The 1960 UFO Chronology

Nike Missiles similar to those at Indiana site
  UFO Incident on Nov. 14, 1960; Dillsboro, Indiana

Created: March 22, 2006; Updated 15 Jan 2021
This was a special year for me to create a chronology for. This was the year that my team and I (Indiana Unit No. 1) were authorized by NICAP as an official Subcommittee, on November 17, 1960. Three days prior to this there was a UFO incident at a NIKE missile base just near Indiana/Ohio border. This incident was not listed, explained or unexplained, in the BB listings for Nov. 1960.

This is the 1960 chronology, but has links to a 50-page summary, and the FULL 219-page, Brookings Institute Report. A lot of the incidents themselves do not have active links as yet. Blue Book microfilms are only processed to mid-1952, so it will be some time before we can accomplish that goal. However, this is a comprehensive list for 1960 and will also suffice as a good work and checklist for our team. Our thanks to Rebecca Wise (Project Blue Book Archive),  Dan Wilson (archive researcher), Jean Waskiewitz (computer specialist), and Brad Sparks (updated list, the Comprehensive Catalog of Project Blue Book Unknowns). "UFOE" is the NICAP publication, "The UFO Evidence" (Richard Hall, 1964).

An excellent source of history for 1960 are the articles by Loren Gross, "UFOs: A History", linked below:

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Francis Ridge
NICAP Site Coordinator

The 1960 UFO Chronology_________________________________________________________
Sometime in 1960; Cincinnati, OH
Kentucky Air National Guard pilot chased round UFO. [NICAP UFOE, V]

Jan. 18, 1960; Gulf of Mexico
4:55 p.m. CST, a B-52 aircraft picked up an object on an ASB-4 radar and repeater scope with an estimated speed of 10,000 to 14,000 knots on a collision course at 38,000 feet. The object was bearing 20 degrees on an inbound track and 240 degrees after passing the aircraft. After passing the aircraft the object was picked up on the tail gunner's MD-9 radarscope.  [This is curious: A Major Richard R. Shoop observed a UFO at Muroc Army Air Field, Muroc, Calif on  July 8, 1947. (Dan Wilson)]

Jan. 18, 1960; Lakota, North Dakota
Car lights dimmed as UFO descended toward field about a mile off highway. (Item 81, 1960 NICAP report)

Feb. 3, 1960; Intervale, New Haven
Former Air Force PT Boat Commander watched UFOs rendezvous, travel in formation. [NICAP UFOE, VII]

Feb. 5/6, 1960; Hollywood, CA
11:15 p.m. each night. Several witnesses reported a distinct round UFO hover and maneuver slowly. [Los Angeles NICAP Subcommittee investigation report on file.]

Feb.14, 1960; Nome, AK
Airline employee, others, saw a silvery rocket-like object with orange flame trail curving up and away "as if it were manned and controlled." A similar second UFO was sighted at Unalakleet moving rapidly NW leaving contrails. [NICAP UFOE, X]

Feb. 14, 1960; Unalakleet, AK
A similar second UFO was sighted at Unalakleet moving rapidly NW leaving contrails.

Feb. 16, 1960; Laguna Beach, CA
Retired chemical manufacturing company executive observed rendezvous of two oval UFOs. [NICAP UFOE, VII]

Feb. 21, 1960; Grand Blanc, Michigan
1:00 a.m. Mr Joe Perry took a photograph of the moon with his homemade telescope. Later, after he had taken the photograph, he found that there was an object silhouetted against the moon.(Lara Elliott, NICAP & FBI files)

Feb. 22,  1960; Cambridgeshire, England
Railmen at March locomotive depot, Hundred Road, thought their eyes were deceiving them in the early hours of Monday morning, when they saw what they believe to be a UFO. Through the window of the mess room they saw a bright circular object in the night sky. According to one of the witnesses, Mr Albert Haynes, of 38 Asplin Avenue, March, it was difficult to judge how far away it was, the speed it was travelling, or how big it was. “There was well over a dozen of us all looking through the window at what we first thought was a ‘plane.  I saw a bright orange circular light which hovered a bit and then disappeared,” said Mr Haynes. As it was in the Stonea region they thought at first it might have been a ‘plane coming down on its way to Mildenhall. But this suggestion was soon discounted after watching its erratic movements and the intense glow of the spherical object. Pc Sid Ayres and Pc Alan Jarman were on duty when they received news of the possible UFO sighting and went to the depot to investigate. But by the time they had arrived there was nothing to be seen and no evidence to collect. “I know the area is a very busy corridor as far as aircraft are concerned but I believe whatever the men saw it was indeed something,” said Pc Ayres. “I keep an open mind about what the men saw,” he continued. (Source: From the TIMES, Cambridgeshire, England – 22 February 1980)

Feb. 27, 1960; Rome AFB, NY (BBU 6663)
6:27 p.m. Control tower officer Capt. J. Huey and 4 other tower operator saw a light trailing a white fan shape make a mild descent. (Berliner)

March 4, 1960; Dubuque, IA  (BBU 6667)
5:55 [5:57?] p.m. (CST). Pilot instructor Charles R. Morris and wife saw 3 elliptical-shaped objects, about 200 ft long x 60 ft wide about 5 miles away at 25° elevation [≈11,000 ft altitude] estimated at 20,000 [?] ft altitude (another witness, Nesler, estimated 40,000 ft), in the SE headed NNE at about 200 mph, making a slight climb as they disappeared in the NE after covering about 135° of arc in the sky. Morris took 6 ft of 8 mm color film during sighting but it showed no images of the objects, thus neither disproving IFO or UFO. Two witnesses, Ferdinand Nesler and Allan A. Jones, used binoculars and described objects as aircraft in appearance. Jones using 10x50 binoculars said he saw what looked like the tail of a B-52 jet. Insufficient data on possible IFO’s (flight of 3 B-52’s). SAC records showed flight, of uncertain or ambiguous date, of 3 B-52’s at 31,000 to 32,000 ft that passed about 25 miles E of Dubuque on course 001° True at 370 knots (~430 mph) ground speed, at about 5:50 p.m. CST, date uncertain. ADC radars and Chicago ADC Air Defense Sector Hq had no records or radar tracks of B52’s or B-52 flight. ATIC rejected SAC’s claims of B52’s in the area and called case “Unknown / Unidentified.” (Sparks; Berliner; UFO Evidence; NICAP UFO Investigator March 1960; BB files; Printy/Taylor)

March 23, 1960; Indianapolis, IN (BBU 6691)
3:35 a.m. Mr. and Mrs. E. I. Larsen saw a series of balls, arranged like an "x" with one diagonal line. Note: Little data on the case in the files. (Berliner)

April 12 [18?], 1960; La Camp (Lacamp), LA (BBU 6711)
9 p.m. Physical scientist Monroe Arnold saw a fiery-red disc from the S touch the ground about 1,000 ft away with a loud explosion heard by many people, and a flame. It bounced in an E direction for about 1,000 ft then rose again, turned W and disappeared. The ground was scarred in 9 places, and a substance resembling metallic paint was found, analysis inconclusive. (Berliner; cf. Vallée Magonia 503)

April 13, 1960; Red Bluff, CA
State Police encounter with highly maneuverable elliptical object, red light beams swept ground (NICAP UFOE, V).

April 17, 1960; Richards Gebaur AFB, Kansas City, MO (BBU 6721)
8:29 p.m. (Berliner)

April 25, 1960; Shelby, MT (BBU 6727)
7-10 p.m. Mrs. M. Clark saw 5 circular objects fly in trail formation, hover, accelerate and make sharp turns. Case file includes other reports from Mrs. Clark for previous 3 years. (Berliner)

April 25, 1960; Plymouth, NH
Former Town Selectman saw bright red cigar-shaped UFO hover, speed away. [NICAP UFOE, VII]

May 4, 1960; Sarasota, FL
Cigar-shaped UFO with four window-like markings sighted by architect. [NICAP UFOE, XII]

May 7, 1960; Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada (BBU)
At 1:10 a.m. CST, a visual observation was made of two white points of light that traveled north, stopped, then proceeded east and stopped. The sighting started at Regina Airport, Saskatchewan, Canada. The objects were observed on FPS-20 and FPS-6A  radars and an F-101B was scrambled after the objects but no observation was made.  Jamming was experienced. The length of the observation was approximately 1 hour. (Dan Wilson, McDonald list) 

May 18, 1960; Wellington, N.Z.
Cigar-shaped UFO with "portholes." [NICAP UFOE, XII]

May 19, 1960; Dillingham, AK (BBU)
Silver-colored round object 20-25 ft wide with hanging appendages hovered at 50-100 ft distance at 12 ft altitude, sucked up trash cans and grass, carried them about 300 ft then dropped them. (Hynek UFO Rpt pp. 146)

May 22, 1960; Majorca Isle, Mediterranean Sea
Palma Observatory reported morning observation of a white triangular UFO, about one-fourth the size of the moon, spinning on its axis. [NICAP UFOE, VI]

May 24, 1960; Ocumare del Tuy, Venezuela
Several doctors, a topographer and policemen saw three UFOs, in-line formation, which landed in a heavily wooded area on a hilltop; diamond-shaped scorched marking found at landing site. [NICAP UFOE, VIII]

June 4, 1960; 33:50N, 144:25W (Pacific) (BBU)
About 9.35 pm local time (0635Z on 5 Jun 1960).  A member of the crew of a 707-aircraft flying from the West coast of the USA to Honolulu, at 31,000 feet, observed two large unidentified radar returns. The targets were 2-3 miles apart. They were not round, but about two ship widths wide. One target was five miles long, the other two miles long, on the radar scope. The observer stated they were not clouds. The targets held from 90 miles ahead on starboard bow at first contact, to 130 degrees relative starboard side radar limit. The targets were stationary. Duration was not reported. Subsequent reports from other flights through the area, indicated no unusual radar returns.(Basterfield, Fold3; McDonald list; Sparks.)

June 8, 1960; New York City, NY
Elliptical UFO sighted by biochemist. [NICAP UFOE, VI]

June 14, 1960; Miho AFB (2 miles east of), Japan (BBU)
Pilot saw a brilliant pale yellow oblong object with a short trail flying.

On 21 June 960, NICAP submits a “confidential report to Congress” entitled “Dangers of Secrecy on UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) and Digest of Documented Evidence”

July 1, 1960; Nr. Leefe, WY
Hovering disc like "two dinner plates face to face," ascended and sped away. [NICAP UFOE, XII]

July 2, 1960; Nr. Maiquetia, Venezuela
Pilot and crew of Venezuelan Airlines Super-Constellation arriving from Spain, reported plane was followed by a luminous UFO. [NICAP UFOE, X]

1:03 a.m. Military aircraft pilot saw a brilliant pale yellow oblong object with a short trail flying at about 10,000 mph. (Project 1947)

July 19, 1960; St. Louis, MO (BBU 6858)
8:30 p.m. T. L. Ochs saw a round, bright red light fly overhead, stop and hover, and then back up. Ochs reported similar sightings on 3 following nights [July 20 and 21 plus ?].

July 24, 1960; Portville, NY
State policeman reported two dumbbell-like UFOs. [NICAP UFOE, VII]

Aug. 13-14, 1960; Red Bluff, CA. (BBU)
11:50 p.m.-2:05 a.m. Officers Charles A. Carson and Stanley B. Scott plus 3 others observe maneuvering silent red light with 5 white lights to the E descending to 100-200 ft height, reversed course, lifted to 500 ft, hovered, swept ground with red beam, aerial gymnastics, then headed E chased by police car, joined by similar object from S, disappearing in the E. (Hynek UFO Rpt pp. 92-94; NICAP UFOE, VII)

August 13-18,1960; CA
Concentration of UFO sightings, mostly in north, including many police witnesses. (NICAP UFOE, XII)

August 15, 1960
Policy letter to Commanders, from office of Secretary of Air Force: The USAF maintains a "continuous surveillance of the atmosphere near Earth for unidentified flying objects -- UFOs."

August 16, 1960; Oak Forest, IL
Former Air Force pilot saw disc-like UFO which hovered, bobbed around. [NICAP UFOE, V]

Aug. 23, 1960; Wichita, KS (BBU 6914)
3:24 a.m. Boeing aeronautical engineer C. A. Komiske saw a dull­orange round object, with yellow lights coming from what looked like 3 triangular windows at bottom, flying in an arc. (Berliner)

August 25,1960
Mystery satellite seen for several days, photographed by Grumman Aircraft Corporation.

August 26, 1960; Mesa, AZ
UFO observed by chemistry teacher, pilot. [NICAP UFOE, VII]

Aug. 29, 1960; Crete, IL (BBU 6929)
4:05 p.m. Farmer Ed Schneeweis saw a shiny, round, silver object fly straight up at high speed. (Berliner)

September 4, 1960; Lexington, KY
Former Strategic Air Command radar technician saw a glowing sphere traveling from horizon to horizon. [NICAP UFOE, VI]

September 5, 1960; Sonoma County, CA
Sheriffs observed six varicolored UFOs flying in V-formation. [NICAP UFOE, VII]

Sept. 10, 1960; Ridgecrest, CA (BBU 6962)
9:50 p.m. Mr. and Mrs. M. G. Evans saw 2 light gray glowing objects, saucer or boomerang-shaped, which swished when accelerating [in 2 sightings?]. (Berliner)

September 15, 1960; Carrizales, Venezuela
Professor of engineering observed accelerating luminous object. [NICAP UFOE, X]

Sept. 17, 1960; Kirksville, Missouri (BBU)
10:13 p.m. CST. Radar returns were detected by the 790th Radar Squadron (SAGE) of what was thought to be 8 to 12 aircraft at 95,000 feet. At 10:17 p.m., they descended to 23,000 feet. At 10:19 p.m., 6 to 8 objects were picked up at 100,000 feet and then were lost in the weather. At 10:23 p.m., the first formation started to climb and was tracked until they disappeared off the top of the scope at 100,000 feet. Another formation appeared at 10:40 p.m., at 85,000 feet. The manner of observation was the ground radar AN/FPS-6A height finder. (McDonald list)
Sept. 19, 1960; Susanville, CA (BBU)
(McDonald list)

Sept. 20, 1960; Kirksville AFS, MO (BBU)
(McDonald list)

Sept. 20, 1960; SE of Farmington, NM (BBU)
(McDonald list)

Sept. 25, 1960; Midway Isles (BBU)
At 8:11 p.m. local time (26/0711Z), the crew of a military aircraft reported seeing a bright, round/oval object, , estimated as size of a dime at arm's length, continuously changing color from red to green to white, then repeating the cycle. Each color would present for 3-4 seconds before changing. First sighted when the aircraft was in a left turn from course 030 to 210 degrees. The object appeared to climb from water level at the position, sped past the tail of the aircraft to their 5 o’clock position, and was lost to view. Next seen when aircraft was at 15,000 feet and level, course 210 degrees. Object at 60 degrees relative and 40 degrees above. It moved across the nose of the aircraft to a relative bearing of 330 degrees, low. Object disappeared behind a cloud bank, with tops at 10,000 feet. Duration of 4 minutes.(Basterfield, Fol3; McDonald list: Sparks.)

Sept. 28, 1960; Sheppard AFB, 8 miles W. of Wichita Falls, TX
OSI document says crash reported and mention of  "Moon Dust", asks ATIC to come to the scene.

Sept. 28, 1960, Kirksville, MO (BBU)
At 3:16 a.m. CDT, a normal aircraft return appeared on an AN/FPS-6A Height Finder radar scope at 90 degrees at 70,000 feet and disappeared at 90 degrees at 100,000 feet. The length of observation was 45 seconds.   (McDonald list)

Sept. 28, 1960; Arlington, TX
Aeronautical engineer observed erratically maneuvering UFO. [NICAP UFOE, V]

Oct. 4, 1960; Cressy, Tasmania, Australia
At about 6:10 pm.m local time, (AEST) the Reverend Lionel Browning and his wife, were indoors at their home in Cressy, looking at a rainbow in the sky, to their east, through a window. A long, cigar-shaped object emerged from a rain squall. The object was a dull, grey color; had four or five vertical dark bands around its circumference and at regular intervals along its length. What looked like a short aerial array projected outwards and upwards from the northern facing end of the cigar. The object’s outline was well defined, and at one point it was seen against the background of tree covered slopes of a rain free area of nearby hills. Based on his knowledge of the local topography, Browning estimated its distance as 3.5-4 miles. The object travelled north at an estimated speed of 60-70 miles per hour, at about 400 feet altitude. The object, again based on local knowledge, travelled 1.5 miles north, then abruptly stopped. Within seconds it was joined by five or six small, saucer-like objects which emerged at high speed from the low cloud above, and behind the cigar. The small objects stationed themselves around the cigar. Then after several seconds, the whole formation of cigar and small objects, reversed backwards, and then into the rain squall and all were lost to view. The total duration of the sighting was estimated as two minutes, and the small objects were in view for about one minute. There was no associated noise. (Keith Basterfield; National Archives of Australia, file series A703, control symbol 580-1-1 part 2, pp 19-29; 54-55.) [Documents can be found at link].

Oct. 5, 1960; Mount Kisco, NY (BBU 7057)
7:37 p.m. E. G. Crossland saw a bright, star-like light move across 120° of sky. (Berliner)

October 9, 1960; Longpoint, IL
Minister and others saw a golden, elliptical UFO hover, move away. [NICAP UFOE, VII]

October 27, 1960; Lexington, KY
Attorney saw disc hover, move away. [NICAP UFOE, VII]

Nov. 14, 1960; Dillsboro, IN
SE Indiana Nike Missile station traced a UFO, then later denied it. (NICAP, Ridge)

Nov, 15, 1960 15 miles north of Launceston, Tasmania, Australia (BBU)
At 1040 hrs local time, a USAF JB-57 aircraft crew, operating out of the RAAF base at East Sale, under Operation Crow Flight, reported seeing an unusual object in the sky, approaching to their left and slightly low. The aircraft was at 40,000 feet, travelling at 350 knots, flying a heading of 340 degrees. The object was estimated to be at 35,000 feet, heading 140 degrees, at high speed. It disappeared under the aircraft's left wing. The pilot banked the plane, but they did not re-establish visual contact. In color, the object was said to be 'rather translucent.' The object had no sharp edges, and seemed rather fuzzy. The size was estimated at 70 feet in diameter, and it did not appear to have any depth to it. Total duration of the sighting was 5-7 seconds. (Source: Keith Basterfield, Written statement by crew members Captain Douglas G. Ludlam, USAF; and Captain Joseph W. Ivins, USAF to the RAAF. A copy is to be found on RAAF file series A703; control symbol 580-1-1, part 2, pp44-45, Project 1947; BB files??)

Nov. 17, 1960; Lexington, KY Three UFOs were seen to follow two jet aircraft. One object closed in on the jets, then stopped, repeating this several times. Witnesses described it as round, rotating, color changing from gray to silver as it turned. (Investigated by the Bluegrass NICAP Affiliate, headed by former AF Major William D. Lest sic [Leet?] ) (UFO Investigator / Dec.- Jan., 1960 - 1961, page 6)

Nov. 24, 1960; OH
White elliptical UFO observed by scientist. [NICAP UFOE, VI]

Nov. 27, 1960; Chula Vista, CA (BBU 7133)
7:30 p.m. Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Hart and 5 others saw an orange-red point of light, with white sparkler-like light moving in and out of it, make huge circles, seen to the S and to N, overhead, then stopped. 3 witnesses had separate binoculars. (Hynek UFO Rpt pp. 78-80)

6:38 p.m. USAF Lt. Col. R. L. Blwlin [sp?] and Maj. F. B. Brown, flying a T-33 jet trainer, saw a white light slow and parallel the course of the T-33. (Berliner)

Nov. 29, 1960; Vincennes, IN
Observed for 25 minutes, an object with a bright, pulsating light was seen by Francis Ridge, a NICAP subcommittee chairman, and many other witnesses. After it was joined by smaller UFO, a jet was sighted in apparent pursuit of the UFOs. (UFO Investigator / Jan - Dec, 1960 - 1961, page 6)

December 5,1960
Major Donald E. Keyhoe, USMC, ret., (NICAP Director) debated Lt. Colonel Lawrence J. Tacker (Air Force UFO spokesman) on Dave Garroway's "Today" program.

The Brookings Research Institute in Washington releases a report prepared during 1960 for NASA entitled "Proposed Studies on the Implications of Peaceful Space Activities for Human Affairs", including a section entitled "Implications of a Discovery of Extraterrestrial Life". (Commonly referred to as "the Brookings Institute report".) The report discusses effects of meeting extraterrestrial life: "It is possible that if the intelligence of these creatures were sufficiently superior to ours, they would choose to have little if any contact with us. . . " (New York Times, Dec. 15, 1960)

Dec. 29, 1960, Miho, Japan (BB)
9:37 p.m. local. Capt. Leon C. Seale Jr., and Col. Royal Francisr flying in a T-33 jet aircraft at 26,000 feet on a heading of 62 degrees observed a bright light at 10 degrees elevation bearing 330 degrees from Miho and disappeared at 10 degrees elevation on a bearing of 270 degrees from Miho. The bright light changing from intense white to cherry red to green to blue to white approximate was the apparent size of basketball held at arm's length.The length of observation was 3 minutes beginning at 9:37 p.m. local time. (Dan wilson)


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