered toward the tail. It suddenly appeared overhead, diving at a 45° angle, leveled out, and then ascended at a 30° angle for its short 5-second duration. No exhaust was observed and no sound was heard. Senator Taylor estimated the object travelled SW to NE for about 10 miles, at about half the speed of a meteor, and about 15,000 foot elevation before disappearing over Mt. Mestas. (Berliner, Wilson)
6 [1?] a.m. USAF pilot flying MATS transport radar tracked unidentified target. (Dan Wilson, Brad Sparks, Project 1947; FUFOR Index)

December 6, 1955; Ashfield & Greenfield, Mass.
Several people watched a cigar-shaped object with long rows of brilliant, reddish body lights, moving slowly south. [UFOE, XII]

Dec. 11, 1955; Near Jacksonville, Florida (BBU)
9 p.m. 2 airliner pilots [and crews?] and ground observers saw fast maneuvering orange-red round object, with ground radar tracking. 2 USN jets on a practice night-flying mission were vectored to the object by a Jacksonville NAS controller, on approach the object suddenly rose up to 30,000 ft then dove back down in a circle, buzzing the jets. (Weinstein; NARCAP;  BB files??; UFOE, XIII)

Dec. 13, 1955; Caddo Lake, Louisiana (BBU)
8:45 p.m. CST. USAF pilot flying B-47 in 513th Bomber Sq saw and radar tracked oblong object. (Project 1947)

Dec. 14, 1955. Caddo Lake, Louisiana
2:45 a.m. USAF pilot flying B-47 in 513th Bomber Sq saw and radar tracked oblong object. (Sparks; Project 1947)

Dec. 17, 1955; Laguna [Mt. Laguna ?], Calif. (BBU)
At 9:45 p.m. PST, three USAF radar operators tracked one target for 13 minutes at speeds estimated as fast as 3000 knots on an AN/FPS-3 radar. The target was inbound from Prescott Radio toward Thermal Radio, seemed to check 20 NM north of Thermal, then turned outbound toward Telescopepeak. According to the report, the object appeared to be using radio aids at Blythe, Thermal, Dagget and Inyokern.   Maintenance said there was no internal interference on the radar equipment and the target did not resemble any previously know interference. The track passed out of radar limits. (McDonald, Dan Wilson)  

Dec. 17, 1955; Laguna [Mt. Laguna ?], Calif. (BBU)
9:45 a.m. (PST) (McDonald list)

Dec. 21, 1955; Caribou, Maine (BBU 3893)
11 p.m. Roberta V. Jacobs saw a round, very bright gold, domed disc in a short climb, then rotate, hover and accelerate. (Berliner)

December 29, 1955; New Britain, Conn.
Shiny object hovered, sped away. [UFOE, XII]

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