1957 Sighting Wave Chronology
Close Encounters and Nuclear Connections
July 17 radar-emitting UFO/ELINT incident

Created: 5 February 2006, Updated 18 June 2017
2017 marks the 60th anniversary of the wave of 1957. This is an extensive report on an on-going project involving a number of people. I would not have been able to do this without the help of Rebecca Wise (Project Blue Book Archive), Dan Wilson (archive case researcher), Jean Waskiewicz (NICAP Database), Brad Sparks (Comprehensive Catalog of Project Blue Book Unknowns),  Barry Greenwood (newspaper clippings), Mark Rodegher ("UFO Reports Involving Vehicle Interference" [441 Cases], Loren Gross (UFOS A History), and Joan Woodward (Animal Reaction Database).

A major sighting wave year, 1957 is best-known for the Levelland, Texas sightings which began on Nov. 2. However, the key cases are the IFF electronic signaling and radar-emitting UFO cases such as RB-47 (July 17) and several others within a week or two before and after, the radioactivity case at Montville, Ohio (Nov. 6) and the nuclear weapons storage area case at Kirtland AFB, New Mexico (Nov 4), all cases of supreme scientific value. Prior to the wave flap, the Sept 20, 1957 radar tracking caused a White House and top intelligence alert. A very important year in UFOlogical history. Throughout this summary are posted key reports from the highly-acclaimed publication, "UFOs & Government".

Francis Ridge
NICAP Archivist & Site Coordinator
The 1957 UFO Chronology                                                                                                            

1957; Rouen, France (photo/hoax)
First thought to have been taken in March of 1954, it is now certain that the clean, sharp, detailed version we have become accustomed to from the RAF Flying Review for the Rouen photo, is a doctored version of the Trent image. The question now becomes, who doctored it up and why?

Jan. 2, 1957; West Melton, UK
9:00 pm. Domed disc spins and rises, reverses course, passes overhead. (Unknown source)

Retired Rear Adm. Delmer S. Fahrney, once head of the Navy's guided missile program, said that reliable reports indicate that "there are objects coming into our atmosphere at very high speeds." He told a news conference that "no agency in this country or Russia is able to duplicate at this time the speeds and accelerations which radar and observers indicate these flying objects are able to achieve." Fahrney called the news conference following an organizational meeting of a new private group. the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena, of which he is board chairman.

Jan. 16, 1957; Bet. Ft. Worth and Lubbock, Texas (BBU)
8:00 p.m.  USAF crews of 2 B-25's flying from Maxwell AFB, Birmingham, Ala., to Reese AFB, Lubbock, Texas, including passenger Lt. Col. Howard T. Wright, Capt. [illegible] W. Davis, pilot Lt. Robert I. Kaplan, and Lt. [illegible] Daniel, saw a round white object make rapid maneuvers, with effects on radio compass.  B-25 sent on 4-hour search of visinity with no results.  (Sparks;  McDonald files;  BB files;  Weinstein;  Jan Aldrich) 

January 21, 1957
Army Intelligence report on "large shiny metal ball," disc, other UFOs over APO Army base. [IV]

Jan. 24, 1957; Indianapolis, Indiana
On this night an airline pilot flying  over Indy and many others saw four brilliant nocturnal lights trailing a large pulsating ovoid object. (Sources: Richard H. Hall, The UFO Evidence, p. 136; Dominique Weinstein,Aircraft UFO Encounters, p. 28).

Feb. 7, 1957; Las Cruces, New Mexico (BBU)
Bt. 3:53 a.m. and 5:32 a.m. The 685th AC&W Squadron at Lac Cruces AFS carried a total of 54 unidentified blips on their radar screen traveling from the north toward the station at speeds of 60 - 160 knots at altitudes of 6,000 to 14,000 feet. The targets disappeared approximately three miles out. The initial sighting consisted of 23 blips. At the same time the 686th AC&W Squadron at Roswell AFB, NM, had a number of blips, but with insufficient movement to establish track information. Four interceptor aircraft were scrambled out of the 15th FIS at Tuscon, Arizona and the 93rd FIS at Albuquerque, New Mexico. Two separate radar contacts were made by these aircraft including 13 targets at approximately 100 miles NE of El Paso, Texas. (McDonald list; FUFOR Index) 1 hr 39 mins

Feb. 13, 1957; Lincoln AFB, Nebraska (BBU)
2:30 a.m. USAF Director of Operations and 3 tower controllers at 2 radar sites, the GCA and NCOIC, tracked several targets flying behind an airliner at a distance of 5-6 miles traveling 2x as fast. No IFF response. Objects could hover and move at high speed, one split into 2 objects, another did 180° turn. Blips the size of a B­47. (Hynek UFO Exp chg. 7, case RV-7) 3-5 mins [25 min]?

Feb. 13, 1957; Tierra Amarilla AFS, New Mexico (BBU)
4:40 a.m. MST. Two objects the size of a pea with red, yellow, and green blinking lights were observed at high altitude. Two objects were picked up on AN/FPS-3 radar at 310 degrees, at 25NM, at 24,300 and 26,500 feet altitude One of the UFOB remained stationary and the second orbited the first. One of the objects escorted an interceptor plane for 25 NM on interceptor recovery prior to breaking off. The total length of observation was 2 hours.  

Feb. 13, 1957; Marrero, Louisiana (BBU)
8:00 p.m. CST. Several civilians reported seeing flying objects over Marrero. The objects appeared to be at high altitude. Moisant Airport radar detected nebulous targets in the area. At 9:40 p.m., observers reported that three flying objects were in a V-formation changing to a straight line, then disappearing upon the appearance of two aircraft in the area. At first the objects appeared to be hovering. then moved, gradually accelerating. The observers believed that the objects were not aircraft. (McDonald list; FUFOR Index) 1 hr 40 mins

Feb. 13, 1957; Burbank, California
Police received many calls about oval-shaped objects over city. Officer Robert Wells, who went to investigate, confirmed sighting. [NICAP UFOE, XII]

Feb. 14, 1957; Stead AFB, Nevada
1::05 a.m. PST. Control Tower operators observed to the northeast, an object, oval in shape and the size of a nickel held at arm's length. The object had a brilliant blue light with flashing red light and was at an elevation approximately 20 degrees at 45 degrees azimuth. The witnesses described the object as two saucers placed face to face. The total length of the observation was two hours. Just before the object disappeared, the UFOB remained stationary for about 8 minutes then rose very rapidly to the right of azimuth 45 degrees true, apparently away from this station since the brilliance of the object dimmed and the size diminished. Detachment Commander, Airman Dedrick, states he was informed by Reno Filter Center that Mater(?) Radar and another radar site, identity unknown, made radar contact with the UFOB. (Dan Wilson, BB files)

Maj. Byrne and Mr. Sanderson, held in 4E Conference Room 1410 -1500. Subject:  UFO Societies and self-styled. "UFO Experts". Example; Mr. Stringfield, UFO Director, constant barrage of criticism, nuisance to UFO unit, etc.

Feb. 27, 1957; Castle AFB, Calif. (BBU)
9:45 p.m. PST. Nine "S" shaped objects giving a sharp return the size of B-52 on a CPN-18 radar scope. The targets came by singly, except for two, one closely following the other. All the targets were observed between 285 degrees and 290 degrees on a heading of 105 degrees across the radar scope to the center of the scope where they were lost in the ground clutter. The objects were traveling at approximately 6,000 mph for 24 seconds on a straight course. The targets were observed on three CPN-18 radar scopes. (McDonald list; FUFOR Index) 24 secs

March 6, 1957; Great Meadows-Hope, New Jersey (BBU)
2 p.m. Martins attention drawn by barking dogs looking up at white derby-hat-shaped object 50+ ft wide hovering low over a field about 450 ft away with a gentle rocking motion and streamers underneath like tinsel. Object suddenly took off almost vertically to the NE without sound disappearing into cloud bank. (Hynek UFO Rpt pp. 151-4; FUFOR Index) 1 min +

March 8, 1957; Between Mockville and Arrity, North Carolina (BB)
12:00 a.m. EST. A civilian observed an object 30 to 35 feet long with a round nose that was 10 to 12 feet in diameter. It was gray-white in color and the nose was a very bright green light. The object was at an altitude estimated at 500 to 2000 feet and traveled from the NW, circled then  moved to the NE. The length of the observation was 2 minutes. (Blue Book, Dan Wilson)

March 8, 1957; Nr. Houston, Texas
9:45 p.m. CST. UFO paced plane, moved up and down at high speed. [NICAP UFOE, V]

March 8, 1957; Baudette, Minnesota
The sighting had been made on the ground by a pilot with 2,000 flying hours. The object he saw was circular, from fifteen to eighteen feet in diameter. Moving upwind, its odd glow shone on the snow-covered ground. It was so low that it seemed to suck the loose snow up under it as it passed. (Rullan)

March 9, 1957; Nr. San Juan, Puerto Rico
Pan American Airways pilot took evasive action as fiery round, greenish-white object passed plane. [NICAP UFOE, V] Pan Am 215-A incident. .

March 9, 1957; 15 nautical miles SSE of Columbia, South Carolina
1:40 a.m. EST. Captain Robert T. Belmont, pilot, and Major William H. Landis, co-pilot, were flying east in a C-47 from England AFB, La. to Shaw AFB, S.C., when a yellowish-green fiery ball with a brilliant tail with a length of approximately 15 to 20 times the diameter of the ball appeared off the right wing. The apparent size of the object was a basketball held at arm's length. The object appeared to to pass within 200 yards of the C-47. The object disappeared to the NE like a light bulb being turned off. The length of the observation was about 15-20 seconds. Two Air Force witnesses in an automobile at Shaw AFB apparently saw this same object at around 1:40 p.m. (BB files, Dan Wilson)

March 9, 1957; 350 miles NE of Jacksonville, Florida (BB)
At 4:33 a.m. AST, Captain Matthew Van Winkle piloting a Pan American World Airways DC-6A airliner at a point
approximately 350 miles NE of Jacksonville, Florida, observed a "burning greenish white round object" to the right of the aircraft that appeared to be on a collision course. Van Winkle then pulled the plane upward in a climb to avoid the object. This sudden maneuver caused some of the passengers to be thrown out of their seats resulting in some injuries. Co-pilot Dion W. Taylor and flight engineer John Washuta had observed the object also. The object according to the flight engineer, was a high intensity light to the right of the aircraft which appeared to stand still for approximately four seconds until it was lost to sight during the evasive action. (BB files, Dan Wilson)

March 9, 1957; Atlantic Ocean off the Carolinas (BB)
12:45 a.m. EST. Airline Flight 215-A was in the vicinity of Delta Oscar (a positional marker off the Carolinas) when they observed a greenish colored object smaller than the full moon streaking north or NNW. The object was due west of the aircraft. It moved in a horizontal trajectory and had a red tail-like projection which suddenly dropped off and fell like a flare. The main part of the object continued in a straight line. Several of the passengers also saw the object The object was observed for about 3 seconds. (Dan Wilson)

March 9, 1957; Baudette, Minnesota
Early evening. The sighting had been made on the ground by a pilot with 2,000 flying hours. The object he saw was circular, from fifteen to eighteen feet in diameter. Moving upwind, its odd glow shone on the snow-covered ground. It was so low that it seemed to suck the loose snow up under it as it passed. (Flying Saucers: Top Secret by Donald Keyhoe, p. 56, © 1960)

/March 11, 1957; Glynco Naval Air Station, Georgia (BB)
8:00 p.m. EST. Two white round lights the apparent size of nickel held at arm's length were observed 25 degrees above horizon. First sighting SE of Glynco NAS and the second sighting at 35 degrees (NE) from Glynco NAS. The sightings were ground visual and air visual from Navy aircraft 98151. Both lights faded outwith out movement. Two Navy aircraft, Navy 98151 and Navy 834, attempted to investigate with negative results. (Dan Wilson, BB files)

March 22, 1957; Long Beach-Los Angeles, CA (BBU)
11:55 p.m. Two objects then one were picked up on radar at Los Angeles International Airport. The targets were rectangular and the size of a conventional target. The speed of the objects was approximately 3600 mph. The objects were detected 10 miles to the northwest. The objects were on a 320 degree heading and then stopped at approx. 40 miles range. The objects then came back towards the station to approx. 10 miles and then stopped. The objects then proceeded on a 320 degree heading beyond the range of the radar. Two F-89 jet fighters were dispatched to the area from Oxnard. At twelve minutes past the beginning of the sighting, at 12:07 a.m., the radar station lost its high voltage and went off. (Wilson, Ridge, Waskiewicz, Shough, Sparks; this case downgraded)

March 22, 1957; Point Mugu, Calif. (BBU)
12:10 p.m. PST. A circular object with 16 equal sides, the size of silver dollar and whitish in color, was observed. Object appeared on film. Observer was watching missiles and there were many aircraft in area. The film belongs to the Navy and unavailable at present because it contains classified information. Film was taken in conjunction with missile test. Witness: Raymond Wilson, CWO. (Berliner, BB files)

March 23 [22?], 1957; Oxnard AFB, Calif. (BBU)
11:15 p.m. (PST). Beaudoin and several independent witnesses saw maneuvering lights. (Hynek UFO Rpt pp. 53-54; FUFOR Index) 5 hrs 45 mins ? Objects observed, confirmed by police, tracked by radar, jets scrambled. See full report and 60 BB docs. (Dan Wilson)

March 23, 1957; Pasadena, California (BB)
11:26 p.m. PST. A round, red colored object the size of a grapefruit held at arm's length was sighted by GOC personnel on duty. The object was at an estimated 4,000 to 5,000 feet altitude and was heading west until it disappeared. Many other people saw the object and called the police and the Pasadena Filter Center. Among the GOC witnesses was AF T/Sgt Dewey Crow. The object was viewed through binoculars. Time in sight by GOC personnel was 14 minutes. (BB docs)

March 23, 1957; Long Beach, California
Four UFOs tracked on CAA radar, widespread visual sightings. [UFOE, VIII]

March 27, 1957; Roswell, New Mexico (BBU)
8:35 p.m. USAF pilot Lt. Sontheimer flying C-45 transport saw to the left 3 bright white circular objects in tight formation on collision course. He immediately flashed his taxi lights, one object shot straight up above him the other 2 continued on passing in front. When he flashed his taxi lights (again?) the objects instantly blinked out and disappeared. (Weinstein; NARCAP; FUFOR Index) 6 secs

March 28, 1957; Reseda, California
At 2235 hours, a cigar-shaped, golden in color, glowing object was observed at approximately 60 degrees above the horizon to the west of Reseda, California. The object had an elliptical glow surrounding the cigar-shaped core which was approximately five time brighter than the outer light. The object was observed for approximately 3 to 5 minutes.

March 28,1957; Ciudad Bolivar, South America
Four young people between the ages of 13 and 16 had been hospitalized as a result of shock and undiagnosed illness after seeing a fiery object dive into the Orinoco River. When the object touched the water, it caused great "luminosity," and all of the young people fainted at the sight. Hospital and medical authorities were concerned about the young people who had stayed abed for several days. They were found in the unconscious condition by the mother of one of the girls. (Rullan, The APRO Bulletin, May, 1957, p. 7. Roderick Dyke of Archives for UFO Research [AUFOR], 13371 Manzanita Road NE, Bainbridge Island, Washington 98110, USA. Member: Society of American Archivists [SSA])

March 29, 1957; Off East Coast, Florida
Pan American Airways pilot observed brilliant pulsating light, confirmed by radar. [UFOE, V]

March ?, 1957; New York, NY
11:30-12:00 PM. Two airmen watched 2  maneuvering lights changing altitude from 1,000 to 2000 feet. After watching them for several minutes at a distance of about a half a mile away thye called Base Operations and reported the objects and their approximate position and altitude.  The Operations Officer called GCA and found they were picking up up the targets on radar and two F-100's were sent up to investigate. The jets dove on the lights fro 4,000 feet and shortly after the UFO's  took off in a level flight. When the F-100's began to gain speed the UFO's dove straight down within about 200 ft of the ground and continued to climb and dive too quickly for the jets to follow them, then climbed out of sight in about 10 or 15 seconds. (Fran Ridge, Rich Vitello)

April, 1957; ARGENTINA, near Pajas Blancas Airport, Cordoba
A lone motor-cyclist was riding 15 kilometers from the airport when his engine died. He saw a disc-shaped object hovering hearby and hid in a ditch. A humanoid emerged from the disc and coaxed him inside, where he saw 5 or 6 similar figures. The humanoids were dressed in what appeared to be divers' suits. After a short while they released the witness, and the object left towards the NW. (Rodeghier, The Humanoids, Bowen)

April ??,1957; Kolobrzeg (Latitude 54.15 N, Longitude 15.53 E)
Coastguards and civilians saw the sea suddenly become agitated. Then the waves in a particular stretch of water swelled and out shot a triangular object of 4-5 metres in size. It rose swiftly, encircling the locality, then finally rushed upwards disappearing into space. Army units were rushed to the spot and made an exhaustive search of the brushwood on the seashore. The next day a team of divers did the same in the water. (UFOs and Anti-Gravity: Piece for a Jig-Saw by Leonard G. Cramp, p. 129, © 1966)

April 4, 1957; Wigtownshire, Scotland
Three radar posts tracked a UFO which flashed across the sky at 60,000 feet, dove to 14,000 feet, circled and sped away. [UFOE, VIII]

April 10, 1957; Ogden, Utah (BB)
8:30 p.m. MST. One round white object with a red halo was observed moving east to west, stopped, proceeded west, made an abrupt 90 degree turn and proceeded south. According to the teletype message the object had the apparent size of a baseball held at arm's length. The object was seen visually for 10 to 15 minutes and at the same time an object was tracked by CPN-13 ground radar for 23 minutes. (Dan Wilson, BB files)

April 14, 1957; 1/2 mile E of Vins sur Caramy, France ( (BBU)
3 p.m. Mrs. Marie Garcin and Mrs. Julia Rami walking NE on Road D24 heard a loud deafening noise and saw about 300 ft ahead of them a 5 ft tall 3 ft wide metallic top­-shaped object covered with vibrating sharp spines landing near a road sign which started to vibrate loudly, then the object hopped over the road at a height of about 15-30 ft, the women cried out and another witness Mr. Jules Boglio about 1,000 ft away looked and with the women saw the object land (a 2nd time) in the next road, then jump over another road sign which then vibrated with loud noise. 2 other witnesses reportedly saw the object at a much greater distance. (Hynek UFO Exp ch. 9, case CEII­ 16; Mark Cashman) 1-2 mins

April 15, 1957; Eglin AFB, Florida (BB)
12:00 p.m. CST. While watching a B-47 aircraft on landing approach, Smith and Rhodes, Philco Technical Representatives at Eglin AFB, observed an egg shaped object that was stationary and then began to accelerate at first slowly and then with a greatly increased rate. When the object moved out of sight it appeared to be going at least Mach 2 or 3. The length of observation was 15 seconds. The Project Blue Book conclusion for this sighting was a Mirage. (Dan Wilson, BB files)

April 19, 1957; Maiquetia, Venezula
Airliner en route to Maiquetia sighted UFO; strange radio signals received at Maiquetia airport at same time. (NICAP, 1960)

April 19, 1957; Pacific Ocean
11:52 A.M., two metal disks were seen entering the Pacific Ocean at 31°15' N. and 143°30’ E. A violent turbulence followed their immersion. The crewmen searched for wreckage but found nothing. The witnesses were 5 Japanese fishermen on board the Kitsukawara1 Maru. The point in question is among the deepest in the Pacific Ocean [more than ten thousand meters deep]. (Rullan; Anatomy of a Phenomenon by Jacques Vallee, p.136, © 1965)

April 21 (Easter), 1957; near Ellwood City, Pennsylvania
A two-foot diameter, red, blinking disc was observed for 10 minutes by police officers from a car. The object rose and fell in the sky and executed other gyrations. Their communications radio did not function during the sighting. (Rodeghier, APRO Bulletin, September 1964)

Letter signed by Donald Keyhoe confirms Admiral Delmer Fahrney had to resign from position of NICAP's Chairman of the Board because of his wife's illness and heavy business pressures. Fahrney: "I will continue on (as an)  interested member of the organization."

April 25, 1957; Ringgold, Louisiana (BBU)
2:30 a.m. A bright-red or scarlet colored crescent-shaped object, as large as a 4-5 room house was observed during a "torrential rain", descending from an approximate 45-degree elevation into a grove of trees. Possible tornado?  Documents say weather or aircraft activity ruled out. 1-witness, military (Robertson) .  25 mins. (Original source said "case missing". NARA, FUFOR, Index)

April 29, 1957; English Channel
Mysterious objects sighted over the English Channel allegedly turned out to be two of a large number of British Hunter jet fighters on a training exercise, the Air Secretary George Ward said. The objects aroused wide speculation at the time and Royal Air Force Javelin fighters went up to chase them. But they outstripped the Javelins. Questioned in the House of Commons today, Ward said that the Hunters' movements, as observed by radar, were somewhat unusual and aroused the suspicions of the Radar Defense. (Docs)

April 29, 1957;Ferndale, Michigan (BB)
At 9:50 p.m. CST, Mr. Walaoski, observed four deep red diamond shaped objects, twice the size of the largest star, flying in a diamond formation to the northwest. The objects were seen for a few minutes. A check was made with the CAA and no aircraft were airborne at this time. 30/0250Z

April 29, 1957; Worcester, Massachusetts (BB)
10:05 p.m. A single rust colored object the size of a half dollar held at arm's length was observed moving south to north directly overhead. The second sighting was of seven unidentified silver-red objects traveling in a straight line. Then at 2250 hours twelve objects traveling in a "V" formation was observed for about 4 seconds. These objects were apparently higher than the other objects. (Dan Wilson, BB files)

April 29, 1957; Virginia, MN
10:15 p.m.  Robert Lerdahl and Alex Ellison saw about 36 UFOs which passed overhead in groups of 6 and 8 during a forty minute period. The UFOs, giving off a greenish light, traveled from east to west at a steady speed, taking about 8 seconds to go from horizon to horizon. Through 16X50 binoculars, the objects appeared to be flattened or disc-like and they moved in crescent formation. (UFO INVESTIGATOR / JULY - AUG 1960, page 7)

April or May, 1957; Moriah Center, New York
"Television started to have all sorts of trouble"; witness called out-doors in time to see red disc pass overhead.

May 2, 1957; Edwards AFB, Cal.
6:55-7:20 a.m. (PDT).  James D. Bittick and John R. Gettys, Jr., civilian phototheodolite operators, were driving by truck to Askania Site #4 when they sighted an object above them about 500 yards away.  They radioed a report to their supervisor Frank Baker who told them to set up the camera and try to film the object, which they did after about 10 mins.  They photographed what they described as a golden luminous domed-saucer shaped object with holes or ports around the dome about 100 ft in diameter about 1 mile in the distance to the N headed E (photos show multiple? objects).  Available phototheodolite frames 614, 620 and 651 (609 too blurred, cutoff) show azimuth 10°28' elevation 2°24' shifting E to azimuth 40°30' elevation 1°0'.  Disappeared at about 5 miles.  Possible jet fighter interception.  [Possible weather balloon with slow leak, explanation denied by Edwards AFB Colonel Klein (sp?) analyzing actual tracking of balloon and wind direction.]  (Tom Tulien;  Jan Aldrich;  McDonald 1968 pp. 75, 85;  Loren Gross Mar-May 1957 pp. 67-68;  IUR Oct 2005) 25 mins 2 witnesses 8 Full Moons? photo-theodolite 
May 4, 1957; Near Calif. coast ( (BBU)
2:25 a.m. (PDT)  USAF copilot of radar patrol aircraft with 552nd AEW&C Wing saw a yellowish-red light at 10,000 ft pass in front of aircraft. (Weinstein; FUFOR Index) 30 secs

May 5, 1957; 170 miles SW of Santa Rosa Island, Calif. (BB)
3:00 a.m. PST. Two round orange colored objects the apparent size of a basketball held at arm's length were observed by 2nd Lt. Leland M. Martin flying in an RC-121D aircraft. The RC-121 was at 9,000 feet on a heading of 80 degrees at 190 mph. One of the objects passed over the aircraft going E to W at 10,000 feet and the other passed under the aircraft at 8,000 feet going W to E. The length of the observation was 30 seconds. (BB files, Dan Wilson)

May 12, 1957; Moab, Utah
Round, blue-green UFO sped past below observer's altitude. [UFOE, IV]

May 20, 1957; East Anglia, UK
Night. This is a case reported by a former jet pilot in the United States Air Force, Milton John Torres, of Miami, Florida. On this date, the 25-year-old Torres was ordered on a mission to intercept and shoot down a large UFO that had been picked up by radar in the skies over East Anglia, United Kingdom. Torres, flying a North American F-86D Sabre jet approached the object and prepared to fire upon it. As he locked on his weapons, the UFO suddenly zoomed away at a high rate of speed. The details of this case were first made public in a release of UFO-related case files by the British government in October 2008. (UK files)

May 23, 1957; Kansas City, Kansas (BB)
8:15 a.m. CST. Five observers saw four round to disc-shaped objects 1/2 the size of the moon that appeared from the northeast, circled in two pairs then flew rapidly off to the northwest. The length of observation was given as a few minutes. (Dan Wilson, BB files)

May 26, 1957; Loring AFB, Maine (BB)
2:00 p.m. EST Five USAF men observed in the sky a large rectangular object and 6 or 7 smaller objects that were falling slowly in a fluttering manner. The large object followed in a stablized descent. The witnesses include: Major Lloyd F. Meyer, 70th BS, 42nd BW, Aircraft Commander; 1st Lt. Julian R. Vainwright, 42nd ARS, 42nd BW, Copilot; Captain William H. Roberts, 70th BS, 42nd BW, Aircraft Commander; Captain Glen A. Rodd, 75th BS, 42nd BW. The Intelligence officer said the sighting seems authentic as all five witnesses are A-1. The objects were observed for 6 to 8 mins. (Dan Wilson, BB files)

May 29, 1957; Houma, Louisiana (BBU)
3:03 p.m. CST. A normal looking radar return was picked up on the AN/MPS-7 radar scope. The track was averaging 2250 knots and occasionally 3530(?) knots at an estimated altitude of 100,000 feet. The description of the flight path was, east southeast, and then southeast, and then east, and then northeast. The length of observation was 14 minutes before fading from the radar.(McDonald list) 14 mins

May 30, 1957; Detroit, Mich. (BBU)
At 10:01 a.m. EST, one object appeared as a well-defined blip about the size of two jet aircraft on an AN/TPS-1D radar. This was observed by the radar operator and the radar Sgt. On initial pickup the object was at approximately 70 nautical miles. The estimated speed of the object was 1200 knots. When last observed the object was on a 185 degree course and faded at 80 nautical miles. The length of the observation was 30 seconds. (McDonald list) 30 secs

May 31, 1957; S. of Rochester, Kent, UK
7:17 hours GMT. A British airliner was flying over Kent and the pilot was in command of a scheduled airline service from Croydon airport to Holland. As they got to a position 2 nautical miles south of Rochester the First Officer and the pilot became aware of a brilliant object bearing 110° (T) from north and elevated about 10° above the haze level. They were flying at 5,000 feet above sea level, heading 080° magnetic 074° (T). The UFO was about two-thirds the size of a sixpence in the windscreen at first and then appeared to come towards them. When it was about the size of a sixpence the object became oval in shape and turned away. Then it became as before and reduced in size to about half the size of a sixpence. Then to their astonishment the UFO disappeared completely as they watched it. They did not see the UFO depart, but became aware that they were looking at an empty sky.  “We were unable to contact London Radar due to a complete radio failure in the aircraft, nor were we able to report to London Airways, nor to London Flight Information. Radio failure, especially complete radio failure, is rare these days, and in our case was due to our circuit breakers not keeping 'in'. On this occasion we were not using all our equipment, so there was no cause for overloading. However, our radio equipment became fully service-able  after the UFO had gone, and all circuit breakers stayed “in”. (Source: Pilot’s account in Timothy Good’s “ Beyond Top Secret, 1997; Flying Saucer Review Vol.4 No. 3; NARCAP case 19)

June ??, 1957; Baltic coast and the Mazurian Lakes District of Poland.
Among the best documented accounts of underwater UFOs were three sightings. In early June of 1957, there were strong rumors from Soviet-occupied Poland of mysterious sightings at Koszalin, a coastal town. Two strange objects were allegedly seen emerging from the depths offshore. They climbed into the sky at high speed and vanished. (Rullan; Official UFO Magazine, May 1977, Vol. 2, No. 3, “Mysteries of the Deep” by Lucius Farish and Dale Titler, p. 41.)

Summer ??,1957; Bacuranao, Cuba.
4:00 a.m. Two sport fishermen, Raul and Luis, observed "a huge and brilliant UFO, color white-pink," come to the surface of the sea creating white surf waves. The UFO illuminated the clouds, flying over the witnesses’ yacht and creating an "artificial rain" with the dripped drops of salt water. (Rullan; E-mail dated 11-08-2004 of case file from researcher Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo of the Miami UFO Center)

Summer ??, 1957; Catalina Island, California
7:00 (8:00?) p.m. Witnesses were watching the radar scope for surrounding ship traffic. Hard contact blip showed up on their screen. The surface radar gave the bearing and range of the blip contact, the range being about 20 miles from the ship After a minute or two, another blip appeared (popped up) alongside the first one, not very far away from it. The CIC officers were observing the scopes and taking pictures. Then the two blips were joined by three more contacts making 5 total in V formation. Blips were at 5000 feet and hovering in one spot. After about 10 or 15 minutes, the five contacts began to disappear, one at a time. (Rullan)

Summer of 1957; Camden, Maine
A young boy and his mother are having a picnic when their lives will be forever changed. This story takes place off the shores of this town. While enjoying the view of the sky and water of the Penobscot Bay area, which leads out to the Gulf of Maine, the witnesses become aware of a pinpoint in the sky that is growing and descending rapidly. Thinking at first that it is a plane, the reality of what it is becomes rapidly vivid. The craft is a silver, disc-shaped object and has what appears as a metallic dome. However, the shocking part is that it crashes into the bay at a rapid speed approximated at about 100 mph with very little disturbance of the water. In the witness’s own words: “It entered the water at a steep angle making no sound and barely a ripple or splash.” The distance to the craft from the shore is given as several hundred yards. From a nautical chart of Penobscot Bay, the water depth in the area of the sighting is 60 feet or less. Yet the craft is estimated to be about 100 feet in diameter. The witness has stated that he expects that wreckage might be in the location of the assumed crash, however, I have cases where UFOs have entered shallower water and yet nothing was found. (Case investigation files of Carl Feindt dated 11-29-2007 and added to MUFON’s CMS [Computer Management System])

June 3, 1957; Shreveport to Converse, Louisiana (BBU)
8:30 [9:35?] -9:30? p.m. (CST). Shortly after takeoff from Shreveport Airport, heading for Lake Charles, La., and climbing, Capt. Lynn Kern and FO Abbey Zimmerman flying Trans-Texas Airlines Flight 103 were told by the control tower that a small light was visible nearby. They saw the star-like blue-green pulsating [?] object hovering (approaching?) at their 10 [2?] o'clock position at about 400 ft then climbing rapidly to 1,000 ft paralleling the airliner then at 110 knots speed (130 mph later 165 mph) but at higher altitude and 1/2 mile away. Kern flashed landing lights and object responded with a beam [?] of light. 2nd blue-green pulsating object joined the first on the opposite side of the airliner (then at 9,000 ft), air crew confirmed from tower that it had both objects on radar and visually through binoculars, objects headed S at 170° climbing to about 10,000 ft and followed airliner to Converse, La., (about 45 miles S of Shreveport) where pilot queried ADC radar site, England AFS, Alexandria, La., which confirmed the 2 targets in the airliner's vicinity at 9,700 ft. Objects disappeared from sight in a cloud deck to the SW. (Hynek UFO Exp ch. 7, case RV-6; NARCAP) 1 hr ?

June 7, 1957; New Jersey and Atlantic Coast
Cat. 9, ground radar.

June 12, 1957; Milan, Italy (BBU 4760)
7:30 p.m. G. U. Donadio, translator for export-import firm, saw an object "big as a hen's egg" [at arm's length?] fly very fast, zigzag, hover and revolve, then shoot up. (Berliner) 17 mins

June 14, 1957; McChord AFB, Washington (BBU)
1:14 p.m. PST. One normal radar target was picked up at a 25 miles range at 355(0?) degrees and descending straight down at 2,000 FPM. One T-33 aircraft was diverted from McChord AFB, no sighting was made. The length of observation was 33 minutes. (McDonald list; FUFOR Index)

June 15, 1957; Lancashire, England
Saturn-like UFO with "portholes" observed through telescope in bright daylight. [UFOE, XII]

June 18, 1957; Jackson, Mississippi
Physics professor sighted UFO with "a halo of light around it and what appeared to be three portholes." [UFOE, VI]

June 18, 1957; Pacific Ocean, 150 miles off San Francisco
Captain and crew of freighter Hawaiian Fisherman saw three brightly lighted objects "like small moons." [UFOE, II]

June 19, 1957; Clinton, Tennessee (BB)
Two women, one named Wiggins, saw a teardrop shaped object that seemed to give a blue and orange jet like light, it flickered. The object was estimated to be 4 to 5 feet long. It flew towards the observers and seemed to hover above them, rose straight up then moved off at an angle and flew off towards Knoxville. No sound was heard. The object was seen for approximately 4 minutes.  (Dan Wilson, BB docs)

June 23, 1957 Carmichael, California (BB)
11:30 p.m. PST. Six persons saw a bright yellowish-white light about 10 degrees off the horizon at a bearing of 220 degrees. The object remained in this position for approximately 10 minutes. During this time the object was viewed through binoculars. The object began to move upwards fairly quickly to a height of an estimated 20,000 feet, or about 45 degrees off the horizon. The object then appeared to lose altitude and then moved towards the observers and was seen to pass overhead at an estimated altitude of 3,000 to 5,000 feet. The object was triangular in shape and had a weird sound like a high frequency hum or vibration when overhead. One of the witnesses was a USAF 1st Lt. Navigator and Briefing Officer, 965th AEW&C Squadron, McClellan AFB, Calif.
(BB docs, Dan Wilson)

June 25, 1957; Baltimore, Maryland
Car radio stopped playing and street lights went out as formation of seven white discs with red rims passed overhead." (Rodeghier, The UFO Evidence, NICAP)

June 26, 1957; Edwards AFB, California (BB)
12:00 p.m. local time. While watching a test drop of a "stores" container by a B-52 two Air Policemen observed a solid looking red or orange colored rectangular shaped object in the sky. The object first appeared to the west and after first movement it appeared to stand still and pulsate. The object began to move again and large oscillations were reported. The reported oscillation covered a fairly wide portion of the sky and the observers reported extremely horizontal movement of the object. The apparent size of the object was reported to be a pea or a dime held at arm's length and the actual size was estimated to be as large as a fighter aircraft (100 ft. major dimension). The UFOB report completed at Edwards AFB in accordance with AFR 200-2 stated the probable cause of sighting is unknown. The observers were T/Sgt. Charles B. Fisher, 6510th Air Police Squadron, and T/Sgt Jackson. The estimation of the length of the observation varied from 1 1/2 to 5 minutes. (Dan Wilson, BB files)

June 26, 1957; McKeesport, Pennsylvania (BB)
6:55 p.m. EST. Mrs Pollard while sitting on her porch saw a large round object in the sky and then two more objects in back of it. The objects had the apparent size of an orange or grapefruit held at arm's length and  were white silverish in color and slightly oval then elongated when disappearing. The objects were in a triangular formation 35 to 40 degrees above the horizon. They moved in a floating motion from west to east on a straight flight path. The length of the observation was 3 to 5 minutes. Later at about 8:20 p.m. the Greater Pittsburgh Control Tower had a report of unidentified flying objects. Two aircraft, Vanguard Target and Vanguard 11, were vectored to the scene. (Dan Wilson)

June 30, 1957; Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Disc-like object paced, maneuvered around airliner. [UFOE, X]

July 1957; Azusa, California
"Disc with amber lights around edge made wobbling vertical descent. [UFOE, XII]

July 1, 1957; Avon, Mass.
Cigar-shaped UFO with green lights like windows. [UFOE, XII]

July 4, 1957; Nr. Campos, Brazil
Time not given. A circular, lighted object paced a R.E.A.L. Airlines plane from Campos, Rio State, Brazil, almost to Vlctoria, the Capital of the Espirlto Santo State. This is approximately 230 miles northeast of Rio de Janeiro. Reported by the plane's pilot, Captain Delgado, the object was also watched by his co-pilot radio operator, stewardess, and ten of his passengers. The UFO followed the airliner for several minutes, sometimes speeding up to fly in front of the plane. The object was circular "with up and down parts" according to Captaln Delgado's report in the newspaper "Folha da Manha" published in Sao Paulo. Whether this referred to a turret is not clear. One unique aspect of the sighting was that when the plane and the object went through clouds, "little windows were lighted emitting a very strong light, which was put out immediately when the object came out from the clouds." (UFOE, X)

July 9, 1957; Hamilton, Ont., Canada
Attorney saw speeding, white elliptical UFO. [UFOE, X]

July 11, 1957; Wellsboro, Pennsylvania (BB)
8:00 a.m. EST. One white round object at an elevation of 45 degrees in the west was observed by Frank Britt after being alerted by another party. Binoculars were used in viewing the object. The object stayed in the same position for 45 minutes until if faded from view to the west after a total time of observation of 1 hour and 15 minutes. On the PROJECT 10073 RECORD CARD comments were; Winds from West. Balloon would drift to E or SE. Object remained at same altitude for 45 minutes. Indicating fixed position. (Dan Wilson, BB files)

July 13, 1957; Bedford, Ohio
10:10 p.m. local. A GOC watcher observed two brilliant objects as they whizzed through the night sky. The objects returned five minutes later, viewed by binoculars and photographed. Apparently, disc-shaped and quite large. The two split into four and flew away in different directions. The source (which we do not have) is SAGA UFO Report, June 1977, page 33; GSW listed as an unknown, though dated as 21 August 1958. Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos)

July 16, 1957; Las Vegas, Nevada/N. Arizona (BBU)
1:56-1:58 p.m. (MST). USAF ADC radar station 865th ACWRON, Las Vegas AFS, Angel Peak, Nevada, Senior Director 1st Lt. Clifford E. Pocock, scope operator A/2c Walter Lyons, and control technician A/1c Armand Therrien, using the FPS-3A L-band search radar tracked an inbound target at average speed of about 6,200 mph for 48 secs [?] when it "stopped abruptly" and "remained stationary" for 12 secs to the ENE at 75° azimuth 85 miles range, N of Grand Canyon, then target headed outbound at about 7,000 mph on 85° heading over the last 72 secs before disappearing at the radar's maximum range at 81° azimuth 224 miles range (near Marble Canyon, Ariz.). Target responded to encrypted military IFF transponder signals and transmitted encrypted responses. Similar occurrence 2 days earlier noted by night crew but none others in years. (Jan Aldrich)

July 17, 1957; Mississippi, through Louisiana and Texas and into Oaklahoma (BBU)
4:30-6:40 a.m. (CDT). Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) RB-47 jet on training mission repeatedly encountered maneuvering radar-transmitting UFO which correlated with visual of brilliant white-red light tracked at 10 nautical miles from RB-47 by Dallas/Duncanville AFS 647th ACWRON air defense FPS-10 radar (32°38.8' N, 96°54.3' W), with same motions outpacing jet, simultaneous blink outs on Duncanville radar, ELINT monitors, visually and on airborne navigation radar. (Sparks in The UFO Encyclopedia, 2nd ed. 1998, vol. 2) 2 hrs 10 mins

July 17, 1957; ENGLAND
Midday. Three people on their way to a clinic saw a dark shadow hanging over the road ahead. Their car began to slow down and stop and start intermittently. Stopping the car, they saw an oval gray object 100 to 150 feet over the road. The object was hovering, but then began to rotate and make a slight swishing or humming noise. It then flipped over and revealed itself to be disc-shaped. It slowly rose up into the sky. (Rodeghier, FSR, November 1976)
July 18, 1957; Mt. Lemmon, Ariz. (BBU)
10:46-11:20 p.m. (MST). USAF ADC radar station 684th ACWRON, Mt. Lemmon AFS, Senior Director Capt. Claiborne F. Bickham and crew using both MPS-7 L-band search and MPS-14 S-band height-finder radars tracked a stationary target at 42,000 ft to the NW at 308° azimuth 82 miles range (S of Chandler, Ariz.). Target responded to encrypted military IFF Mode 3 transponder signals, transmitted encrypted responses resulting in "normal Mode 3 paint" on radar scopes, and "a very slight strobe came from object appearing like ECM jamming." (Jan Aldrich) 34 mins

July 24, 1957; Nemuro Strait, Japan (BBU)
10 a.m. 2 USAF pilots flying F-86 jet fighters scrambled to intercept disc-shaped object, tracked by ground radar and seen by ground witnesses. (Weinstein; BB files??)

July 24, 1957; bt. Las Cruces, New Mexico, and El Paso, Texas (BB)
A woman first spotted a large and very fast object, moving high in the sky and on a straight path. She pointed it out to her husband and the rest of their family. They watched it for about thirty seconds until it disappeared. Compared to most cases, this was not much. But the husband thought that it was an unknown, and he was Nathan Wagner, the chief of Missile Flight Safety of White Sands Proving Grounds (and, today, a member of the WSPG Hall of Fame). Wagner, who knew about many safety-related airliner incidents and, apparently, many UFO incidents as well, stated to the newspapers that he felt that these unknowns could have something to do with the near-miss airline incidents recently reported.47 (UFOs & Government, 249; Blue Book microfilm Roll 28; UFO Investigator 1 (2); Aug-Sept 1957(quoting the El Paso Times).

July 25, 1957; Niagara Falls, New York (BBU)
12:25 a.m. (EST). USAF pilot 1st Lt. Robert S. Hipkins and alert center operator S/Sgt Raymond C. Henry, both 47th Fighter Interceptor Sq on the ground, saw a circular brilliant white object with smaller 6 pale green lights on its perimeter move slowly at constant altitude at 8 mins first then make fast pivoting turns, maneuvering radically SE to NE (from azimuth 150° elevation 45° to azimuth 75° elevation 65°), disappearing in a rapid steep climb. Radar tracked for 3 mins by CPS­6 ground ADC site. Dan Wilson, (McDonald list; Jan Aldrich)

July 27 or 29, 1957; Longmont, Colo. (BBU 4841)
Early morning. J. L. Siverly saw a thick disc, ice blue, with a top like honeycomb (interconnected hexagons), hover and rock below the hill tops. Middle band was scalloped, bottom had four kidney-shaped forms. (Berliner) 10 mins

July 29, 1957; Oldsmar, Florida (BBU 4848)
11:45 p.m. EST. Civilian by the name of  Henkins was driving and  observed a pale yellow ball of fire through the treess at an estimated altitude of 300 to 500 feet in the NE. The object hit the water near west Oldsmar to the NE of observer's position. exploding into multicolored lights. It had been traveling at a gradual slant similar to the gliding of an aircraft. The length of the observation was one minute. (Berliner)

July 29, 1957; Cleveland, Ohio (BBU4847)
11:31 p.m. EST (0431Z). Capital Airline pilots of Flight 841 observed a large round yellowish-white object at approximately 20,000 feet altitude. The object came from the north and passed in front of the aircraft. It appeared brilliant, then went to dim and back to brilliant. The object hovered over Cleveland and then moved northwest. During this incident the airliner chased the object but it sped ahead of them and over the horizon. The object was extremely fast and was in sight for 8 minutes. Both pilots sure object was not a star. (Dan Wilson, BB files).

July 30, 1957; Galt, Ontario, Canada
Walking along the edge of a field, a young man and his dog encountered a domed object and saw it land in a gully. The witness was frightened and his dog was described as snarling and barking.  [The reaction of the dog sounds defensively fearful—jw]   The object was reported to make a humming sound like a ball being swung on an elastic band.

July 31, 1957; Calistoga, California
Businessman watched two erratically maneuvering brilliant white objects. [VII]

August 1, 1957; Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Large glowing object hovered 20 minutes, sped away. [UFOE, VII]

Aug. 3, 1957; About 175 SW of San Francisco, California (BBU)
7:45-8:24 a.m. (PDT). USAF 965th Aircraft Early Warning & Control Sq (552nd AEW&C Wing), pilot 1st Lt. Robert J. Springer, Jr., Tech. Sgt. Herman L. Giles, and 16 other air crewmen, while on routine Airborne Operations Center radar early warning patrol over the Pacific aboard RC-121D aircraft (s/n 53-3400) detected a target on IFF Mode 2 transponder only. At 7:56 the IFF target became a direct radar "skinpaint," at 8:02 the IFF equipment APX-6/APX-7 was turned off but target was still tracked on airborne radar. At 8:15 target was at 2 o'clock position 10 miles range when aircraft started a right turn to reverse course putting target at dead ahead and target "suddenly" took off to the NW at "very high" speed, disappearing at 58 miles range (within 1-2 mins? at 1,800-3,600 mph?). Regained radar contact at 8:18 at 1 o'clock position 22 miles range moving right to left, crossed in front of aircraft again, closing distance to 8 miles at 11 o'clock position at 8:20 when target turned to head on parallel path. Lost contact at 8:24 at 7 o'clock position behind the plane at 15 miles, IFF remaining off, no visuals. (Jan Aldrich) 37-39 mins 

Aug. 7, 1957; Ohio-Central Indiana (BB)
1:51 a.m. (radar)  Starting at around midnight strange objects with colored lights were sighted by troopers, local police and local citizens over Alexandria, Yorktown, Portland, Pendleton, Greenwood, Elwood, Tipton, and Kokomo, all in Indiana. The sightings lasted until nearly 2 a.m. It was at 1:51 a.m., Portland reported object still sighted northeast and that District 5 (Piqua area?) in Ohio picked up an object on radar at between 6,000 and 8,000 feet but was unable to identify. Bunker Hill AFB was alerted of the sightings by State Police and the 319th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron made a sweep of the local area with their radar installation but there were no contacts. (Reference: Logansport Pharos-Tribune, August 7, 1957, page 1) The speed of the objects was given as from a stand still to high speed.The Project Blue Book report for Bunker Hill AFB for August 7, 1957 is listed on the Master Index as (CASE MISSING). There is a Project 10073 Record Card. (Dan Wilson)

August 14, 1957; Nr. Joinville, Brazil
Varig Airlines pilot observed domed disc, which affected aircraft engines, cabin lights dimmed. [UFOE, X]

August 15, 1957; Woodland Hills, California
Retired Navy pilot watched disc wobble, climb away. [UFOE, IV]

Aug. 20, 1957; Fujisawa City, Japan
11:28 a.m. According to the report, the photo was taken by Shinichi Takeda near Enoshima Miami Beach. The object was also seen by his sister, who called his attention to it. UFO is silvery in color, giving off a brilliant glow at an estimated altitude of 3000-4000 feet, traveling N to S. The object made a 90 degree left turn, sped up, and disappeared in clouds. A few minutes later, 15 people on the beach reported a similar object which passed over at high speed. No camera available. Picture shows capsule-shaped image near bank of cumulus clouds. [UFOE, VIII]

Aug. 22, 1957; Cecil NAS, Florida (BBU)
3:40 p.m. Sheetz and another civilian in a car chased a 50 ft black, bell shaped object bearing two bright, white lights at the top until the engine stalled when object hovered 10 ft away. Underside resembled a disk with fins. When a jet took off from the airfield, the object went out of sight almost instantly. Car battery was found completely dead. Noise from the object compared to helicopter though no helicopter in the area. (Rodeghier, Vallée Magonia 399; FUFOR Index)

Aug. 22-23, 1957; Cambria AFS, Calif (BBU)
7:35 p.m. local time. Two or three round, red and orange objects the size of a pea at arm's length were observed in a stack formation one above the other to the southwest at 15 degrees elevation. The objects were observed through binoculars.  FPS-6 radar HRI was detecting objects in the same direction. Two F2H Navy fighter aircraft out of Moffet Field were sent to the area and made visual contact. When the fighters got within 50 miles of the objects both fighter's IFF disappeared from PPI of FPS-3 radar. The fighter aircraft IFF did not reappear until the fighters were approximately 70 miles from the objects. Total length of observation was approx. 1 hour and 30 minutes. (Dan Wilson, Brad Sparks, McDonald List, FUFOR Index)

Aug. 24,1957; Ninigo Islands, South Pacific
Night (?) According to the South Pacific Post, a newspaper published at Port Moresby, Papua, New Guinea, a strange object was sighted from a government trawler. A patrol officer and four Europeans watched the UFO hover near their ship for 20 minutes. The Acting Director of Native Affairs, Mr. J. K. McCarthy, stated that the patrol officer, Mr. E. S. Esdale, was on the government trawler Eros when he and the others saw the object. Mr. Esdale reported that he was in the Ahu passage, in the Ninigo Group, when a strange light appeared in the west. "It assumed the appearance of a large yellow star. It hovered in one place for 20 minutes, but changed from yellow to red, then to green and finally to crimson. "It remained still for 20 minutes, then moved violently in a small area. It eventually turned from crimson to green and appeared to enter the sea." (Rullan;Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 4, No. 4, p. 7 July/August 1958)

Aug. 27, 1957; Dry Tortugas, Florida (BBU)
4:45 p.m. (EDT?). Crew of military aircraft saw an object with bright red to reddish-yellow pulsating light. The speed of the object was approximately 950 knots at an estimated altitude of 20,000 feet. The object was also picked up on an aircraft APG-51A radar as large blip at 20 miles range. An intercept was attempted and was discontinued because of the speed of the object. Pilot visually followed the object as it faded from sight. (Dan Wilson, Brad sparks, Project 1947)

Aug. 27, 1957; Eglin AFB, Florida (BB)
9:35 p.m. EST. At least six airmen including control tower operators observed a round object with a white light over Eglin AFB for approximately 5 minutes. At one point the object was seen at an estimated 700 feet altitude going straight up and then back down. The object appeared to circle the hanger at an estimated 2000 feet and at this time a red and white light were seen. (Dan Wilson, BB files)

Aug. 29, 1957; Paso Robles, Calif. (BBU)
2:43 p.m. PST. (2243 Zulu). GOC spotters Taylor and Bunting saw silver circular object flying N to W, in sight for four minutes. Second sighting was at 9:21 p.m. PST (1721 Zulu). One silver spherical object the size of a baseball at arm's length was seen in a (slowly) spinning motion moving NW and in sight for 30 seconds. Air Force considered the witnesses unreliable due to age, but Capt. Barlow of the 4771st GOC Squadron Det. No. 2 believes their report to be fairly reliable.   (Hynek UFO Rpt p. 44; FUFOR Index, Dan Wilson) 4 mins

Aug. 30, 1957; Chesapeake Bay, nr. Norfolk, Virginia
Night. A Capital Airlines pilot with 17 years & 3,000,000 miles logged was flying a Viscount at 12,000' approaching Norfolk, Va., with a Northeast Airlines DC-6 "directly above" on the same heading at 20,000. The Viscount pilot saw a "brilliant" object which "flew fast and then abruptly halted 20 mi. in front of us at 60,000 ft. altitude." The Northeast pilot tried to acquire the object on radar: with the antenna at 0 degrees elevation nothing was detected, but with the antenna elevated to 15 degrees he acquired "an excellent blip right where I told him to look for the object." According to the Viscount pilot, the object "dissolved right in front of my eyes, and the crew above lost it from the scope at the same time. They said it just faded away." The entire incident lasted "several minutes". (NARCAP Report item # 14)

Early Sept 1957.; Ubatuba, Brazil
One of the most controversial of all physical -evidence cases. The witness described an event in which a "flying disk" exploded over the beach at Ubatuba. Some of the metal, which had "rained down" from the exploding disk, was collected, and three small pieces were provided. As you can tell, there have been numerous evaluations, all posted in the links below. Paul Hill discussed the results of his analysis. Laboratory analysis of the samples found the magnesium to be not only of exceptional purity, and anomalous in its trace composition of other elements, but 6.7% denser than ordinary pure magnesium, a figure well beyond the experimental error of the measurement. Hill's calculation shows that this observation can be accounted for by assuming that the sample contained only the pure isotope Mg-26, rather than the naturally-occurring distribution among isotopes Mg-24, Mg-25, and Mg-26. Since the only isotope separation on a significant scale in terrestrial manufacture is that of uranium, such a result must be considered at least anomalous, and possibly as evidence for extraterrestrial manufacture (Fran Ridge)

Sept. 1, 1957; Le Mars, Iowa
A married couple saw a brief flash of light in the sky. Their car's headlights and engine failed for a few seconds coincident with the sighting, (Rodeghier, FSR, Vol. 4, No. 3)

Sept. 1,1957; Porthcawl, Glamorgan, Wales
Midnight. Two policemen patrolling the seafront saw a blood-red object with a jagged black streak across its centre rise out of the water on the horizon. Chief-Inspector Reginald Jones, of "D" Division, Glamorgan Police, told Flying Saucer Review that the two policemen thought at first that they were seeing a ship on fire on the horizon towards Ilfracombe. But then it rose out of the water like a blood-red sun, a good deal larger than a full-sized harvest moon. While the two police officers watched, two more streaks appeared above and below. It remained at sea level, then suddenly took off at a fantastic speed towards the Atlantic. Chief-Inspector Jones said the report had gone to top level. An Air Ministry spokesman said that one possible explanation of the phenomenon was that it was "a planet playing tricks." "Venus does at certain times of the year play all kinds of tricks--often due to climatic conditions.'' Flying Saucer Review has since ascertained that Venus went below the horizon one hour after sunset on that evening. Sunset was at 7.48 p.m. (Summer time). So it could not possibly have been visible at around midnight! (Rullan; Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 3, No. 6, p. 9, November/December 1957, “UFOs Ahoy!” by Janet Gregory).

Sept. 4, 1957; Portugal
Evening. Portugeuse Air Force jets encounter UFO for forty minutes.  Ground station detected E-M disturbance. (Clear Intent, pg. 147; Ferreira, Captain Jose Lemos, FSR, Vol. 4, No.3, 1958, pp.2-3)

ADC received 41 reports of UFOS on one night, September 5-6, 1957.
Yet there are only 3 cases listed in PBB Master Index for September 5. Where are the 41 reports?

Sept. 12, 1957; Tulsa, Oaklahoma (BBU)
5:00 p.m. CST. The witness, an electronics technician, was conducting a ground check of the APS-64, which is a component of the MA-7 bombing system of a B-47 jet bomber, when he noticed a radar return at approximately 60 miles range traveling at an estimated 24,000 mph from north to south. The length of the observation was 9 seconds.(McDonald list; FUFOR Index)

Sept. 17, 1957; Ft. Devens, Mass.
Army report on eight round, orange UFOs which flew over base, one oscillating up and down. [UFOE, IV]

Sept. 19, 1957; Point Pleasant, New Jersey (BBU)
6:40 p.m. A lady had taken her dog for a walk and was looking into the sky checking the weather. She saw an object moving north to south, descending straight down onto a nearby lot. She described the object as white, noiseless, and boomerang-shaped and looked to be larger than a house. When it landed she heard a voice tell her very clearly not to say anything of this. She called her husband and asked him if he had said anything, and he said no. She said she watched the object while her husband checked on it. The object then rose straight up above the trees to about 1500-2000' then took off at high speed. and disappeared. Report says object was observed about 25 minutes. Her husband searched the lot and found the grass flattened and tracks that looked like from a child's wagon.  (Vallée Magonia 403; FUFOR Index)
Sept. 20, 1957; Montauk, New York - Benton, Penna, (BBU)
4 p.m. High speed 2,300 mph radar target on E-W path at 50,000 ft altitude tracked by multiple radars, including 1-min track by FPS-3 at Montauk Point and 9 mins by CPS-6B at Benton, from E Long Island to Buffalo, New York (with alleged 11 min gap in between??), triggering a White House alert, high level CIA, USAF Intelligence, IAC Watch Committee meetings. Speed varied from 1,500 to 4,500 mph. (FOIA; Sparks, FBI/CIA docs - Ridge) 20+ mins ? The incident resulted in an immediate alert by both SAC and ADC. F-102's were scrambled from Kinross AFB, Michigan, and Truax  AFB, Wisconsin. (Dan Wilson) "Jamming" was reported by several radars in this vicinity and westward as far as Chicago. (CUFON, Ridge files, site)

Sept. 20, 1957; Kadena AFB, Okinawa (BBU 4959)
8 p.m. S/Sgt. H. T. O'Connor and S/Sgt. H. D. Bridgeman saw an object, shaped like a coke bottle without the neck, translucent and fluorescent, make four 5-10 second passes from N to S, with 4-5 mins between passes. (Berliner) 4 x 5-10 secs ?

Sept. 26, 1957; Paris, France
Confidential report, from U.S. Embassy officer and wife, of bright elliptical UFO. [UFOE, X]

NARA-PBB1-173 (Unredacted) October 1-14 Sightings Listings
NARA-PBB1- 174 (Unredacted) October 15-25 Sightings Listing
NARA-PBB1- 175 (Unredacted) October 26-31 Sightings Listing
USAF Strategic Air Command began Ground Alert Operations on October 1, 1957, whereby it would maintain approximately one-third of its aircraft on ground alert, with weapons loaded and crews standing by for immediate take-off. 

Oct., 1957; BRAZIL, Quebracoco
Night. A naval officer's truck stalled as a huge oval UFO descended to the ground nearby. He and his companion believed it to be 500 feet wide, with an "aerial" projecting from its dome. Seven humanoids emerged from the object after it landed and watched the witnesses for about three minutes. They were quite small in stature and had long hair. They then entered the object, which took off, releasing a small disc in the process. (Rodeghier, The Humanoids, Bowen)

Oct. 1, 1957; Shippingport, Pennsylvania
7:00 p.m. From the direction of the nearby town of Ohioville something strange approached at an altitude of 2,000 feet.  The two men spotted it and were astonished.  The thing was a big luminous torpedo they estimated was 200 feet long.  The top half was green-colored and the bottom half was reddish-orange. It was the  witness' opinion the mystery ship made a U-turn over the nuclear facility.  This suggestion was taken seriously by the Air Force and the FBI."  (The Beaver County Times, Beaver, Pennsylvania, 8 November 1957.)

Oct. 4, 1957
Soviet Union launches the world's first satellite, Sputnik 1, at 2:28:34 p.m. (EST).

Oct. 7, 1957; Cape Canaveral, Fla.
White oval object seen near Cape for second consecutive night. [UFOE, XII]

Oct. 8, 1957; Bua Province, Fiji Islands
Natives in small boat saw UFO descend vertically, hover about 20 feet above sea.

Oct. 8, 1957; Nr. Boston, Mass.
Pan American Airways pilot saw a brilliant object flying at high speed in daylight. [UFOE, V]

Oct. 8, 1957; Seattle, Wash. (BBU 5003)
9:17 a.m. PST. M/Sgt. Walter W. Housley and Sgt. First Class Merrel E. Lee, observed two flat circular objects the apparent size of a dime held at arm's length appearing in the NW and banking away to the SW. The objects remained in line astern at all times while flying along an irregular path, frequently banking. The length of observation was 25-30 seconds. The two witnesses were from the 313th AAA MSL BN (NIKE).(Berliner)

3:00 p.m. Two middle-aged couples saw an object that came down from the sky near the island of Nawaca [sic-Nawaka], eight miles away from Nabouwalu, southwest of Viti Levu. The witnesses were in a punt1 with an outboard motor, and when they saw the object, they first thought it was an airplane in trouble and decided to go near it. As the Fijian[s] came closer, they found it hovering about 20 feet above the sea and it appeared to be revolving. The witnesses said they picked out what looked like a figure of a man standing on the outside of the object. This figure shone a very bright light on their boat which was so powerful that they were dazzled and "felt weak." When the boat was about five chains from the rotating object, the figure disappeared and the object then rose in a rapid vertical movement and was soon out of sight. The newspaper is said to have emphasized that all four agreed on the details, that they lived in a fairly isolated area "without access to comic books or other literature on flying saucers." The witnesses[’] statement was obtained by R. O. Aveling, an official of a local Adventist Church, who, in the night of the sighting by the four Fijians, had seen a light, apparently at an altitude of 5.000 feet, between the islands Beqa and Viti Levu. This light was at first stationary, then started sliding slowly through the sky for about five minutes, then vanished entirely, although there were no clouds. (Rullan; MUFON UFO Journal, #234, October 1987, p. 18)

Oct. 9, 1957; - South Weymouth Naval Air Station, MA
7:24 p.m.  Tower operator sighted a constant, conical, greenish-blue object with a phosphorescent glow. Observed it with binoculars.  In sight approximately 1 ½ minutes.  No navigation lights seen through binoculars.  Traveling faster than a jet plane on a track from NE to SSW. Came out of the NNE horizon and toward the end of its path made three “crazy” gyrations (like oscillations) then vanished, possibly behind cloud cover.  Object had no tail like a comet or meteor.  Called in to Satellite Tracking Program, Cambridge, MA, as a possible sighting of Sputnik I.  It was not. (Project 1947; International UFO Reporter, January-February, 1993)

Oct. 12, 1957; near Martha's Vineyard, MA
3:20 p.m.  Three members of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Ronald A. Veeder, Capt. Scott Bray, and Capt. Eugene Mysona, with these three men were two fliers from Charleston, South Carolina, one a Air Force jet pilot. All five men where aboard Veeder's boat, the Sports Fisherman. At 3:20 p.m., a strange round object bearing southeast approached the boat at high speed. As seen by Veeder and the others, through binoculars, the UFO appeared to be a sphere with sensing elements or spikes protruding from it. The tips of the "spikes" were red. The object hovered for about two minutes then took off to the southwest at a speed greater than any object the witnesses had ever seen. The sighting was reported to Otis AFB, Mass. (UFO Investigator / JULY - AUG 1960, page 6) [Project Blue Book evaluated this sighting as a balloon. Note: Listed in Oct Sightings Listing above. On October 22, 1957
OSI sent information on this report to the Commander AF Cambridge Research Center, L.G. Hanscom Field, Bedford, Mass].

Oct. 14, 1957; North Island NAS, San Diego, CA (BBU)
7:00 pm PST. Three Navy enlisted men in tower, LT ALR pilot, LTJG GCT, co-pilot; WES,WPC crewmen Grumman S2F Tracker attached to VS-21 saw a bright light bearing 210 degs T. about 300 feet over Point Loma for 2 minutes then faded.  Was viewed through binoculars by tower. Light reappeared further North and lower.  S2F pilot awaiting take off on runway heard tower making radio calls to unidentified aircraft and saw the light.  After take off he headed toward Pt. Loma as they drew abreast of the object off the right wing, it rapidly accelerated.  S2F Tracker gave chase heading 230 degs. Radar indicated object 12 miles ahead. It drifted right 10 degs.  After 3 minutes at 10 miles distance, 40 miles from Point Loma, lost visually and on radar.  It reappeared visually only until 50 miles out, then faded out.  All crew saw it. [Detailed report] Project Blue Book Case # : Balloon, Arcturus, anomalous propagation James McDonald: unidentified.Meteorological Factors in Unidentified Radar Returns by Dr. James McDonald [See case 2])

Oct. 15, 1957; Covington, (Fountain County) Indiana
While working his fields, Robert Moudy, a Fountain County farmer, encountered a silver platter-shaped object that hovered 1500 ft. above him with a pink flame belching from the bottom. He described the object as being 12 ft. in diameter and gave off a glow like a "bright light". The object hung over him for several minutes then it sounded a loud "whirling, screaming noise" and rose swiftly into the sky, its color changing "from pink to a light blue". The farmer said his combine engine died when the object rose at about a 20 degree angle and did not start again until object disappeared high in the sky. The farmer noticed two other automobiles on a nearby road at the time also were stalled. (Source: Rodeghier, UFOE, VIII; Rushville Republican (Rushville, Indiana) 5 Nov 1957, Page 1)

Oct. 16, 1957; BRAZIL, Sao Francisco de Sales
1:00 a.m. Antonio Villas Boas was plowing his field at night when he saw a red light in the sky that approached him. His tractor motor and lights failed as it hovered nearby. The object landed and five humanoids forced Boas onto the object. The humanoids were approximately five feet tall. The witness was forced to have sexual relations with a female humanoid, given a tour of the interior of the object, and then released. The UFO then rose slowly, rotating at high speed, and shot off to the south in seconds. (Rodeghier, The Humanoids, Bowen)

Oct, 16, 1957 Melbourne, Australia
During the evening, Air Marshall Sir George Jones and his wife, were getting out of a car, when they saw a bright light in the sky, approaching from the south, over Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne. It passed over their heads and departed to the north. It was a clear night with a light breeze. The object was reported as looking like a transparent balloon, with a white light on the bottom. It appeared to be travelling at supersonic speed, at about 500 feet altitude. It was soundless. The duration of the sighting was about 10 seconds. Air Marshall Jones ruled out conventional explanations. (Sources:  (1.) Daily Telegraph. Sydney. 4 Jan 1958.( 2.) APRO Bulletin. Mar 1958. p.2. (3.) Audio interview between Jones and J E McDonald recorded 28 Jun 1967 in Melbourne, UFOE, X)

Oct. 19, 1957; Mildenhall, England, UK (BBU)
5:40 p.m., local. A/2C Pringle and A/2C Warsewich on duty in the control tower at Mildenhall RAF Station, observed a circular disc-shaped object, yellow to orange in color to the SW of the station. The object appeared as large as a dime held at arm's length. The object when first sighted was approx. 5 degrees above the horizon and appeared to be stationary. At 5:55 p.m., the weather observer working in the tower was notified. The wx observer said he could not identify the object , but it definitely was not a star or other celestial body. At 6:03 P.M., Lakenheath RAPCON was advised of the UFO. The UFO was obscured from the tower's vision at Mildenhall at 6:09 p.m. by clouds. At 7:28 p.m., Lakenheath RAPCON advised Mildenhall tower they could see an object to the SW of Mildenhall. At 7:30 p.m., Lakenheath advised Mildenhall they had 3 targets on their radar. Two of the targets were NW of Mildenhall at approx. 11 miles. The two targets were also stationary. The 3rd target was north and moving slowly towards the station. Also the targets NW were visible from Lakenheath. Mildenhall GCA was notified and also picked up the targets which coordinated with Lakenheath. At 8:40 p.m., Sculthorpe WX station picked up the unidentified targets on their radar. The positions coincided with those of Lakenheath Control and Mildenhall GCA had reported.   The UFO report's preparing officer, 1st Lt. David A. Zillmer, wrote in his report on this incident. After investigating possible confusion with some known object the sighting was considered to definitely involve an unidentified object. (Dan Wilson, Brad Sparks, McDonald list)

Oct. 21, 1957; RAF Gaydon, Warwickshire, England (BBU)
9:18 p.m. RAF pilot flying Meteor fighter had near collision with object near atomic base, showing six lights when fighter approached, object disappeared suddenly, ground radar tracking confirmed sighting. (Project 1947; FUFOR Index; Mary Castner/CUFOS)

Oct. 22, 1957; Wiesbaden, West Germany (BBU)
2:00 p.m. local time. A target was picked up on an AN/TPS-1D radar at 286.5 degrees azimuth at 160 miles range. The blip was 2 to 3 times larger than any blip seen on radar set. The shape of the target was that of a normal aircraft target as seen on a PPI scope. The speed of the target was estimated at 6240 nmph. The target closed to a range of about 45-50 nm, reversed direction and went outbound on same azimuth without turning around or changing speed until disappearing at a range of 160 nm (at the rim of the PPI scope).  After a few seconds the "blip" reappeared and followed path as mentioned above. This happened again for a third time and then the blip disappeared from view. The total length of the observation was 5-6 minutes. (McDonald list; FUFOR Index) [Classic case of interference. Not a UFO]

Oct. 22, 1957; Pittsburgh, Pa.
Family saw six UFOs in two separate groups, changing position in formation. [UFOE, II]

Oct. 23, 1957; Kent,  England
Disc traveling on edge. [UFOE, XII]

Oct. 23, 1957; Lake Wales and Bartow AFB, Florida (BB)
3:15 p.m. (approx) A large oblong object with a tail projecting north horizontally was observed high in the sky by five pilots in a Piper Apache aircraft The object was described as too shiny to be a weather balloon. The object stayed stationary over Haines City for more that two hours as the plane flew approximately 10 mile circles around it. All the witnesses were licensed pilots who have been flying for many years and have seen many such weather balloons, and therefore, discounted the weather balloon theory on the basis of their experience. A B-47 aircraft with the call sign Venice 37 also observed the object as well as others on the ground in central Polk County. The object was estimated to be at 66,500 to 76,500 feet in altitude. Winds were reported to be 22 mph at 50,000 feet. The object was kept in sight until 5:42 p.m. when at that time the object appeared to be ascending rapidly and the next circling of the aircraft the object had completely disappeared. (Dan Wilson, BB files)

Oct. 30, 1957; 10 miles north of Casper, Wyoming
A man and woman out driving suddenly saw a large, egg-shaped, glowing object on the road ahead. It was the size of a house and had two pointed peaks. They tried to turn around but their car motor stalled. After repeated attempts, they were able to turn the car around but the motor continued to stall out. They eventually left at high speed and did not observe the disappearance of the object. (Rodeghier, Saucer News, December 1963)

Oct. 31, 1957; Lumberton, North Carolina
Evening. Two couples spotted a 200-foot-long UFO high in the sky. It rose straight up, shot off some type of flame, and then quickly moved away. As it flamed, the witnesses' car stalled. It could be restarted easily after the sighting. (Rodeghier, Charlotte, N.C. Observer, November 4, 1957) 

In the first week in November 1957, the predicted UFO wave exploded onto the scene. As sightings occurred worldwide, the greatest number of sightings seemed to concentrate in the United States, Brazil, and Japan. In terms of numbers the UFO wave of 1957 produced more UFO sightings than any other UFO wave. At this unique period of time the CIA established "The Director of Central Intelligence Committee on Overhead Reconnaissance". Years later this committee evolved into the very spooky National Reconnaissance Office. The NRO's focus was  planet Earth.

Nov. 1, 1957; Huntington, West Virginia (BB)
5:30 p.m. local. A woman heard a "crash" followed by a beeping sound outside of her house. She then went outside and observed a metallic-looking object on the roof that appeared as two hemispheres joined off center. The object was about the size of an automobile. The bottom half of the object seemed to vibrate or revolve. After a few seconds the object started to ascend straight up and was out of sight in about one minute. (Dan Wilson, BB files)

November 1957 "Flap"

Nov. 2, 1957
Soviet Union launches the second earth satellite, Sputnik 2, at 9:30:42 p.m. (EST), this time with a dog on board.

Nov. 2, 1957; 3 miles W of Canadian, Texas (BBU)
3:30 a.m. Driver and other military/civilian witnesses saw a submarine-shaped object, red and white, 2-3x car length (40-60 ft) and about 10 ft high, at ground level. A figure was seen near the object. When the car stopped nearby, a flash of light from the object coincided with the sudden failure of the headlights. (Rodeghier, Vallée Magonia 418; FUFOR Index)

Nov. 2, 1957; Between Sherman & McKinney, Texas
5:30 p.m. Mrs. James Adolf and two others reported a "strange light" alternately dimming and brightening. (NICAP list)

Nov. 2, 1957; Clovis, New Mexico
Dinnertime. Odis Echols and parents observed a "bulky object" described as a "streak of light like a fireball in the SE." (NICAP list)

Nov. 2, 1957; Midland, Texas
Early evening. An unnamed man and two kids reported a large bluish object, low, going west. (NICAP list, newspaper clipping)

Nov. 2, 1957; Petit, Texas
Evening. Two grain combines, each with two engines, were working in the fields. All the engines failed as a glowing UFO passed overhead. (Rodeghier, Schopick)

Nov. 2, 1957; between Seminole and Seagraves, Texas
8:30 p.m. A single witness saw a light on the highway ahead. His car motor and headlights failed as he drove closer. Within a few seconds, the light rose into the air and flew away. (Rodeghier, Schopick)

Nov. 2, 1957; 4 miles W of Levelland, Texas (BBU)
10:50 p.m. Pedro Saucedo and Jose Salaz driving W, 4 miles SW of Levelland on Rt. 116 near Petit. They saw a flash of light to the right of the road then a large 200 ft long 6 ft wide blue torpedo-shaped object, with yellow flame and white smoke emitted from the rear, rose up out of the field, headed straight toward their truck, passed directly overhead at about 200 ft with a loud thundering roar, a rush of wind and great heat, causing the truck engine to die and headlights to go out, then disappeared in the E towards Levelland, and the lights came back on spontaneously and the engine was able to be restarted. (Hynek UFO Exp ch. 9; Tony Rullán; Vallée Magonia 419) 2-3 mins

Nov. 2, 1957; 4 mi E. of Levelland
11:50 p.m. Jim Wheeler on Rt. 166 observed an object on the road, described as an egg, 200' long, which rose up in the air and the lights went out (on object ??). Lights went out (on vehicle) and motor stopped. (NICAP list)

Nov. 2, 1957;l Shallowater, Texas
11:55 p.m. Two married couples saw a flash of orange light in the southwestern sky. The headlights and radio of their car failed for three seconds as they saw the light. The motor of the car was not affected. There were no thunder-storms in the area. (Rodeghier, Blue Book)

Nov. 2, 1957; Whitharral, Texas
Midnight. Jose Alvarez came across a 200-foot-long object sitting in the road on Route 51. His car engine stopped as he approached and the headlights went out. At that point, the object rose quickly into the air. (Rodeghier, Schopick)

Nov. 2, 1957; Levelland, Texas
Midnight. Jim Wheeler, also driving on Route 116 about four miles west of Levelland, saw a brightly lit, egg-shaped object sitting in the middle of the road. It was about 200 feet long. The headlights and engine of his car failed as he approached it. As Wheeler got out of his car, the object rose to an altitude of 200 feet and disappeared. The car's headlights came back on at this point and he could restart the car. (Rodeghier, Schopick)

Nov. 2nd or 3rd, 1957; Levelland, texas
Among the witnesses during the evening was Sheriff Weir Clem, who was searching the roads as a result of earlier reports and saw a reddish oval cross the road, illuminating the pavement.

Nov. 2, 1957, 30 mi W. of Vancouver Isle, Pacific
Inbound to Seattle, Washington the Japanese freighter S.S. Meitetsu Maru sighted a fishing boat afire from bow to stern.. The crew of the freighter reported that an unidentified white light or object had been observed (see report at link)  near the burning boat from afar, but as the freighter approached, it moved a way rapidly and disappeared. (Invisible Horizons by Vincent Gaddis, p. 99, © 1965) Newsclipping

Nov. 3, 1957; near Levelland, Texas
Midnight. At a point 9 miles north of Levelland on Route 51, a single witness saw a UFO on the road. His motor stopped and headlights failed. The object was glowine and pulsating--as it glowed, the car headlights went out, and vice versa. After a short while, the object rose vertically with a sound like thunder. At an altitude of 200 to 300 feet it stopped glowing and disappeared. The headlights came back on and the witness started the car. (Rodeghier, Blue Book)  

Nov. 3, 1957; 9 miles E of Levelland, 1 mile W of Smyer, Texas (BBU)
12:05 a.m. Texas Tech college student Newell H. Wright was driving W when the ammeter on his car dashboard started fluctuating widely, car motor gradually went out then headlights and radio died. He got out to check and saw a white or aluminum-colored oval-shaped object flat on the bottom like a loaf of bread, with a greenish tint, about 75-125 ft long. After a few mins object suddenly rise up from the road ahead and ascend almost vertically at great speed, slightly to the N, disappearing in secs. Afterward car was able to be restarted. (Rodeghier, Hynek UFO Exp ch. 9; Tony Rullán; Vallée Magonia 419) 4 mins

Nov. 3, 1957; Levelland, Texas
Right before the 12:15 a.m. incident. Jose Alvares was 10 mi NE of Levelland near Witherral and saw an egg about 200' long circle a cotton field, disappeared when it stopped and its light went out. The car's lights went out and the engine quit. (NICAP list)

Nov. 3, 1957; 10 mi. NE of Levelland
12:15 a.m. ??. Frank Williams was near Witherral when he encountered an object described as an egg, sitting on the crossroads, on and off. The car's lights went out and the engine died. (NICAP list)

Nov. 3, 1957; Near Smyer, E. of Levelland, Texas
12:45 a.m. In one probably significant report Ronald Martin was on Rt. 116, about 5 mi W. of Levelland when he saw the glowing red UFO land ahead of his truck, then turn to bluish- green. The truck's electrical system failed. When the UFO took off, it turned reddish again.

Nov. 3, 1957; Fort of Itaipu, Brazil
In the early hours of the morning, two sentries at the heavily defended Brazilian fort of Itaipu near Santos noticed a bright orange light over the sea. To their amazement it became larger and larger and was obviously approaching the fort. The sentries' suprise turned to fear as the object loomed steadily larger in the darkness. It became obvious to them that this was no ordinary phenomenon. The object held its course until it was directly over the sentries, and was visible as a gigantic round body which flooded the ground and three guns with a mysterious red light. The sentries gazed up at the threatening monster with open mouths, its diameter was at least as large as the wingspan of a DC-3 and scarcely a hundred meters away. Suddenly there was a strange buzzing noise, and the men felt a wave of glowing heat. (Click on directory link above).

Nov. 3, 1957; Levelland, Texas
Around 1:00 a.m. Levelland Fire' Marshall Ray Jones, while out driving around and looking for some explanation of the many UFO reports, saw a "streak of light' north of the Oklahoma Flat. His headlights dimmed and engine sputtered as he saw the light. (Rodeghier, Schopick)

Nov. 3, 1957; Levelland, Texas
1:00 a.m. A truck driver on the Oklahoma Flat Road northeast of Levelland approached a glowing, egg-shaped object on the road. His engine and lights failed at about 200 feet away. The witness thought the object was 200 feet long and glowing intermittently "like a neon sign." As he got out of his truck, the object lifted off and streaked away. (Rodeghier, Blue Book)

Nov. 3, 1957; Levelland, Texas
1:15 a.m. James Long was 5 mi. NW of Levelland on a farm road. He reported an object that lit up, egg or oval-shaped about 200' long, 200' away, sitting in the road. He reported a "thunderclap". The car's lights and motor quit. (NICAP list)

Nov. 3, 1957; NW of Levelland, Texas
1:30 a.m. Wier Clem and Pat McCullough saw a flash of light 300-400 yards to the south of them. (NICAP list)

Nov. 3, 1957; NW of Levelland, Texas
1:30 a.m. Lee Hargrove and Floyd Cavin were a mile or so behind Clem and McCullough and reported the same thing. (NICAP list)

Nov. 3, 1957; 5 mi. E. of Leveland, texas
Time not given but Airman Fed Smith reported an object like an airplane on fire, but low and too slow. (NICAP list)

Nov. 3, 1957; White Sands, New Mexico (BBU)
3 a.m. [1 p.m. MST ?] Army patrol at Stallion Site in a jeep saw an orange, "apparently controlled," luminous object on the ground near the site of the first A­ bomb explosion [Trinity Site] first seen as a sun-like source 150 ft above ground, descending to ground level after 3 mins, landing a few miles away at the N end of the test grounds. (Vallée Magonia 420; FUFOR Index) 3 mins +

Nov. 3, 1957; CANADA, Sibald, Alberta
7:00 p.m. Three witnesses saw a light in the sky to the NW. When it passed overhead, the engine of their car coughed and the headlights flickered. (Rodeghier, Michel)

Nov. 3, 1957; Amarillo, TX
11:53 p.m. A Navy Test Pilot was flying over the city reporting to Amarillo Tower.  Kevin Harris and Sandy McKean, both Amarillo air controllers saw an object low on the horizon, then high going from dim to bright, moving swiftly, then slowly.  The pilot was flying on a bearing of 40 degs. when he saw the object 80 degs to his right.  He was describing actions as they occurred to the tower. (Source: Keyhoe, Gross 1957, "Flying Saucer Digest", ICARF, Milwaukee, WI, Vol 1 #2, December 1958, pages 5-6, Amarillo (TX) Daily News 4 November, 1957Amarillo (TX) Globe News 4 November, 1957

Nov. 4, 1957; Ararangua, Brazil
Airliner ADF (direction finder), right generator and transmitter-receiver burned out during UFO sighting. (NICAP Case 41, 1960) [Click on link for detailed report by Richard Haines]

Nov. 4, 1957; U.S., near Amarillo, Texas
After midnight. A young couple saw a glowing object on the road while returning to Amarillo. The object was surrounded by fog. The engine of their car died as they approached it and entered this fog. The battery also went dead. The car had to be pushed into Amarillo to have the battery replaced. [Shopick] (Rullan; UFO Reports Involving Vehicle Interference by Mark Rodeghier, p. 10, © 1981)

Nov. 4, 1957; Elmwood Park, Illinois
Early morning. Three suburban policemen reported seeing an aerial phenomenon similar to the one reported in West Texas and new Mexico. The officers of the Elmwood Park Police said that a bright cigar-shaped cylinder appeared in the early morning darkness.  Policeman Clifford Shaw said the headlights and spotlight on the squad car dimmed in the the presence of the object. Joseph Lukasek and Dan Diglovanni said that the squad chased the object which dipped and then rose again before speeding off, for a mile and a half. Elmwood Park fireman Bob Volz also reported seeing a red-dish-orange aerial object in the early morning that sent chills up his spine. (Dan Wilson, United Press)

Nov. 4, 1957; Elmwood Park, Illinois
3:00 a.m. Three men, including two policemen, saw an orange fluorescent light descending nearby after the headlights failed on their car. It was 50 to 100 meters distant, but suddenly the headlights worked, so they followed it. After an involved chase, they ended up near a cemetary where they watched this light for two more minutes before it departed. The headlights never malfunctioned during the chase. (Rodeghier, The Hynek UFO Report)

Nov. 4, 1957; Orogrande, New Mexico (BBU)
A 1:10 p. m. local time, near Orogrande, NM,, James Stokes' car began to malfunction. The radio faded out, then the engine stopped. There were nine other cars stalled at this spot also. The occupants of the cars were watching an egg-shaped object approach from the NE, pass low over the cars (within 1500 to 3000 feet), move to the NW, then come back within a few minutes and make another pass. Stokes estimated it to be 500 feet in length. He also reported heat and "pressure" when the UFO passed overhead. Later that day he noticed his skin was reddened as if surburned. The next day this had disappeared. (Rodeghier, Flying Saucers: The Startling Evidence of the Invasion from Outer Space, Coral Lorenzen)
Nov. 4, 1957; 3 miles SE of El Paso Airport, Texas (BBU)
7:30 p.m. Border Patrol inspector Burton saw egg­shaped object with bluish glow approaching from the SW at 30° elevation with whirring sound like artillery shell after car stalled and headlights dimmed and blacked out. Object passed over car at 100 ft height headed W, changing altitude at irregular intervals, rose vertically at Franklin Mtns. (Hynek UFO Rpt p. 181; FUFOR Index)

Nov. 4, 1957; Kodak, Alaska
Night. A 28-year-old policemen saw a flaming red ball of light approach from the east and pass only 50 feet over a school. it was trailing greenish-yellow vapor. it suddenly disappeared as it traveled towards the west. While it was in view and for some time afterwards, the radio on the police car experienced a "dit-dit" interference noise. (Rodeghier, Anchorage Daily News, November 5, 1957)

Nov. 4, 1957; Toronto, Canada
TV interference (audio); viewers called out by neighbors to see UFO. (NICAP report, item #43, 1960)

Nov. 4, 1957; Kirtland AFB, Albuquerque, New Mexico (BBU)
10:45 p.m. (MST). CAA air traffic controllers R. M. Kaser and E. G. Brink saw a highly maneuverable 15-20 ft egg-shaped object with a white light at its base circle over the W [E?] end of the base at 150-200 mph and come down in a steep 30° dive as if landing on Runway 26, to the N or NW of the tower at about 1500 ft. Radar tracked part of this maneuver. Object then crossed flight line, runways and taxiways heading towards the tower at about 50 mph and 20-30 ft above ground, observed through 7x binoculars till it reached about 3,000 ft to the ENE near the NE corner of the floodlit restricted nuclear Weapons Storage Area / Area D/Drumhead Area, and a B-58 bomber service site, where it hovered for 20 secs-1 min then headed E again, at about 200-300 ft height, then suddenly shot up at a steep climb at about 45,000 [4,500?] ft/min. Controllers contacted RAPCON which tracked object on CPN-18 radar traveling E then turning S, circling the Albuquerque Low Frequency Range Station then headed N [disappearing at 10 miles and reappearing 20 mins later to circle around ?] to follow 1/2 mile behind a USAF C-46 that had just taken off to the S for 14 miles until both went off scope. Hovering radar target then appeared to the N over outer marker for 1-1/2 mins before fading. (McDonald 1968, 1972; Hynek UFO Exp ch. 7, case RV-3) 25 mins

Nov. 5, 1957; About 200 [350?] miles S of Mobile and near Selma, Alabama (BBU)
5:16-5:23? a.m. US Coast Guard cutter Sebago heading NNE at 23° azimuth tracked radar target to the S at 188° azimuth range 22 miles traveling at 650 mph disappearing at 190° azimuth at 55 miles range. Visual object like a brilliant planet was seen at 5:21 for 5 secs traveling left to right from W to NW from 270° to 310° azimuth at about 31° elevation. A radar target seemingly stationary for 1 min at 5:20-21 to the N at 350° azimuth range 7 miles moved slowly towards the NE then accelerated rapidly off the scope at 15° azimuth (about NNE) at 175 miles. 3 USAF pilots at Selma saw a bright object flash from S to N, time uncertain. (UFOE, VIII; Hynek-CUFOS-Willy Smith files; cf. CR p. 165) 7 mins ?

Nov. 5, 1957; Playa del Rey, California
5:40 a.m. Richard Keyhoe, while driving to work along Vista del Mar at the beach, experienced engine failure, as did drivers of two other cars in the area. All drivers got out and saw an egg-shaped object in a blue haze on the beach. Two humanoids got out of it and asked the men questions such as "Where are you going?" and "What time is it?" The humanoids, who had yellow-green skin, then got back in the craft which quickly departed. The witnesses' cars could be restarted. (Rodeghier, Flying Saucer Occupants, Coral and Jim Lorenzen)

Nov. 5, 1957; Eglin AFB, Florida (BBU)
At  2:37 p.m., local time, an object was tracked by an AN/FPS-16 radar set at high altitude. Later another object was detected at 45,000 feet while the the first object was now at 39,000 feet. Flight paths were not on a straight line at any time. After 1 hour and 33 minutes the objects faded from radar at an altitude of 204,800 feet heading west. (Dan Wilson)

Nov. 5, 1957; Kearney, Nebraska
Afternoon. Reinhold Schmidt, a grain buyer from California, experienced engine failure of his car. He then found himself near a silvery, blimp-shaped object. It was 100 feet in length and 30 feet wide, standing on four legs. Two "men" from the object searched him for weapons and took him inside. There were two women already inside the craft. The occupants were working on wiring of some type and paid him very little attention. They eventually told him to leave the craft; he did so, after which it lifted silently into the sky. His car could then be restarted with no trouble. (Rodeghier, Flying Saucer Occupants, Jim and Coral Lorenzen)

Nov. 5, 1957; Long Beach Airport, Calif. (BBU)
3:50 p.m. PST. Major Lewis F. Baker, A/2C William J.Nieland, and A/2C Joseph C.V. Abramavage, were outside of the Weather Station watching a thunderstorm and observed 5 or 6 disc shaped objects moving about in a helter-skelter fashion on the west edge of the storm The objects appeared to be the size of a pea held at arm's length and a silvery metallic in color. There appeared to be no set flight path of the objects and the maneuvers were erratic and very fast. The objects were observed for approximately 90 seconds. Joseph C.V. Abramavage said that about 10 transient military personnel watched the objects before boarding a plane to Washington. Later at around 7:01 p.m. at Long Beach, Joe Zibello, a civilian, reported observing 5 or 6 very bright objects the size of a pea held at arm's length with a high degree of maneuverability. The objects made fast up and down movements similar to the shape of a "N." (UFOE; McDonald list; FUFOR Index)

Nov. 5, 1957; Scotia, Nebraska (BBU)
5:30 p.m. Two (??) civilian witnesses, one by the name of Winslow, reported that a noise was heard overhead which sounded like a helicopter, and with an odor similar to burning fuel. The object looked like a balloon and appeared to be descending. Observers stated they appeared to be paralyzed for a short period of time during the sighting. Object described as elongated, coming to ground level, without touching down, and then disappearing.  (Vallée Magonia 424; FUFOR Index, Dan Wilson)

Nov. 5, 1957; Los Alamitos Naval Air Station, CA
6:05-7:25 p.m. Lt. Richard Spencer (pilot), Louis D. Mitchell (tower operator), Charles Kreiger (Hospitalman), on sentry duty reported a star-like object bearing moving N to NW varying color and brightness. Details lacking. “You Asked For It” scheduled a segment on the sighting, but it was cancelled by Navy. (Keyhoe, Gross, 1957, Los Angeles Times, CA, 6 November, 1957; "UFO Investigator" Vol 1, #3, January, 1958, page 3, Long Beach, CA Independent 7 November 1957, page 1)

Nov. 5, 1957; Atlanta, Georgia (BB)
6:30 p.m. EST. A witness (Ethridge) was in the house when the lights inside and on the street went dim and the radio volume decreased and static increased. The witness then went outside and saw an object moving overhead. The object was egg shaped the size of a penny held at arm's length and glowed off and on and left a streak behind. A humming sound that varied in intensity was heard as the object moved generally to the west. The object was seen to hover at one point. The observation lasted 4 minutes. (Dan Wilson, BB files)

Nov. 5, 1957; El Paso, Texas
7:30 p.m. A single witness saw an egg-shaped object, which was glowing with a blue color, approach his car. This occurred after his engine and headlights had failed. The object gave off a whirring sound and passed overhead at a 100-foot altitude. It moved off into the distance in a straight line, but changed altitude erratically. (Rodeghier, The Hynek UFO Report)

Nov. 5, 1957; near Hobbs, New Mexico
11:00 p.m. Two young men saw a red light north of the highway at a point 38 miles west of Hobbs. They watched for 9 to 10 minutes, thinking it was an oil-flare, when the light suddenly rose straight up. After pacing the car for a few minutes, the light turned toward the car, passed over it, and hovered over the Permian Basin Pipe Line Plant. As it passed overhead, the car engine sputtered, then died, and the lights went out. After the men coasted the car down the road, the motor restarted and they drove away. The battery was found to be dead the following morning and the dashboard clock was stopped (Rodeghier, Schopick)

Nov. 5, 1957; Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia
Brilliant round orange object hovered, revolving; television blacked out.

Nov. 5, 1957; East St. Louis, Illinois
Three Alton & Southern Railroad employees saw two silvery, egg-shaped UFOs.(UFOE)

Nov. 5, 1957; Hedley, TX
Farmer saw UFO; neighbor reported TV off at same time. (NICAP report, item 47, 1960)

Nov. 5, 1957; Haverhill, Mass.
Ground Observer Corps reported a circular or spherical glowing object which appeared to vibrate up and down and from side to side while hovering. [UFOE, VII]

Nov. 5, 1957; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Apartment lights dead, electric clock stopped; bright light awakened couple. Milkman reported flaming disc.

Nov. 5, 1957; Ringwood, Illinois
UFO followed car returning to town. TV sets in town dimmed, finally lost both picture and sound during same time period. (NICAP report, item # 48, 1960)

Nov. 5, 1957; San Antonio (near), Texas (BB)
Night. Near Lackland Air Force Base, civil service employee Lon Yarborough was driving along U.S. 81 from Devine to San Antonio when he saw an extremely bright object settle down in a ravine about 200 yards from him. He. said he was a mile and a half from San Antonio at the time. The egg-shaped object was approximately 60 foot long and caused the lights and engine of his 1957 car to fail. He said his car was in perfect mechanical condition. The object, he said, rested a few minutes and finally took off in the direction of San Antonio. The sighting happened at night. (Dan Wilson, BB docs)

Nov. 5, 1957; Springfield, Ohio
Car and cab stalled as UFO observed. (NICAP report, item49, 1960)

Nov. 5 or 6, 1957; Sao Vicente, Brazil
Itaipu Fort electrical system failed, sentries felt heat as UFO approached and hovered. (NICAP report # 51, 1960)

Nov. 6, 1957; Whiteman AFB, Missouri (BBU)
Radarscope photos. (BB files, Dan Wilson, McDonald list)

Nov. 6, 1957; N of Seoul, South Korea (BBU)
Morning. A luminous bluish-white barrel­shaped object was seen close to the ground, reflected in a pool of water. It rose and vanished "like a light switched off." (Vallée Magonia 426)

Nov. 6, 1957; Santa Fe, New Mexico (BBU)
12:10 a.m. A taxicab company owner and one of his drivers saw a UFO approach them. They heard a humming sound as it came close. The object was egg-shaped and multi-colored. As it passed over their car, the engine stalled and the dashboard clock stopped. The UFO then pulled up and moved rapidly into the southeast. One witness later discovered that his wristwatch had also stopped at the time of sighting. (Michel)

Nov. 6, 1957; Santa Fe, New Mexico
12:15 am. Joe Martinez reportedthat that he and Albert Gallegos, while driving home saw an object in the sky with "red and green and yellow lights." He said it gave a "great glow all over."[Editor's note: The AF policy of ridicule has paid off in this instance. Neither man will elucidate any further regarding this sighting, although close friends have related the information that the object came down over the ear in which the men were riding. Both have said publicly that they aren't talking because they don't want to be called crazy.] (The A.P.R.O. Bulletin, Rob Swiatek)

Nov. 6, 1957; near Pell City, Alabama
4:30 a.m. While delivering milk seven miles east of Pell City, the driver noticed the sky was lit up in one direction. He decided to investigate and drove eight miles on a dirt road, at which point his vehicle stalled. He got out and walked another mile and saw a 600-foot-long object about 200 feet in the air. He reported that the ground was slightly scorched under it. Even though his truck had a new battery, he was forced to hitch a ride home because it could not be started. (Rodeghier, Michel)

Nov. 6, 1957; Springfield, Ohio
4:50 a.m. Two policemen reported seeing a "frosty" blue light over the south side of Springfield. It lasted only 10 seconds, but at the same time, Julius Roseman, who was driving to work, reported that his car engine had failed. Mr. Roseman also said that the motor of a taxi beside his car also failed. (Rodeghier, Schopick)

Nov. 6, 1957; 1/4 mile west of Robins AFB, Georgia (BB)
6:30 a.m. EST. A civilian housewife observed  a brilliant red round object the size of a medium size pumpkin (at arm's length?) with what appeared to be a glowing ring around the outer edge similar to a halo. The object appeared to be at high altitude traveling east to west at an excessive speed. The object appeared to stop over western boundary of the air base and bobble up and down. The object then traveled to the south for a short distance and then back to the position it had previously stopped at and then continued west.  (BB files, Dan Wilson)

Nov. 6, 1957; Lake County, Ohio (BBU)
6:30 a.m. Markell saw an unbearably bright round object, much larger than a plane, landing on a ridge, then taking off again. Object had an "odd color," left no trail, made no noise. (Vallée Magonia 428; FUFOR Index, Dan Wilson)

Nov. 6, 1957; Houston, Texas
Car motor stalled, radio blanked with static. (NICAP report item 52, 1960)

Nov. 6, 1957; Laredo AFB, Texas (BBU)
Starting at 3:05 p.m. CST, and over a period of 41 minutes, seven or more objects were observed on a GCA Surveillance scope. The objects appeared as large as a T-33 to a C-47 and their speed was estimated at 3600 mph. The location of the objects from the observer was 170 to 350 degrees. (McDonald, Sparks, Wilson)

Nov. 6, 1957; Boerne, Texas (BBU 5205)
6 p.m. McGregor saw an oval object, about 15 ft long, bright orange similar to glowing coals, hovering 12 ft above ground. He went to call his family but the object had vanished when he returned. Tape [?]. (cf. Vallée Magonia 431; FUFOR Index, Dan Wilson)

Nov. 6, 1957; Merom (25 miles south of Terre Haute), Indiana
Early evening, Rene Gilham, a young ironworker Haute witnessed a 30-40 foot diameter, circular object hovering 200-300 feet overhead. It was also observed by his family and neighbors across the street. Mr. Gilham stood under the object for about ten minutes in the recurrent blue light beams being projected down. The effects of the encounter put him in the hospital. (Frank Edwards, NICAP files)

Nov. 6, 1957; Kagoshita, Japan (BBU)
Object, size of wing tip light. Single white, two whites. blinking white, reddish hue & orange were reported by different sources & at different times.  Light, or light source, was reported steady, then disappeared after two or three minute chase. Object was sighted at 15 second intervals timed by a stop watch.  Four 15 second flashes were observed before object disappeared for the last time. Radar observer saw two returns in the same location. (McDonald list, Greenwood, Vitello)

Nov. 6, 1957; Danville, Illinois
Night.Two state policemen observed a brilliant white light, which changed color successively to amber and orange. They gave chase (15 miles) because the light appeared to be so low in the sky; during the chase, their communications radio would not function. The light eventually flew out of sight. (Rodghier, Hammond  (Times, November 7, 1957)

Nov. 6, 1957; Nr. Atlanta, Ga.
Three truckers independently reported seeing reddish elliptical objects on the road.(UFOE)

Nov. 6, 1957; Cannon AFB, New Mexico (BB)
At 8:15 p.m. MST, there occurred a radar sighting of slow moving objects the apparent size of an aircraft. Seventeen targets were tracked at various bearings over a period of 9 minutes. 07/0315Z (Dan Wilson)

Nov. 6, 1957; Greensboro, North Carolina (BB)
8:25 p.m. EST. Kenneth Bell observed two egg shaped objects that were an estimated 100 to 200 feet long, flying one in front of the other in a northeast direction.  First observed at about 90-degree elevation and seen last at about 15-degrees before they faded out. The objects held a continuous red glow with no tail, trail or exhaust, and no sound. The objects were in sight for 5 minutes. Ceiling: none. Visibility: excellent. (Dan Wilson)

Nov. 6, 1957; Radium Springs, New Mexico (BBU 5227)
10:50 p.m. Las Cruces policeman [Barela?] and a Dona Ana County Deputy Sheriff saw a round object changing from red to green to blue to white rising vertically from a mountain top. (Berliner; FUFOR Index)  10 mins

Nov. 6, 1957; Montville, Ohio (BBU)
11:30 [11:20] p.m. (EST). Olden J. Moore, 28, a plasterer, while driving home suddenly saw an object like a bright meteor split into two pieces, one going straight up, the other getting larger while color changing from bright white to blue-green. Object hovered 200 ft above a field close to ground, 500 ft away, with a soft whirring sound. After 15 mins, Moore walked to the object, which was shaped like "a covered dish" 50 ft in diameter, 15 ft high, with a cone on top about 10 ft high, surrounded by haze or fog, pulsating slowly. Holes, footprints and decaying radioactivity found at the site by Civil Defense Director Kenneth Locke. (UFOE, XII; Vallée Magonia 433) 15 mins

Nov. 6, 1957; Montville, Ohio
Woman's TV blurred. Next day found automobile pockmarked. About a half mile from Olden Moore's location. (1960 NICAP report, item 57)

Nov. 6, 1957; Ottawa (north of), Canada
Battery radio and portable short wave radio failed, tone signal heard on one short wave frequency. UFO had been hovering below overcast. Radio worked normally after UFO left. (1960 NICAP report, item 55)

Nov. 6, 1957; Toronto, Ont., Canada
Audio interference on TV just before viewer was called out by neighbor to see UIFO. (1960 NICAP report, item 56)

Nov. 6, 1957; Plattsburgh, New York
No details available. (Rodeghier, The Challenge of Unidentified Flying Objects, Hall and Man77

Nov. 7, 1957
EI Paso, Texas, Times: "Some of the nation's top scientists are 'pretty shook up' about the mysterious flying objects sighted in New Mexico and West Texas skies this week, said Charles Capen (a scientist at White Sands). 'This is something that hasn't happened before,' (he said)." (UFOE)

Nov. 7, 1957; White sands Proving Ground, New Mexico
Morning. A family driving on Route 54 near the proving gounds area,  saw a large silvery cylindrical or oval shaped object traveling out of the northeast at about 10,000 feet. They watched it for approximately 3 minutes before the object disappeared over the Organ Mountains to the southwest. The object was traveling at "tremendous" speed. (Source: Albuquerque Tribune and Reno Evening Gazette, November 8, 1957)

Nov. 7, 1957; Orogrande, New Mexico
9:20 a.m. The speedometer of a car began suddenly jumping wildly back and forth, from the top to the bottom of its range. It then stopped just as suddenly. The three witnesses later saw a metallic-appearing UFO high in the sky to the southwest. It continued moving away into the south-west for three minutes until it was lost from view. The speedo-meter continued to function normally after the UFO was gone. (Rodeghier, Flying Saucers: The Startling Evidence of  the Invasion from Outer Space, Coral Lorenzen)

Nov. 7, 1957; Harlingen AFB, Texas (BBU)
9:38 a.m. CST. Faint radar target similar to a T-29 aircraft was picked up at 10 miles northeast going west to about 14 miles when target disappeared 14 miles northwest. A target reappeared 10 miles southwest going east for 10 miles and then turned west and disappeared at 15 miles. The speed of the target was estimated in excess of 1,900 mph. The length of the observation was 2 to 3 minutes. (McDonald list; FUFOR Index, Dan Wilson)

Nov. 7, 1957; Walker AFB (Roswell, New Mexico) (BB)
7:45 p.m. MST. Several long black flat objects with a light blue tail approximately 200 to 300 yards in length were observed at Walker AFB by two military personnel in the control tower. The flight of the objects was wavering with a slight variation in altitude. The objects were seen through 7x5 power binoculars for about 20 seconds, and 30 seconds without binoculars. A second sighting took place of a long round object that looked like a large stovepipe 8 to 10 feet in diameter with a long trail 200-300 yards long and was seen for 60 to 90 seconds. The object made a complete 360 degree turn described as horseshoe-shaped. During the period 08/ 0140 - 0250Z (6:14 p.m. to 7:50 p.m.) like objects were reported from civilian air control personnel at Carlsbad and Hobbs, New Mexico, Wink, Texas, and a pilot of a Continental Airline Flight 184 near Hobbs, New Mexico. (Dan Wilson, BB files)

Nov. 7, 1957; Pantex AEC ordnance plant, 15 miles east of Amarillo, Texas
7:46 p.m. Bright, flashing objects hovered for half an hour over Pantex Atomic Energy Commission ordnance plant. The brilliant objects were reported to the State Highway Patrol office by plant guards at 7:46 p.m. and a patrolman dispatched to the plant arrived at 8:15 p.m. and reported that he, too, saw "a strange light." The patrolman said guards at the plant were "all shook up." Guards said three objects had been floating over the plant 50 feet above the ground "for some time." 'When I got there," the patrolman said, "the guards said one of the objects had landed on Farin Road 2373, three miles north of Highway 60. We drove to the area but nothing was there. But I'm convinced that the guards saw something land." The patrolman said guards told him they had tried to slip up on the objects by turning off their lights "but the things would just slip away from them when they got near." Guards were unable to estimate size of the objects. The patrolman, also said the guards seem positive "they saw more than just lights ­that objects were in the sky." (Dan Wilson/Robert Hastings)

Nov. 7, 1957; Lake Charles, Louisiana
While driving alone, a woman's car engine began to sputter and then stop completely. She glanced up and saw a silvery disc about 200 feet overhead, approximately 15 feet in diameter. After a few seconds, the disc moved north at high speed. Her car could then be restarted. (Michel

rodeghier1 Nov. 7, 1957; Orogrande (near), New Mexico
7:20 p.m. The speedometer of a car began suddenly jumping wiIdly back and forth, from the top to the bottom of its range. It then stopped just as suddenly. The three witnesses later saw a metallic-appearing UFO high in the sky to the southwest. It continued moving away into the south west for three minutes until it was lost from view. The speedometer continued to function normally after the UFO was gone. (Flying Saucers: The Startling Evidence of the Invasion from Outer Space, Coral Lorenzen) 

Nov. 8, 1957; Sloansville, New York
2:00 a.m. An unidentified truck driver was driving up a steep hill on Route 20 and observed a 200 foot long cigar shaped object hovering about 20 feet off the ground. The driver stopped two other truckers and woke up a farmer who all saw the object. The lights on the object were playing on the ground. Object then headed towards Albany. (Source: newspaper article; Mebane, Alexander D. 1957 Saucer Wave in the US; Vallee, Jacques, Challenge to Science: The UFO Enigma)

Nov. 8, 1957; Merrick, Long Island, New York (BBU 5254)
10:10 a.m. Mrs. L. Dinner saw a bar-shaped object, 3.5 ft long, giving off blue flashes and a swishing sound. No further data. (Berliner)

Nov. 8, 1957; Plattsburg AFB, New York
Many round silver objects were seen to pass over the air base, and jets chased them in vain. One Plattsburg jet pilot said " we're just glad we couldn't catch up with them. We don't like to chase these damn saucers, because we don't know what they can do." (Source: Aime Michael, FLYING SAUCERS AND THE STRAIGHT-LINE MYSTERY, page 264)

Nov. 8, 1957; Au Sable Forks, New York
People watched a jet chasing a UFO. (Sources: UFO Investigator Jan. 1958;  Aime Michael, FLYING SAUCERS AND THE STRAIGHT-LINE MYSTERY, page 264)

Nov. 9, 1957; Lake City, Missouri (BBU)
1 a.m. local.  Observer (Boardman) was driving his automobile home from his place of employment when he observed an object hovering about 50' off the ground. The object ws oval in shape. As the observer approached the object the engine of his automobile died and would not function until the object had moved on. (Vallee Magonia 439; FUFOR Index, Dan Wilson)

Nov. 9, 1957; White Oaks (near), New Mexico
Car lights failed as UFO was observed. (1960 NICAP report, item 60)

Nov. 9, 1957; 12 miles NE of Carrizozo, New Mexico
7:20 p.m. A housewife and several companions saw an object which, when passing near their car, caused the headlights to fail. It then left quickly towards the southwest. (Flying Saucers, the Startling Evidence, Coral and Jim Lorenzen)  

Nov. 10, 1957; Hammond, Indiana
7:00 p.m. Many people reported a UFO in the area. Two policemen investigating these reports saw a red and white light hovering 500 to 1000 feet overhead. They also heard a beeping sound. There was interference on the police radio while the object was in view. Another witness, also out watching for it, saw a green light on a basket-shaped object. His car radio failed at the same time. The lights flew away when anyone tried to approach. (1960 NICAP report item 61)

Nov. 10, 1957; Madison, Ohio
1:20 am. Mrs. Leita Kuhn had been going back and forth between her house and backyard dog kennels checking on an overheating stove on a snowy, windy night. Everything was in order, so she shut the kennel door. The snow had stopped and it was dark, with no moon or stars visible. As she stepped away from the kennel she saw a huge glowing object in back, about 60 feet above the ground. It was about 40 feet wide and 10 feet thick with a dome on top, and glowing with a phosphorescent light. The top was brilliant and it hurt her eyes to look at it. Puffs of apparent exhaust appeared around the bottom increasingly, until she became unnerved by the spectacle and ran in the house. When she looked out the window, the object apparently had disappeared. The time was 1:55 a.m.
A few days later she sought medical treatment for eye irritation and skin rash, and was advised to report it to Civil Defense because of suspected radiation effects. She developed an abnormal craving for honey, other sweets, and water. For nearly two years she experienced a variety of physical ailments, some painful and emotionally disturbing. (Strange Effects From UFOs, [NICAP, 1969], page 11).

Nov. 11, 1957; Nr. Los Angeles, California
Airline passenger saw elliptical UFO flying low over ground below plane. [UFOE, VII]

Nov. 11, 1957: Canoga Park, San Fernando, California
4:20 pm. Four engineers for Rocketdyne, observed three UFOs flying in formation in bright daylight. The group was driving in a generally ESE direction from the Rocketdyne SanSu facility toward Canoga Park, with the late afternoon sun to their back. One of the men happened to look up and saw three shiny objects crossing their path, from NE to SW. He alerted the others, and they all clearly saw a large narrow oval object (almost cigar- shaped) accompanied by two smaller nearly circular objects (slightly oval, as if discs viewed at an angle). The large UFO was silvery on top, but bright orange underneath, possibly reflecting sunlight. The two smaller UFOs were solid silver colored. Keeping the same positions relative to each other, a V with one of the smaller objects slightly ahead and one slightly behind the large object, the three UFOs accelerated and climbed away into the distance. The four men compared notes, and arrived at a consensus of opinion that the UFOs were first seen at about 10,000 feet altitude, climbing to 30,000 feet, at an estimated 5000 mph. (One of the engineers, Harold R. Lamb, Jr., filled out a NICAP report form.)

Nov. 11, 1957; Hazleton, Pennsylvania
TV disrupted as UFO seen.

Nov. 12, 1957; Houma, Louisiana (BBU)
(McDonald list)

Nov. 12, 1957; Rumney, New Hampshire
Car motor and lights failed. Ground observer corps reported UFO at same time. (The UFO Evidence, NICAP)    (1960 NICAP report item 62)

Nov. 14, 1957; Johnson Air Base, Japan (BB)
Approximately 6:15 a.m.  A/1C James E. Smith and S/Sgt. Robert Thompson, Jr. of the 6041st Air Police Squadron observed a pale white, long, thin object described as looking like a fountain pen in the eastern sky. The apparent size of the object was compared to a nine inch pencil held at arm's length. The object hovered in one spot for about two minutes and then began moving to the SE, climbing and gaining speed until if disappeared from view. This took approximately 10-13 seconds. (Dan Wilson, BB files)

Nov. 14, 1957; Rothwesten, West Germany (BBU)
12:01 p.m. local time. (601st AC&W Squadron) The first target was initially detected on AN/MPS-11 and AN/MPS-14 (?) radar at 22 miles SW of Merseberg Sovzone Airfield, at 100 degrees azimuth at 70 nautical miles. This radar blip split into two targets on a parallel course on separation. The flight path was to the north. The speed of the targets were from 2,000 to 3,000 nmph. At 6:42 p.m. (1742Z), a high speed target was detected on the AN/MPS-11 radar at 100 degrees at 135 nautical miles with a flight path to the north. The height indicator showed the target at 60,000 feet, changing to 63,000 feet. This sighting lasted for 2 minutes. There was an unusual amount of electronic interference which the radar maintenance officer was able to explain except for the target being reported.

Nov. 14, 1957; Rothwesten, West Germany (BBU)
At 6:53 p.m. (1753Z),  a high speed blip was detected on the AN/MPS-11 radar at 131.5 degrees at 136 nautical miles. Flight of the blip was to the NE at an estimated speed of 5,300 nmph. (The report form does say 5,300 nautical miles per minute.) This sighting lasted for 1 minutes plus. There was an unusual amount of electronic interference which the radar maintenance officer was able to explain except for the target being reported. All the targets painted as normal aircraft. (McDonald list; FUFOR Index)

Nov. 14, 1957.  23 miles NE of Hill City, Kansas (BBU)
5:34 p.m. (CST).  USAF pilot Major William B. Taft and co-pilot 1st Lt. Joshua M. Hinson, flying B-47E bomber based at SAC 339th Bomb Squadron,  Dyess AFB, Abilene, Texas, at 36,000 ft true heading 183 degrees at 410 knots true air speed.  Sighted oval metallic silver gray object shaped like a football but with rounder ends, and with a brighter Saturn-like like horizontal ring not extending beyond the edges of the oval.  Object was first seen about 25 degrees above the aircraft nose and about 70 degrees to the right at about "2 o'clock high" stationary for about 4 minutes [8 mins?] 5,000 to 10,000 higher altitude, then followed another B-47 headed in the opposite direction at same flight altitude (36,000 ft) north-bound true heading 360 degrees, about 20 NM to the W, remaining stationary above the other B-47 for about 1 minute as UFO and other B-47 fell behind to about "4 o'clock high" at 120 degrees relative bearing about 25 degrees above nose level then rose vertically "very rapidly" accelerating until disappearing, brighter while in motion.  Dyess AFB ground observers suggested Venus was bright in the sky.  However the sun had not set yet at the B-47E's altitude and Venus's position, corrected for refraction and B-47E altitude, was at 206 degrees to 208 degrees azimuth, elevation 24 degrees, in the SSW not W/ WNW about 47 degrees to 95 degrees away.  If UFO was about 1-2 miles higher, thus 3-6 miles distant, and angular size roughly pea at "arm's length", then actual size ~100-200 ft.  8-9 mins, 2 witnesses, ~1 Full Moon. (brad Sparks, Dan Wilson)

Nov. 14, 1957; Hazelton, Pennsylvania
TV disrupted. (1960 NICAP report item 63)

Nov. 14, 1957; Tamaroa, Illinois
Power failed for 10 minutes in a four mile area, just after hovering UFO flashed. (1960 NICAP report item 64)

Nov. 15, 1957; Carthage, Tenn.
Highway patrolman, sheriff, others saw many flashing revolving red lights which moved around slowly, hovered. [UFOE, VII]

Nov. 15, 1957; Cachoeira, Brazil
2:00 p.m. A huge, metallic object came down and hovered over the Aero Club aerodome at the local airport.It was glowing orange, 200 feet in diameter, and only 300 feet in altitude. All attempts to approach it failed because the motors of every car stalled when near the object. After a few minutes, the object left vertically. (Schopick,  1960 NICAP report item 65)

Nov. 21, 1957; Houma AFS, Louisiana
12:00 a.m. to 2:50 a.m. CST A radar target 15 miles long and 10 miles wide was observed. The target had a speed of 55 knots. After some figuring the altitude was estimated to be at 31,000 feet on the initial plot. The target had decreased in altitude to 3000 feet before it faded. The 747th AC&W Squadron and the 653rd AC&W Squadron also had radar contact with this target. The target was observed on MPS-7 and MPS-14 radar equipment. The search scopes were UPA-35 and OA-175. Weather and chaff were both considered and seemed unlikely that they caused the return. The Project 10073 Record Card gives the location as Houm, Alabama. (For the record this sighting took place at Houma AFS, Louisiana, the home of the 657th AC&W Squadron.) (Dan Wilson, BB files)
Daytime. Turkish Air Force pilot saw a 10 ft regular-hexagon-shaped object. (Project 1947)

Nov. 22, 1957; Canutillo, Texas
Silvery UFO sped back and forth, ascended. [UFOE, VII]

Nov. 23, 1957; Joliet, Illinois (BBU)
7:05 p.m. CST. A large round brilliant white object was seen above the overcast by five individual airline pilots. The object was observed from 5 miles NE of V10 and V38 Airways. The object seemed to hover at times and fly on a straight course when it was moving. CAA Ground Radar Operator J. J. Murphy, reported a contact for 10 sweeps on his scope 50 miles SW of Chicago at 253 degrees from Midway Airport. The length of the observation was 5 minutes.(McDonald list; FUFOR Index)

Nov. 23, 1957; Tonopah, Nevada (BBU)
6:10-30 a.m. (PST). 1st Lt. Joseph F. Long, fighter pilot. Car engine stalled, he heard high-pitched whining noise, saw 4 landed 50-foot saucer-shaped UFO's to the right of the road at 900-1200 ft away. He approached on foot to 50 ft distance, objects lifted off, flew north over highway, disappeared behind hills 1/2 mile away. Ground impressions at the landing site. (UFOE, II; Hynek UFO Rpt pp. 182-6; Willy Smith pp. 71-79; Vallée Magonia 445) 20 mins

Nov. 24, 1957; Scott AFB, Illinois (BB
6:10 p.m. A  round reddish orange object the apparent size of a golf ball held at arm's length moving on a easterly course was observed by A/3C Ronald W. Rioux, A/3C Gareth L. Colay, and A1C Meeks. As the object went overhead it did a large "U" turn back to the west. The object was in sight for approximately 6 to 8 minutes. (Dan Wilson, BB files)

Nov. 25, 1957; Eglin AFB, Florida (BBU)
10 p.m. USAF B-66 crew saw 3 objects, tracked by ground radar. (McDonald list; Project 1947)

Nov. 25, 1957; Mogi Mirim, Brazil
All city lights failed as three UFOs passed overhead. (Item 66 in 1960 NICAP report)

Nov. 26, 1957; 15-20 miles W. of Joilet, Illinois (BBU)
6:30 a.m. CST. A 31 year-old former USAF pilot, now an Air National Guard pilot, flying in an F-86 at 44,000 feet observed a large flat silver object straight ahead. According to the pilot the object had great speed and performed acute maneuvers. Pilot reports the object came at him at high speed and then changed course and headed east. The object had the apparent size of a nickel held at arm's length. Object in sight 10 mins. After the object disappeared the witness noticed three B-47's at 33,000 feet. He then attempted to contact them with negative results. He reported the incident to the ARTC at Chicago via radio and they forwarded it to the ADCC, the 30th Air Div at WRAFS, Michigan. (Project 1947, BB files, Dan Wilson)

Nov. 26, 1957; Robins AFB, Georgia (BBU 5419)
10:07 a.m. Witnesses were watching an F-100 on GCA (Ground Control Approach) and the object suddenly appeared above and beyond the jet aircraft. Eight witnesses (3 control tower operators, 1 weather observer and 4 others)  saw this object described as silver and cigar-shaped. Object was on a straight and level flight path for a short distance south of the original position and then back north. Most of the time the object was stationary and was in view for eight minutes. One observer was using 7 X 50 binoculars. Suddenly, without any maneuver or warning, the object vanished. (Berliner, Brad Sparks, Dan Wilson, BB docs)

Nov. 26, 1957; West Mesa AFS, New Mexico (BBU)
8:41 p.m. MST. Blip on MPS-7 (B) radar clocked at 3000 knots, azimuth 315 degrees, range at 170 miles. The length of the observation was 1 minute 24 seconds.(McDonald list; FUFOR Index)

Nov. 26, 1957; Sea of Okhotsk, W of Kamchatka, USSR (BBU)
11:04 p.m. USAF crew of RB-50, 6091st Recon Sq, saw a brilliant red object with bluish-green tail in level trajectory. (Project 1947)

Nov. 27, 1957; Yakima, Wash. (BBU)
1:25 a.m. (PST). Northwest Airlines Flight 535 pilot in the air and control tower operator on the ground saw a bright red glow turning to white smoke moving S. (Project 1947)

Nov. 27, 1957; Toledo, Ohio (BBU)
7:35 p.m. (EST). Pilots of Eastern and Northwest Airlines airliners saw an object flying straight at about 4,800 knots (5,500 mph). Pilot reported one object traveled from Toledo, Ohio to Selfridge AFB, Michigan in one minute (estimated at 4800 knots). Pilots of separate airliner observed same or similar object object for 3 minutes. (BBU, Project 1947)

Nov. 30, 1957; Minot, North Dakota (BBU)
At 4:20 a.m. local time, a one inch blip on an FPS-6 radar scope climbed from 5,000 feet to 25,000 feet in 20 seconds. The blip traveled 100 miles in 20 seconds when it faded from the radar. (Dan Wilson, McDonald list; FUFOR Index)

Dec. (??), 1957; Pacific, off coast of California
Daytime. Photo taken of alleged disc by the radio officer (Fogl) aboard the naval ship S. S. Ramsey. Fogl grabbed his camera and took the picture before the hovering object disappeared. Landing gear supposedly shown in several other photos. [Considered to be a hoax - F.Ridge] (UFOE, VIII, UFO Casebook)

Dec. 1, 1957; Los Angeles, California
Formation of oval UFOs photographed. [UFOE, VIII]

Dec. 3, 1957; Cobalt, Ontario, Canada
Radio static as several UFOs seen over area. (Item 68, 1960 NICAP report)

Dec. 3, 1957; Ellensburg (near), Washington
7:00 p.m. Many residents of the Menastash Ridge area of Ellensburg saw a "strange ball of fire" for 20 minutes. A truck driver reported that the light hovered over his truck, causing the motor to cough and sputter. His engine did not stop completely, however, so he drove away. The night was misty, but the object was so bright that it lit up the sky as if it were daytime. (Schopick, Item 67, 1960 NICAP report)

Dec. 8, 1957; Coulee City (near), Washington
9:00 p.m. Eight people traveling together in two cars saw a "huge, fiery object" pass overhead from north to south. The two cars stalled out and their headlights also failed as the UFO came overhead. In addition, the inside dome lights came on, even though they weren't turned on. The cars remained stalled until the object had passed out of sight.

Dec. 8, 1957; between Tiflet and Monod, Morocco
1715Z to 1730Z  LTJG with the Fleet Intelligence Center, Eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean, his wife and daughter (age 11). observed while traveling by automobile, a bright yellow to orange-like about the size of the moon to the SW for about 15 minutes.  After a while the light descended towards the earth and for about 30 seconds it was blocked from view by some trees. When seen again the light was at its former altitude in a horizontal position. The car was stopped and the bearing of the light did not appear to change. The light became dimmer and faded from view. (Loren Gross:  This Navy intelligence report form was forwarded in 9 copies to the CIA and only one copy to USAF Director of Intelligence) In case someone tries to argue that it was the moon, which was full (97% illuminated), it would not rise for another hour and a half, at about 1845Z, and it was in the opposite direction from the UFO in the SW.  The moon was in the NE or ENE at azimuth 67 degs and would have ascended higher and higher into the sky and not disappear until the next day, not 15 mins later. (Brad Sparks).

Dec. 8, 1957; Woodward, Oklahoma
5:30 p.m. A disc-shaped UFO with a dome and three "pads" on the underside suddenly came toward a car with three people inside. The car began to die and finally stalled out as the UFO hovered overhead at 200 feet. It was emitting a high-pitched whining sound. The witnesses said it was over 50 feet in diameter. The whine increased in pitch after about two minutes, and the UFO rose vertically out of sight. The headlights came on and the engine of the car started by itself. (CUFOS)  

Dec. 11, 1957; Guthrie, Penna. and Parkersburg, West Virginia (BBU)
10 p.m. USAF pilots of three F-86's with 87th FI Sq saw an orange circular or crescent-shaped object moving erratically at Mach 1.5 (about 1,000 mph) with ground radar tracking. (Dan Wilson, Brad Sparks, Project 1947, McDonald list)

Dec. 11, 1957; Lake City AFS; Tennessee (BBU)
At 7:48 p.m. EST, an AN/FPS-10 radar set picked up object about the size of three B-47 a/c in close formation. The speed of the object was estimated at 90 knots. When first detected the object was at 225 degrees at 13,000 feet in altitude. When last detected the object had descended to 11,000 feet at 205 degrees. The length of the observation was 41 minutes. (McDonald list)

Dec. 12, 1957; Chatham, Windsor area, Canada
Trans-Canada Airlines pilot, many police, saw orange oval UFO curving rapidly at low altitude. [UFOE, X]

Dec. 12-15, 1957; Misawa, Chitose, Hokkaido, Japan (BBU)
Beginning at  5:45 hours local time, Dec. 12,  at least 13 witnesses observed a very bright light in the sky to the SSW over the Sea of Japan. The object was tracked on radar and seen through binoculars.  At 1822 local time a scramble was ordered and two F-86D's took off from Misawa AFB. Site P-45 assumed control of Subway Red (F-86D) at 1829 local and immediately was vectored toward the object. P-45 was painting the object by the Height Range Indicator and visually. Subway Red reported he had a visual on the object at1839 local but lost it almost simultaniously. In the meantime, site P-45 had lost contact, both visually and electronically with the object. Site 29 advised they were observing the object at a bearing of 240 degrees, 110 miles from site 45. Subway Red was vectored toward the object and obtained another visual, but the object wasn't moving latterally, but vertically. The aircraft lost the object and the chase was broken off. The object was circular in shape and was under visual observation for one hour and twenty minutes and under radar observation for approximately 35 minutes. The object was tracked on radar at speeds ranging from 94 mph to 1686 mph. (Dan Wilson, Brad Sparks, UFOE, VIII; McDonald list; FUFOR Index)

Dec. 13, 1957; Col Anahuac, Mexico (BBU 5545)
9:35 a.m. R. C. Cano saw 14-15 [or 30] circular, tapered discs, very bright, fly in a formation like a stack of coins, then change to an inverted-V formation. (Berliner; cf. Hynek UFO Rpt. p. 120) 20 mins

Dec. 16, 1957; Old Saybrook, Conn.
Bt. 2:00 a.m. and 3:00 a.m. Mary M. Starr, a resident of Old Saybrook and a former teacher with a Master's Degree from Yale, reported that she was awakened by a bright light in her room and a cigar-shaped object, brightly lit and with square portholes, hovered just above her clothesline. She said she could see men inside. The object was approximately 20 to 30 feet long and dark grey or black in color and hovered motionless about five feet above the ground. Through its lighted windows Mrs. Starr saw two figures that passed each other, walking in opposite directions. (Investigated by NICAP; UFOE, XII)

Dec. 17, 1957; Fruita-Grand Junction, Colo. (BBU 5559)
7:20 p.m. F. G. Hickman, 17, saw a round object change from yellow to white to green to red, with red tail 2x as long as the body. Object stopped, started, backed up. (Berliner) 45 mins

Dec. 18, 1957; Sarasota, Florida
White light source glided overhead, TV interference noted. (Item 69, 1960 NICAP report)

Dec. 19, 1957; Pepperrell AFB, Newfoundland, Canada (BBU)
7:02 p.m. local. One red egg-shaped object the size of a pea held at arm's length was seen visually and picked up on radar. The object was reportedly stationary but it did move. There were also 5 photos taken of the object but were undeveloped for possible instructions. The length of the observation was 8 minutes. (McDonald list, Dan Wilson, BB files)

Dec. 23, 1957; Sea of Japan (BBU)
9:43 p.m. (local) (1243 Z).  RB-47 of 6901st Recon Sq [on recon patrol] intercepted by ELINT “unusual double pulsed” radar signals at 1218 Z and 1307 Z  that were evidently not UFO-related.  RB-47 airspeed 432 knots, altitude 35,000 ft.  A [meteor-like] “projectile” with long [luminous] trail was sighted by the RB-47 pilot, which passed over the tail of the RB-47 at unknown distance, traveling in an arc, disappearing with very bright explosion like flash bomb [like a meteor bolide] at relative bearing 220° and an undetermined altitude 50° elevation above aircraft at 1243 Z, RB-47 position 41°04’ N, 132°05’ E.  Apparently at same time the onboard APQ-31 bombing / navigation radar was jammed from 1243 Z to 1244 Z, RB-47 True Heading 247°.  Radar jamming signal was at True Bearing 335° to 001°;  signal was continuous, no targets could be seen and “jamming could not be tuned out.”  Misdated by BB to Dec 23.  Reported to NSA (?) and AFSSO.  (Sparks;  McDonald list;  Saunders/FUFOR Index;  Terry Colvin;  Ballester-Olmos;  BB files)  

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