The 1982 UFO Chronology

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Created: January 15, 2008; updated 9 Dec. 2016
This is the currently chronology of UFO incidents and events for 1982
. Our thanks for these chronologies must go to Richard Hall (the original 1982 chronology from UFOE II), Dan Wilson (archive researcher), and Jean Waskiewicz (online NICAP DBase [NSID]). You will note the many foreign reports that we are now being able to access. Our special thanks to Dan Wilson for getting those to us. As more come in, this page will be updated. Previous chronologies (1947 to 1969) involved the expertise of two other team members: Rebecca Wise (Project Blue Book Archive) and Brad Sparks (Comprehensive Catalog of Project Blue Book Unknowns).

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The 1982 UFO Chronology

1982; Near Voronezh, Russia
10:00 PM+. Two local militia sergeants were driving a "UAZ-469" vehicle (Russian patrol jeep) in an area about 10-15 kilometers from the city when suddenly they saw a very bright beam of light shining down to earth from somewhere in the sky. The beam of light appeared to be scanning the surface of the ground, and every blade of grass appeared to be lit by it. One of the sergeants went out of the vehicle and at the very same moment a strange flying craft landed on a field. The craft was shaped like a lenticular disk with bright white rectangular-shaped windows or portholes, which emitted bright whitish light and a small shallow dome on top. The craft's diameter was estimated at about 120 meters and about 70 meters high. Several seconds later a hatch opened on the hull of the craft and several tall (about 3-4 meters in height) humanoids exited the object and went to a nearby field. After walking for a while around the craft they returned inside the craft and flew away. Both sergeants then became very confused and forgot why and where they were. They hurried back to their barracks reporting to their superiors. The men could only speak in stuttering voices. At first they were subjected to alcohol tests but it proved negative, both were then sent to a mental hospital. (HC addendum. Source: Nikolay Varsegov reporter of "Komsomolskaya Pravda", Voronezh UFO Research Group, Genrih Silanov, Feydor Kiselyev, Yuriy Lozotsev and Alexander Mosolov "UFO in Voronezh" 1990)

Jan. 18, 1982; Hessdalen Valley of Norway
7:30 PM. A luminous metallic ovoid flew over telephone lines in a mining area. Magnetic anomalies were recorded. (Source: International UFO Reporter, November-December 1983, p. 7).

Jan. 24, 1982; Stockdale, TX
A flashing light with irregular flashes of red and white traveled from west to east silently across the sky in Stockdale, Texas. It arced slightly and appeared to hover in the eastern sky, 30 degrees above the horizon. (Source: J. Allen Hynek, CUFOS case files, report form dated January 24, 1982).

January 24, 1982; village of Ipoh in Perak, Malaysia
7:00 AM. Five early morning joggers watched a Saturn-shaped object with a revolving rim and sharp lights descend nearby them. (Source: Ahmad Jamaludin, FSR, December 1988, p. 22).

Jan. 31, 1982; Mechanicsville, VA
9:25 PM. A general contractor and his wife observed a very large grayish cone-shaped object  with rows of amber and blue body lights and two huge white light beams in front through their south-facing window. The object was issuing bright illumination about 400-500 feet from their home. They went outside for a better look and watched as the object passed overhead. After the object passed they first noticed a loud roaring sound. The object followed power lines throughout, then "ascended quickly into the clouds." The extremely loud noise was still heard for another 20-30 seconds. (MUFON UFO sighting questionnaire.)

Feb. 8, 1982; near Petrolina to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
3:11 AM. A large, multicolored flying object paced a commercial aircraft for 82 minutes. VASP flight #169 was paced by the UFO from Pernambuco state near Petrolina to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was disc shaped and had flashing red, blue, orange, yellow and white lights. The airline crews of two more planes also witnessed the UFO. (Sources: Irene Granchi, International UFO Reporter, July 1982, p. 11; APRO Bulletin, April 1982, p. 1; Dominique Weinstein, Aircraft UFO Encounters, p. 44, citing Lumieres dans la Nuit).

Feb. 8, 1982; Bakersfield, VT
Evening. A delta-shaped object followed a car home, then flew overhead. The witness ran inside his house to hide. The UFO made no sound. (Source: Larry Hatch, U computer database, case 13830, citing Joe Nyman).

Feb. 10, 1982; Willernie, MN
Midnight +. A UFO with an intense, lime green light hovered just six feet above the snow-covered ground in Willernie, Minnesota. Five spots of fire fell to the ground as the object rose, and melted holes in the snow. (Source: Joe Twohy, newspaper clipping).

Feb.10, 1982; in the Black Sea
Daytime. Six Soviet sailors discover and investigate a "disabled ship" in the fog. They are missing for five days. When they are returned they report that they had been pulled up into a cigar-shaped UFO, and the beings onboard the UFO communicated with them by gestures. One of the men reportedly went insane, dove overboard, and was drowned. (Sources: Thomas E. Bullard, UFO Abductions: The Measure of a Mystery, case 74, citing the National Enquirer, November 2, 1982).

February 10, 1982; Escanaba, WI
11:35 PM. On Highway C537 three seventeen-year-old young women were driving in a car near a river when they encountered a low flying domed disc. The mist from the rear of the object looked like "lit up snowflakes." The rim around the bottom of the UFO had red windows all the way around it, and a red light shone through the windows. Their sighting lasted seven minutes. (Source: Kenneth Schellhase, International UFO Reporter, May-June 1982, p. 8).

Feb.14, 1982; Santa Cruz das Palmeiras, Brazil
At night, two witnesses, Fernando Antonio Martins & Edson Maragon watched a luminous triangular shaped craft land on an open field. Three humanoids exited the object. These were described as about 1.90 meters in height, slim waists, thin bodies, white oval shaped faces, pointed chins, small noses and eyes a little larger than normal. The humanoids approached the witness and there was a one-hour time lapse reported. No other information. (HC addendum Source: GEPUC Brazil)

Feb. 15, 1982; New York City, NY
2:00 AM.  Barbara Warmoth was asleep when a brilliant light filled her bedroom. She looked out the window and spotted a luminous disc-shaped craft hovering nearby. That is the last she remembered for one hour and 15 minutes. She remembered communicating with a humanoid being via telepathy. No other information. (HC addendum Source: UFO Related Human Physiological Effects, Quoting "The News World" NYC February 5 1983)

Feb. 19, 1982; Alien, Rio Negro Province, Argentina
E-M effects on car, dome-shaped object overhead, driver blacked out, taken to hospital with memory loss, physiological effects (section VII).

Feb. 20, 1982; Allen, Rio Negro, Argentina
9:15 PM. 41-year old Juan Fattorel was traveling in his truck along a secondary road when suddenly the engine cut out; he coasted to a stop on the side of the road in order not to block any incoming traffic. He suddenly heard a loud buzzing sound that appeared to come from somewhere to his left and close in proximity. When he looked to the left side of the road he saw an object hovering over the ground about 10 meters away. At that moment his eyesight seemed to become blurry. The craft was about 2 meters in height and about 1.5 m in width, and hovered about 1 meter from the ground, balancing itself with short ascending and descending movements. The craft was silvery in opaque in nature. Suddenly and apparently coming from the craft, Fattorel heard a loud grave voice, aggressive in nature. It told him to step out of the truck. Afraid he refused to move thinking he was being robbed. As Fattorel attempted to start the vehicle he felt an intolerable pain in his neck and lost consciousness. Later he woke up lying on the ground unable to see clearly, with a buzzing sound in his ears and still feeling some pain in his neck. He staggered toward his vehicle and realized he had been unconscious for at least 20 minutes. A passing motorist picked him up. (HC addendum Source: Alejandro Chinetti, UFO Press # 15, January 1983)

Feb. 24, 1982;  Fleetwood, PA
6:30 AM. A bright round, lighted object flew over a car in Fleetwood, Pennsylvania. Its passage was accompanied by radio interference effects. (Source: Richard H. Hall, MUFON UFO Journal, February 1984, p. 14).

Feb. 25, 1982; Saltsburg, PA
Evening. A large disc with a dome on top flew over the witness's car and shone a beam of light onto the ground. The UFO came very near the ground and may have landed temporarily, then rose up and flew off over the witness's house and out of sight. The entire sighting lasted about five minutes. (Source: Stan Gordon, MUFON and PASU case investigation files, report dated April 1982).

March 1-5, 1982; A worldwide nuclear war game
Was directed from the White House (source: House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Subcommittee on International Security & Scientific Affairs hearing, April 2, 1982. Rep. Larry Winn, Jr. [R-Kans.] presiding).

March 1982; Springfield, MO
Night. The witness was traveling in her car when she suddenly lost control of the steering. She felt her vehicle being pulled by an unknown force towards a light that was hovering at tree top level straight ahead. She felt as if the car was floating. Soon she found herself in a clearing in a wooded area. Nearby sat a silvery metallic disc resting on three legs. A light shone on her and she sees folding steps descend from the object. She is drawn into the craft and through several rooms until she reaches a platform, made out of padded white silver chrome and lays down on it. Half a dozen men then appear; these are described as six-foot one inch tall, well built, long blond hair, high cheekbones, and blue eyes. They wore tight-fitting brown jumpsuits with matching shoes and belt, with a pale yellow stole draped over one shoulder. They also displayed a winged emblem on the chest area resembling a "hawk-eagle" head in center and wings on each side. She is then led out to the door and suddenly finds herself in her car. She then sees a craft taking off emitting a loud whistling sound. (HC addition # 1362 Source: Linda Moulton Howe Glimpses of Other Realities, Volume I)

March 4, 1982; Hellifield, England
10:30 PM. A car on the A65 highway in Hellifield, England was surrounded by blue lights and levitated up into the air. The woman driver felt a strong sensation of cold, and experienced 30 minutes of missing time. (Source: Paul Devereax, Earth Lights Revelation, p. 112).

March 8, 1982; close to Metter, GA
1:45 PM. Three former Air Force pilots flying in a private corporate jet saw a ten foot diameter silver disc that flew within 25 feet of their left wingtip. They were flying close to Metter, Georgia at the time, 60 miles southwest of Allendale, South Carolina. (Source: MUFON UFO Journal, March 1992, p. 17)

March 13, 1982; near Frankfurt, Germany
Several teenagers attending a disco in Messel, near Frankfurt, Germany watched three groups of four lights arranged in squares in the night sky. The first two formations of objects moved slowly, and then hovered. The third group flew fast. At 21:30 a luminous blue domed disc appeared over some woods, and approached to within 100 meters. It was ten meters in diameter, made a humming sound, and had rotating multicolored lights. Police also witnessed the object. The close encounter lasted 20 minutes. (Source: Illobrand von Ludwiger, Best UFO Cases--Europe, p. 21).

March 15, 1982; Near San Dimas CA
6:35 PM. A mother and her two children were driving on a busy highway when they spotted a rectangular glowing object with a cross in the center hovering over the area. As the car drew closer the mother heard a low humming sound and felt dizzy and had difficulty driving. One of the children felt weak and they younger one fell asleep. The object suddenly vanished and with witnesses felt better. Their trip was longer than usual. The children remembered seeing figures or faces within the object and experienced unusual sleepiness the following days. (HC addition # 505 (Source: Thomas E Bullard, UFO Abductions The Measure of the Mystery)

March 18, 1982; Flatwoods, KY
10:40 PM. Mr. J. Duty, an Army reservist, watched a domed disc-shaped UFO hover off to the left side of a highway in Flatwoods, Kentucky. The disc had red, green, blue, and white lights around its base, which blinked in rotation. It made a humming noise, circled the witness's car, then flew away. (Source: George Parsons, field investigator, CUFOS investigation files; Richard Hall, MUFON UFO Journal 177, November 1982, p. 13

March 21, 1982; Toledo, OH
9:00 PM. On an overcast evening a UFO shaped like a vertical football with three tube-like appendages banked to the north across the Ohio Turnpike in Toledo, Ohio and next came in low over a residential area at 200 feet altitude. It flew off to the south. It had three steady white lights and a small blinking red light. (Source: Karl R. Stewart, CUFOS case files).

March 22, 1982; Slanesville, VA
3:30 AM. The witness had gone outside to investigate a commotion among his dogs and cats and saw two lights descend from the sky and land. He approached with his car but the vehicle stalled. He approached on foot holding a flashlight and encountered a five-foot six-inch tall man dressed in a silvery coverall with a hood. The being communicated with the witness using telepathy and told him that, humans should use "atomic" power. A beam from the object slightly burned the witness. The being then re-entered the craft and it took off. Mental images of pyramids remained in the witness mind. (HC addition # 450 Source: Thomas E Bullard, UFO Abductions The Measure of A Mystery Type: C.)

March 25, 1982; Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, England
4:35 PM. Two uniformed officers, PS. Ian Victory and PC Anthony Underwood were driving a marked police vehicle when they observed a yellow lozenge shaped UFO in the sky. Stopping the vehicle they sat and watched it pass overhead. They saw red and blue flashing lights on the craft. The incident was believed to be subject of an investigation by the Ministry of Defence who admitted they had received a report about the officers sighting. The Superintendent for Milton Keynes police, John Burton, said of the officers, “These are two experienced officers and I have no reason to doubt their integrity.” ­ NL, on duty sighting. 2 officers. (Source - A Covert Agenda by Nick Redfern. Pocket Books 1998. Pages 159-160. THE 5TH ANNUAL PRUFOS POLICE REPORT 2006)

March 30, 1982; Charlottesville, VA
11:15 PM. An ovoid or "submarine"-shaped object flew over a car. It then hovered over the road, made a U-turn, and then paced the car for 15 blocks. It flew away toward the north. (Source: International UFO Reporter, November 1983, p. 4).

April 1982; Sedona, AZ
Night. Nancy and her daughter were in a camping tent in Fey Canyon, her baby granddaughter was also with her. That night she saw a lighted disk and a small entity entered the tent and grabbed her arm. All three were abducted. She recalled that the entity spoke "inside her head" and that they were rearranging her molecular structure for the purpose of facilitating communication and travel. She does not recall what happened between the time she left the tent and returned. She has been involved in previous encounters. (HC addition # 2811 Source: Bill Hamilton)

April 1, 1982; North Washington, PA
7:15 PM. A reddish triangular object with rounded apexes and a light in each corner was sighted by three witnesses. It was surrounded by a glittering mist that seemed to come from the rear of the object. Two glowing spheres shot out from the craft, one shot off toward the north, the other toward the south. The witnesses reported suffering from headaches after their close encounter. (Source: Stan Gordon, MUFON UFO Journal, June 1982, p. 3).

April 3, 1982; Bolingbrook, IL
3:00 AM +-  A woman schoolteacher in Bolingbrook was awakened by a high pitched sound "like a blender running in a box." She looked out at the cloudy, windy and cold weather conditions in her residential neighborhood and saw a bright blue domed disc-shaped object land next to some power lines. It lifted off and then landed a second time. The UFO had blue lights around the rim, and was only about 50 yards away. The blue light from the object illuminated the area as bright as day. A street light went out. The police received calls of power outages and blue flashes at the same time. (Sources: Fred Merritt, International UFO Reporter, July 1982, p. 6; UNICAT database, case 25, citing Fred Merritt).

April 7, 1982; Fort Wayne, IN
A mushroom cap shaped flying disc paced two people in a car. It had hazy lights and made odd maneuvers, not jerky but always smoothly executed. (Larry Hatch, U computer database, citing APRO Bulletin, June 1982).

April 8, 1982; west of Escanaba, MI
11:45 PM. An 80-foot wide boomerang shaped object, with a convex curved rear end, paced a car being driven by two teenagers. The UFO followed as close as 30 feet altitude, and the two girls feared capture. (Source: Fred Merritt, International UFO Reporter, September 1982, p. 4).

Middle of April 1982; near Broby Denmark
4:30 AM. A lone witness out for an early morning walk spotted a large shiny silver oval shaped craft on the ground on a nearby field. Next to the object stood two short man-like figures, described as very thin, with long arms, and elongated egg shaped heads. They had no hair, had large pointy ears, small round eyes and barely noticeable noses and mouths. These wore snug fitting silvery outfits, with belts with what appeared to be a black belt buckle. They were carrying some type of flashlight like instrument in their hands. After about 15 minutes the two short humanoids apparently entered the object through an unseen aperture. The object then rose up and disappeared at high speed towards Odense. (HC addition # 3501 Source: SUFOI Newsletter # 9)

April 18, 1982; Houston, TX
2:20 PM. A woman heard a loud noise, stepped onto her patio and saw a cigar-shaped object beneath the overcast, thick in the middle and tapered on both ends. The object flew at treetop level directly over her townhouse. (Project VISIT, John Schuessler.)

April 29, 1982; near Plattsburgh Air Force Base, NY
11:40 PM. A woman named Mary E. Boule saw a silent dome-shaped object near Plattsburgh Air Force Base. The object had a turquoise blue light on top and portholes. It flew low at 400-500 feet altitude, and definitely entered the air base's restricted air space. (Source: CUFOS files, letter from witness).

May 1982; near Comodoro Rivadavia, Chubut, Argentina
Night. During the war (Falkland Islands/Islas Malvinas conflict) several Argentine soldiers riding in a UNIMOG (Army) vehicle spotted several short man-like figures with large heads running towards a dark hovering disc shaped object. The craft hovered only a few cm from the ground. As the vehicle approached the object its engine began to sputter without any apparent cause. The humanoids then entered the craft via a luminous "shaft" of light, which slowly came out of the bottom of the craft. Seconds later a kind of hatch opened up and the humanoids entered the object, which immediately rose and disappeared into the distance. (HC addendum Source: Camara Obscura, Argentina, Al Filo de La Realidad)

May 2, 1982; Ripley, Queensland, Australia
9:00 PM. In an isolated area, some kangaroo hunters were walking down an electrical fence when they came upon a large disc shaped craft on the ground. Groups of seven-foot tall beings stood or walked on a large glass rim. The object had a dome on top and a rotating base. The beings were described as human-like with long blond hair and tanned skins. They wore gray jumpsuits. (HC addition # 2610 Source: Keith Basterfield)

May 12, 1982; Turis, Spain
A large, disc-shaped UFO was seen by the roadside in Turis, Spain. It perimeter was revolving and it appeared to be searching the area with beams of light. It rose up and flew away. (Source: Larry Hatch, U computer database, case 13877).

May,20,1982; Caboolture, Queensland, Australia
At 6:12 PM local time. Two people were driving along Golf Course Road, when they saw a bright light, low down, which then went out. It then reappeared as a 'saucer,' shape, metallic pewter in colour, with many portholes on the lower section. It emitted a blue beam of light, as it flew towards them, and then around to the front of their vehicle. The blue beam vanished when the object was above the vehicle. The witnesses felt there was a loss of nine minutes of time. Later, they had 'flashbacks' of a six and a half foot tall being in silver suit, with very small eyes. (Source: Case number QA 1990--001. UFO Research Queensland (Sunshine Coast Branch.)

May 22, 1982; Cleveland, TX
Diamond-shaped object with body lights, bright "headlights," flew overhead, seen clearly in police spotlight. Abnormal silence (section V).

May,23,1982, Bowna, Victoria, Australia
About 3:30 AM local time. An unnamed Melbourne man was driving alone along the Hume Highway, and noted an object moving parallel to his vehicle. It seemed 200 metres away from him, and seven metres off the ground. He stopped the car and switched off the lights. The noiseless object remained stationary at this point. Near Mullengandra, it passed some 15 metres up, and over his car. He arrived at his mother's house and she saw a bright, diamond shaped, stationary, light, flickering every few minutes. (Source: Border Morning Mail (Albury) newspaper dated May 24, 1982.)

June 3, 1982; Brooklyn, NY
4:00 AM. A young woman  was awakened by a voice slowly calling her name. When she got up from bed she saw a large glowing object outside her window. She saw two man-like figures staring at her from inside the craft, and a small table inside the object. The two men began moving back and forth very quickly. The UFO then changed into a bright fiery flame and disappeared. The woman received a telepathic message before it departed. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1982, case # 1085, citing Brad & Shirley Hansen Steiger, Starborn).

June 10, 1982; Madbury, NH
Wedge-shaped object with body lights hovered low over reservoir, lights reflecting in water; instant relocation, red light beam shone on house, then on car (section I).

June 10, 1982; Albany, NY
9:30 PM. While driving home, a woman and several children observed a disc-shaped object with dome on top and blinking  red lights, and a row of rectangular windows on the side, hovering in the sky.  The object darted to one side, then rose , stopped again, and descended to its original position. The woman stopped the car and the object continued moving around, then accelerated, began revolving, and sped away at at upward angle. It had been visible for 7-8 minutes. (MUFON UFO sighting questionnaire.)

June 15, 1982; Romeoville, IL
9:30 PM. A fireball with an odd shape flew rapidly toward the power plant in Romeoville, Illinois. It stopped and hovered, then flew away fast toward the west. (Source; Larry Hatch, U computer database, case #14404, citing MUFON UFO Journal, issue #177).

June 18, 1982; Gong Heui area, Hubei, China
21:57 GMT.  Five Chinese Air Force pilots were on patrol over north China’s military frontier. Jet fighter’s electrical systems malfunctioned; communications and navigation systems failed. Suddenly a pilot encountered a UFO of a milky yellowish-green luminous color, about the size of the full moon.  The radio compass instead of giving the direction of the tracking station direction gave a direction 30° on his right. [See details at link above] (Sources : Beyond Top Secret, Timothy Good, 1996; Haines Case 49).

June 27, 1982; Bell Bay, Tasmania, Australia
About 4:30 PM local time. A man, aged 40, was on board an Ansett 727 aircraft inbound into Launceston, Tasmania. Looking down at a 30 degree angle, he saw a spherical shape, with no wings or lights, moving at the same speed as the aircraft. The sun, breaking through clouds, clearly illuminated it. Its colour was described as metallic. It then moved upwards and to the north, and was last seen, to the rear of the aircraft. (Source: Examiner (Launceston)  newspaper dated July 7, 1982.)

July 1982; Mersin, Turkey
A lone witness reported seeing a 15-meter diameter disc-shaped object hovering at about 100 meters from the ground. The craft appeared metallic, resembling two plates placed together. Through an apparent opening he saw several short helmeted humanoids moving about in stiff mechanical movements resembling those of robots. (HC addendum Source: Jean Pierre Troadec in Project Becassine)

July 6, 1982; Hampshire, Tasmania, Australia
About 7:30 PM local time. A man driving alone, found that his car was gradually loosing power, and finally stopped. He turned off the ignition, and the lights which were still on. He started to get out of the vehicle, when he noticed, 20-30- metres beyond the fence-line, and 6 metres off the ground, he saw a stationary, noiseless, object; looking like a large, Army helicopter, and estimated to be the size of a bus. It was blue/black in colour. It seemed to be gradually going away to the west. This took about one and a half minutes. He then started the car's engine and departed the area. An inspection of the car found nothing to account for its behavior. A check of the paddock revealed nothing unusual. (Source: Advocate (Burnie) newspaper, dated July 7 1982.)

July 20, 1982; Vejer de la Frontera, Cadiz, Spain
Mid-afternoon. A a local cattleman was on his motorcycle using a seldom traveled road when his motorcycle came to a stop and would not start. He then walked to what he thought was a tanker truck a hundred meters away, but when he got to about 30 meters away from it he saw two huge human-like figures standing in the middle of the road. They wore shiny metallic armored suits and fishbowl-like clear helmets. One stood near a wire fence and was looking at the cattle in the nearby field. The beings then walked back to the object as if in slow motion. They entered the object through an open hatch, which took off silently towards the north. Ground traces were reportedly found at the site. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1982, case # 98, citing investigator Fernandez-Peri and Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos, Enciclopedia de Los Encuentros con OVNIs).

July 22, 1982; Katy, TX
9:30 PM. Rhree witnesses saw a dark boomerang-shaped (or V-shaped) object with bright orange-yellow "headlights" hovering in the sky. As they watched, they noticed a total silence in the area. The object finally began moving and as it passed by their location, they heard a deep humming sound. While parallel to them, they could see small round white lights inside of the V shape.  Clear weather, unlimited visibility. (John Schuessler case summary and MUFON UFO sighting questionnaire.)

July 23, 1982; in Ste-Dorothee, near Laval, Quebec
2:00 AM. Four 16 year olds--with the last names Lebeau, Cousineau, and Labre--saw an intense beam of white light from a multi-colored UFO in a field. Shortly later they heard beeping, and when they shone a spotlight in the direction of the noise it revealed a five to six foot tall being with a large brown head and orange eyes. They all suffered from intense stomach pain. (Sources: Richard F. Haines, CE5: Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind, p. 210; FSR, November 28, 1982).

July 25, 1982; Punta Umbria, Spain
4:00 AM. A bullfighter observed blinking red and yellow lights near the beach. He thought it was the scene of a car accident and approached. What he saw was a square-shaped craft and a 3-meter (10 foot) tall robot standing at the side of the UFO. It had no arms, and the head was covered with a metal mesh material. It made guttural sounds. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database case 0640)

July 25, 1982; Latrobe, PA
Several independent witnesses reported seeing a blunt gray, 300-foot long cigar-shaped object with windows fly over woods and the sewage treatment plant heading west. (MUFON UFO Journal, October 1983).

Aug. 10, 1982; Lake Sawyer, WA
10:30 PM. A couple and their son while driving home to Kent and noticed an illuminated object above the tree line, projecting a beam of light into the sky which moved back and forth like a searchlight. The object had four red body lights. When they stopped at a stop sign, they saw that the searchlight beam disappeared and and a new light beam began rotating in a downward direction and the object appeared to be moving in their direction. As they turned around a corner, a bright beam of light shone down into the car "bathing the driver in red light." The light and object then disappeared.) Donald A. Johnson. Puget Sound Aerial Phenomena Research Newsletter, Autumn 1982.)

Sept. 1982; Girard, PA
Evening. A man driving around dusk on the I90 road saw an object hovering above the tree line. The craft was wedge shaped and triangular from below. It seemed to taper up to 12 foot high. There was silver or metallic globe shaped device on the bottom, which resembled a convex department store security mirror. His vehicle engine ran rough then stalled, and the lights inside flashed as the object approached. He could see a large window in the top of the object. He was then able to see two figures that seemed clothed in silver like material. These were engaged in rapid, jerky activities, and seemed to be manipulating unseen controls inside the object. The object had red/white and green lights and seemed to pulse with a dull purplish brown color on the bottom. The object moved silently always at about 20 mph and was lost from sight. There was a second witness inside the vehicle. (HC addition # 2618 Source: Andy Page)

Sept. 1982; Corby England
Late night. Ros Reynolds and her boyfriend were driving to visit friend when their vehicle was suddenly engulfed in light and an object then flew over them. The object then began to follow the car, traveling alongside them. Suddenly the car engine went dead, the car stopped and then she went blank. She could only remember getting back in the car and by the time she arrived at her friends they had lost nearly three hours. Later she was able to recall being inside an object and seeing two "aliens." They were about 3-feet 6 inches tall with large black, almond shaped eyes and a slit for a mouth. They had two little holes for a nose, no ears and were gray blue in color. They had no hair or eyebrows and had four fingers on each hand. She was then taken into a room with a table. A larger humanoid, about 7-feet tall prodded the witness all over her body. It took skin samples and fluid with a needle inserted into her stomach. They then apparently extracted half of her reproductive system. She is now unable to have children because her ovaries are missing. (HC addition # 2831 Source: The People News 2-20-94)
Sept. 6, 1982; Auberry, CA
Dogs bark and lights dim as disc follows power line (Joan Woodward files)

Sept. 17, 1982; Ipswich, MA
10:45 PM. While walking his dog, a man saw a boomerang-shaped object traveling southeast with erratic, zigzagging motions.  His wife came outside to join him, and together they saw three disc-shaped objects pass overhead. (MUFON investigation report by Marge Christensen.)

Sept. 17, 1982; South Atlantic
11:03PM A bright patch of light exploded into an orange fireball near the M.V. Strathdee, a Romanian registry ship sailing in the South Atlantic at the geographical coordinates -11.62 S 33.47 W. According to the article in the MUFON UFO Journal, it flashed rays of light and made no sound. A Geiger counter reading indicated a radiation level of 5-7 rads. There were 16 witnesses. (Sources: William R. Corliss, Remarkable Luminous Phenomena in Nature, p. 283; MUFON UFO Journal, September 1984).

Oct. 1982; near Des Moines IA
3:00 AM. After watching a bright maneuvering light over the farm the witness was awakened by the sound of the cattle bellowing nervously. Looking out the window he was able to see glowing green colored disc shaped craft hovering above the barnyard. On the ground below several small shadowy figures could be seen moving around. Suddenly thee of the short figures appeared at the bedroom door. The witness and his wife after initial panic were overcame by a feeling of peach and tranquility. The beings took the witnesses by their hands and led them to the hovering disc shaped object at the orchard. A stairway descended silently to the ground and both witnesses entered the dimly lit interior of the object. One of them was asked to lie down on a large white ivory-like stone, manacles clamped themselves on her wrists and ankles, and she was unable to move. An entity described as feminine shorter than the rest, with larger eyes and pointed nose, fuller lips stood around to watch. The feminine being removed the witness gown and began emitting humming musical sounds. The witness then remembers a syringe being inserted in her abdomen and then several samples of skin, hair, and blood were taken. The husband remembers being taken into a small cubicle where two short beings gave him a vial of green liquid to drink. He began feeling very hot and proceeded to attain an uncontrolled erection, once this occurred the beings clamped a mechanical suction cup around his penis and extracted semen. The witnesses then remember waking up in their bedroom in the morning (HC addition # 1095 Source: Brad Steiger, "The UFO Abductors")

Oct. 2, 1982; Springfield, MO
8:00 PM. Ten witnesses of a deltoid object with no sound. (IUR-8,1)

Oct. 4, 1982; Soviet Ukraine
6:00 p.m. A huge UFO of perfect geometrical shape and 900 meters in diameter hovered over a nearby ballistic missile base. Numerous eyewitnesses confirmed the sighting. So did Lt. Colonel Vladimir Plantonev, a missile engineer. According to him the UFO was a noiseless, disc-shaped craft; it had no portholes, its surface completely even. It made turns, like an airplane would. The missile silo at the base contained a nuclear warhead pointed at the United States. Plantonev was in the bunker that fateful day in 1982. The room contained dual control panels for the missile, each of them hooked to Moscow. As the UFO hovered overhead, signal lights on both the control panels suddenly turned on, for a short period of time. The lights indicated that the missiles were preparing for launch. Moscow could have initiated such launch, by its transmission of special orders, but no order came from Moscow, and no one at the base pushed any buttons. For 15 long seconds the base simply lost control of its nuclear weapons. (Robert Hastings; ABC News)

Oct. 16, 1982; Boyd County, KY
4:00 PM. Cube-shaped object tumbles across sky while being pursued by two military jets. Any sound masked by jets. (MUJ-189)

Oct. 18, 1982; Lake Norman, NC
Silver oval with "four legs"

Oct. 22, 1982; Westort, IN
8:00 PM  A large dull grey triangular shaped object with a humming sound came slowly from the southeast, flew over witnesses in yard of rural home, paused to hover in the northeast over a 10 foot tree, then moved out of sight in the northeast. Witnesses saw red light on each corner of object and convex bottom on object. P. Kearney (Worley files)

Oct. 24, 1982; Lowell, Indiana
9:20 GMT ? Pilot & student pilot in a single-engine Cherokee 140 just after reaching their cruising altitude of 2,300 ft (above ground level), on a 240° course encountered an object first thought to be a malfunctioning parachute. What happened after that is described in startling detail in the report linked above. At one point, the UAO flicked across their nose, veering to its left and missing the aircraft's right wing tip by no more than 10 feet. At the instant that it passed, the vortex hit them so hard that the plane’s airframe groaned in protest, and the altimeter "went wacky". It continued to curve to the left, back on what appeared to be its original heading of 355°, still accelerating, and eventually beginning to climb until it finally disappeared into the distance haze. At no time during the encounter had the UFO shown any sort of exhaust trail. (From the International UFO Reporter, CUFOS, May-June 1983; Haines Case 50)

Nov. 2, 1982: Maxial, Estremadura Province, Portugal
Shiny disc below two military aircraft darted up to their altitude, rapidly circled one of them, sped out of sight (section II).

Nov. 6, 1982; Lombard, IL
3:45 PM. A brilliant round, intense light was seen in the sky over Lombard, Illinois. There appeared to be very small airplanes circling this huge unmoving object. The witness, D. Keogh, called the nearby Adler Planetarium, but got the usual "run around." (Source: J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies files).

Nov. 18, 1982; Santa Cruz de Tenerife in the Canary Islands
Late at night Andreas Schneider sighted a maneuvering disc-shaped object over Santa Cruz de Tenerife in the Canary Islands. He lost consciousness and had an out-of-body experience, feeling that his "astral" body was taken into the object. Inside he encountered several short beings with wrinkly rough gray skin and huge heads. The beings communicated by using telepathy and told Schneider they were from the planet "Humo." (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1982, case # 3180, citing S.I.B. Betelgeuse).

Nov. 19, 1982: Temperanceville, VA
11:10 PM. A 36-year-old nurse on her way to work noticed a green light over a field directly ahead of her, south of Temperanceville, Virginia and not far from the NASA facility at Wallops Island. She stopped her car and looked in the direction of the light, and noticed that it was on a circular silvery grayish object that was shining a bright shaft of light onto the field. In the center of the object she could see a large bubble like window illuminated by a soft white light. Inside the window she could see three dark human-like figures moving around, visible from the waist up. The object then moved slowly towards her car flying over it, making a humming sound like a generator. It flew towards the bay and disappeared. (Source: Bob Grattan, MUFON UFO Journal, October 1983, p. 16; Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1982; case #222).

Nov. 27, 1982; Castroville, TX
6:00 AM. Two hunters in a deer blind in Castroville, Texas saw a multi-colored V-shaped object nearly over their heads, moving very slowly toward the west. It would stop, drop suddenly several thousand feet, move laterally very fast, then turn without banking. It never made a sound. It disappeared from view just at sunrise. (Source: Elmer J. Romigh,  MUFON Field Investigations Database, case 931235J).

Nov. 27, 1982; Palatine, IL
5:00 AM. In the suburbs of Cook County, there was a vehicle encounter between three police officers and a domed disc-shaped object 30 feet in diameter, which emitted a light beam toward the ground. It began when a luminous object with brilliant illumination brightly illuminated a police patrol car, then changed direction when pursued. The white domed disc was later seen to the east, with a light beam extended toward the ground, as it descended behind the tree line.  The entire episode lasted about three minutes. (Sources: Mark Rodeghier, International UFO Reporter, March 1983, p. 10; Richard H. Hall, The UFO Evidence, Volume II: A Thirty-Year Report, pp. 188 & 315).

December, 21, 1982; Maddington, Western Australia, Australia
About 1:45 PM local time. While travelling home, a man thought he was being followed by a motor bike. Then he realised it was an orange ball, 1.3 to 1.6 metres above the road, following him. The man slowed down his vehicle, and so did the light. Suddenly it disappeared, then reappeared five seconds later, about 800 metres behind him.(Source: Files of the Australian Centre for UFO Studies.)

Dec. 21, 1982; Penthereaz, Switzerland
9:00 PM. A small glowing sphere followed a car for ten minutes and lit up the vehicle's interior. The luminous ball was estimated to be only 12 centimeters in diameter. ((SWICAT Swiss UFO catalogue).

Dec. 31, 1982; Kent Cliffs, NY
11:54 PM. In the lower Hudson River Valley a police officer and his wife spotted a delta-shaped UFO making a faint, low frequency hum. The colored lights on the object switched off and three bright white lights lit up the ground. He was able to shoot some movie film of the UFO, but the images are of low quality. (Source: J. Allen Hynek & Phil Imbrogno, Night Siege: The Hudson Valley UFO Sightings, p. 6).

Late 1982-early 1983: New York State and Connecticut
                                                                                          "Night Siege" boomerangs, continuing for a long period of time (section VIII).


1. Volume II, The UFO Evidence, A Thirty-Year Report - Richard Hall, 2000

2. CUFOS report, Rodeghier


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