The 1995 UFO Chronology

Released, February 15, 2008, updated 16 March 2017
This is currently a 9-page chronology of UFO incidents and events for 1995
. Our thanks for these chronologies must go to Richard Hall (the original 1995 chronology from UFOE II), Dan Wilson (archive researcher), and Jean Waskiewicz (online NICAP DBase [NSID]. You will note the many foreign reports that we are now being able to access. Our special thanks to Dan Wilson for getting those to us. As more come in, this page will be updated. Previous chronologies (1947 to 1969) involved the expertise of two other team members; Rebecca Wise (Project Blue Book Archive) and Brad Sparks (Comprehensive Catalog of Project Blue Book Unknowns). Bob Gribble's entries are those filed with the National UFO Reporting Center in Seattle, Washington, now operated by Peter Davenport. Trace cases are now being entered with the help of Ted Phillips, Center for Physical Trace Research and retrofitted into previous chronologies as time permits. Since I was Indiana State Director (MUFON) at that time, some of our Indiana cases are listed here.

Several VERY good UFO reports (May 25, Bovina, TX has audio transmissions) in this group, and the GAO (General Accounting Office) report on the Air Force Roswell investigation was released in July.

Francis Ridge
NICAP Site Coordinator & Arhivist

The  UFO Chronology

Jan. 2, 1995; New Port Richey, FL
6:25 AM. A huge, coin-shaped disc hovered near the shoreline of New Port Richey, Florida for about a minute, and then shot away “like lightning.� (Source: Peter Davenport, National UFO Reporting Center, Seattle).

Jan. 2, 1995;  Tekoa, WA
Dog curious and fearful as star-like lights landed (Animal Reaction Specialist, Joan Woodward)

Jan. 6, 1995; Pennine Alps in Derbyshire, England
6:40 PM. A British Airways Boeing-737 flight with 60 passengers aboard was buzzed by a bright wedge-shaped object as it flew over the Pennine Alps in Derbyshire, England on its descent to Manchester Airport. The object appeared to be only meters in front of the airliner as it flew at 13,000 feet, and it was so close that the co-pilot instinctively reacted by ducking down inside the cockpit. It had small lights, made no attempt to change course, and made no discernable sound or turbulance. The object did not appear on radar. However, there was at least one witness on the ground to the close encounter. (Sources: Curt Sutherly, UFO Mysteries: A Reporter Seeks the Truth, p. 194; Dominique Weinstein, Aircraft UFO Encounters, p. 47; Lynn Picknett, Mammoth Book of UFOs, p. 156; Michael Hesemann, UFOs: The Secret History; FSR, March 1995).

Jan. 16, 1995; Miami, FL
5:45 PM. A 40-year-old man looked out of the window of a store and saw a UFO over a shopping mall. He ran outside to view it more closely. The multi-colored disc-shaped object was rolling in loops on a trajectory that passed in front of a nearby building. It continued rolling as it flew away, and was in view for three minutes. (Source: Mary Margaret Zimmer, MUFON field investigation files, case 950406E).

Jan. 17, 1995; Boyton Beach, FL
5:10 AM. The witness was driving in her car at the corner of Congress and Gateway, when she saw a seven foot tall brownish being with long stringy arms and legs on the side of the road. It also had an elongated head and dark eyes. At the same time a transparent craft, shaped like a multi-sided crystal, with two other beings inside, "tumbled" across the road about 60 feet in front of her car. The witness slammed on her brakes and when she turned to look again both the object and the humanoid were gone. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1995, case # 2821, citing Skyscan, August 1997).

Feb. 3, 1995; Beijing, China
Saucer-shaped, illuminated object videotaped. (You Tube). Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos' FOTOCAT records confirm the date, and it appears to be a blimp. His references are: references.   Internet discussions  by Santiago Yturría,  Amy Hebert, and  Bruce Maccabee.

Feb. 6, 1995; Bloomington. IL
6:45 PM. Two truck drivers were eastbound on Rte. 136 and were located about 15 miles west of the Dixie Brothers Truck Stop, when the lead truck began to slow. The trailing truck slowed with it, although the latter driver was confused by why his partner was reducing speed. The lead truck finally pulled off the highway and came to a full stop on the shoulder; and the trailing truck did the same. At this point, the driver in the second truck looked to one side of the highway, and was aghast to witness a bizarre, unearthly object hovering motionless in a cloudy and hazy sky. He described it as at least two, and probably three "vertical slashes of light," apparently oriented vertically in the night sky (Ed.: It was not clear at the time of the call why the caller was uncertain as to the exact number of elements to the object.) The center "shaft" of light was longer than the other "shaft(s)," and it may have been of different color from the two "shafts" to each side. After the two truckers had watched the display for approximately five minutes, the center "shaft" belched out a cloud of "red dots" and suddenly disappeared from sight. The caller added that, peculiarly, the highway was notably devoid of all other automobile and truck traffic during the sighting. However, both he and his partner noted, apparently independent of one another, the fact that traffic started appearing on the highway immediately following the disappearance (departure?) of the strange object. In describing the incident, the caller said, in alluding to the incident, "It was nuts." The emotion he apparently was experiencing after the sighting was quite evident in his voice, and he had gone to some trouble to pull off the highway to make his calls to both the FAA and the Hotline. The trucker who called is based in West Monroe, LA. (NUFORC)

Feb. 9, 1995; Guiyang, Guizhou, China
A Chinese Boeing 737 airliner has a near-collision with an object which changed
from diamond-shaped to round shaped. The object was seen on a control
tower radar screen. The pilot didn't see a thing, but the control tower told him a UFO was flying parallel to them. At that moment, the anti-collision automatic system on the Boeing 737 turned on and the Control Tower gave instructions to the plane to climb over the cloud layer to avoid a collision. (Source: UFOs Behind the Great Wall: A report on the state of UFOlogy in China, J. Antonio Huneenus, Fate Magazine, Vol. 50, No.9, Sept. 1997)  

March 1, 1995; Sedalia, MO
9:00 PM. The lady had witnessed the object hovering over her farm for approximately 5 minutes. She is a professional artist, and she reported that while the object hovered over her farm at a distance from her of not more than an 1/8 mile, she attempted consciously to "take in." and commit to memory, specific detail she observed on the object in order to be able to draw the item at a later date. (see drawing). When she first spotted the object, it appeared to her to be nothing more than an intensely bright white light, with a very faint yellow tinge to it. At first, she was merely intrigued by its bizarre appearance, and she walked out on the second-story porch to observe the object more closely with binoculars. Initially, she estimated the distance of the object from her house at less than 1/4 mile; when she later paced off the distance to where she thought the object had been hovering, the distance was approximately l/8th mile, roughly twice the length of a football field. Her first full view of the object was from its right side. She reported that it appeared to have "windows" along its side, and it seemed to her that it was somehow "surveying," her land. She further noted that "there was no motor sound." but that it did give off a faint hum. she thought. After a short period of time, the object appeared to turn toward her and begin to approach her house, which alarmed her, and caused her to re-enter the house. At this point, she was better able to estimate the size of the craft, which she described as "bigger than a blimp." After she estimated to be approximately five minutes of hovering and slow drifting over her land, the object began to move to the southwest, and began to rise in the evening sky. Shortly after it began to move, it quickly disappeared from sight. (Source: Peter Davenport, National UFO Reporting Center 1995 Report).

March 2, 1995; Selma, OH
10:20 PM.  Phil was in the living room reading. He happened to glance out the window and noticed lights which he assumed was from a truck being driven through the field across the road. Phil recounts the experience. "I pointed out this truck to my wife who started watching it from the side window where I work on my computer. She then went outside [to the front porch] to get a better view because we do not see too many people driving in the fields around here. After she had been outside for a few minutes she called to me to come outside quick! By the time I got outside, the truck had turned off the two head­lights which made it look like a vehicle and [it] was rising up out of the field. It slowly rose to about 200 feet high and then proceeded to cross the road and on to slowly circle our house. "We watched in amazement as this thing very slowly circled our house no more than 200 feet away from us. It made a very low hum type noise, had white, red and green flashing lights. We were very close to this thing and yet we could not see any craft details. From the position of the lights from front to back it was at least 100 feet long. (MORA, FI's  Jim Spangler,: Dr. Irena Scott and William E. Jones)

March 10, 1995; Cass County, MO
6:15 AM. A number of 25 foot in diameter bowl-shaped metallic discs lifted off from the ground in a farmer's field. They wree only 100 feet away from the witness when they took off. (Source: Francis L. Ridge, UFO Intelligence Newsletter).

March 15, 1995; St. Louis, MO
10:30 PM. Four workers and their supervisor were loading trucks on the dock at a produce distribution terminal in downtown St. Louis when they noticed a glowing, green disc-shaped object hovering below the clouds in the western sky.  One witness said the object "just suddenly appeared." The object was disc-shaped with a slight dome at the top. The witnesses agreed that it was the size of a golf ball held at arms length. After hovering in place for about 20 seconds, it dropped straight down about six inches from the witnesses' perspective and streaked due south at a speed much greater than a jet aircraft.  As the object moved off the color appeared to change to a white-orange. The object's estimated altitude was 1,000 ft. and its distance from the witnesses was approximately one mile.  No sound was emitted from the craft. All five witnesses agreed on the details of this sighting. (Iinterviewed in person by Actaeon investigators Tom Eckhardt, Dave Kokotovich, David Marler, and Richard Reinhardt.)

March 15, 1995; Washington Park, IL
10:30 PM. The witness in this report is a private businessman, who owns a nursery and greenhouse. The witness was in his greenhouse when he noticed a green glow sweep over the transparent roof of the greenhouse. The greenhouse is an oblong structure with the door facing due south. After observing the green glow move across the roof in a north to south direction he exited the building to find the source of the light. Stepping outside, he had expected to see the light source in the southern sky.  While he was looking in that direction something caught his attention in the northwest sky.  He turned and observed an object which he described as "looking just like a flying saucer from the movies." The disc shaped object was well defined within a reddish/orange glow. The object appeared to hover silently for a few seconds, before accelerating and making several sharp angular turns. The witness described the trajectory as, "making a triangle in the air." The object descended from the northwest to the south at about a 45-degree angle, it then abruptly switched direction flying parallel to the ground heading north. At this point, the object a 45-degree angle and disappeared in the southwest sky.  The witness was unable to estimate the approximate size of the object, but did describe it as "large." The witness went on record as stating "this was no meteor." (He was personally interviewed at the sighting location by Actaeon Group investigators Dave Kokotovich, David Marler, and Debra Kokotovich.)

10:30 PM. "Sherry" related that she was driving on a rural road outside of town when she noticed an object in the sky. She described the object as oval in shape and glowing orange. Almost immedi­ately the object moved to a position in front of the car and hovered over a stand of trees near a farm house. At this point the object seemed to be egg-shaped and was glowing a fluorescent green. Further, the object appeared to be solid and surrounded by a glowing, green haze that gave the appearance of jagged, almost sawtooth-like edges. She stopped the car and turned off the engine. The object made no discernible noise as it hovered above the trees. The object rapidly rotated approximately 180 degrees. As it rotated the color changed to black. Two bright, red lights that she described as looking like automobile brake lights were all that remained visible; the red lights appeared to be attached to the object and were placed near each end. She stated the object "just disappeared." She has no memory of watching the object move away. When the witness first saw the object it was slowly moving in a west-to-east direction. It crossed in front of her car and hovered over the trees south of her position. The approximate distance from her car to the trees was 120 ft, and the estimated altitude of the object approximately 40 ft. The witness described the object's dimensions as that of a full-size car. The estimated duration of the sighting was 5 minutes. "Sherry's" father stated that when she got home that evening she was very excited and somewhat scared. On March 17th she reported the sighting to the Illinois State Police. She also called Scott Air Force Base and reported what she had seen. An Air Force spokesman told her that their radar had not picked up any unknown traffic on the 15th. (NUFORC referred to Actaeon FIs, David Marler & Tom Eckhardt)

March 18, 1995; southwest of Falkirk, Scotland
8:30 PM. Two bright white UFOs paced a car southwest of Falkirk, then zoomed away in opposite directions. (Source: UFO Newsclipping Service, May 1995).

9:02 PM. Family of three is frightened by large approx. 300 foot long, low-flyin, black UFO displaying two brilliant lights in a semi-remote area of Nova Scotia. (Don Ledger)        

March 25, 1995; between Alencon and Bernay, Eure, France
4:00 AM. A huge luminous hemisphere or dome shaped observed was observed covering the roadway between Alencon and Bernay, Eure, France. A conical beam of light came from the bottom of the object. (Source: Larry Hatch, U computer database, case 17178, citing Banque OVNI, issue # 95).

April 2, 1995; Pujaut, France
11:00 PM. A metallic disc hovered for two minutes over Pujaut, France and directed a beam of light at the witness. A widespread power outage was experienced in the area at the same time. (Source: Banque O.V.N.I., p. 095).

April 19, 1995; Richmond, VA
9:45 PM. A family and a group of twelve atheletes watched a huge black, domed disc at very close range. (Source: Peter Davenport, National UFO Reporting Center, Seattle).

April 22, 1995; near Kairi, Queensland, Australia
5:10 AM. A manta ray-shaped UFO paced a car for several miles near Kairi, Queensland, Australia. It had a cockpit and window, and illuminated the ground as it flew off toward the east. (Source: Larry Hatch, U computer database, case 16832).

May 10, 1995; Columbia, MO
2:40 AM. Alien creature observed through patio door. (See report by Actaeon Group Investigators)

May 25, 1995; Bovina, TX
10:30 PM. America West airline crew sees cigar shaped object with pulsating lights at 39,000 feet. Involved NASA. A west bound America West B-757 airliner encountered a UFO with flashing lights along its length. The passenger jet was flying over the panhandle of Texas when it observed the unknown object. Thanks be to investigator Walter N. Webb, of the UFO Research Coalition for his thorough investigation of the case. Webb was able to get copies of the FAA voice tapes of chatter between the plane and ground (see case directory and sound bytes, YouTube video, etc. in link above). He also interviewed the crew and air traffic controllers (Walter Webb; UFO Evidence II, Section I, Dick Hall)

May 27, 1995; Hialeah, FL
2:00 AM. A lampshade-shaped object hovered over Hialeah. It was very bright with small windows, and had lights rotating around its perimeter. (Source: Peter Davenport, National UFO Reporting Center, Seattle, May 1995 web page archive).

June 5, 1995; Pamiers, France
12:10 AM. A 100-meter diameter sphere followed a car for two minutes at 700 meters altitude. The occupants of the car reported being in a state of shock after the encounter. (Source: Banque O.V.N.I., case 95)

June 5, 1995; Poligny, France
4:00 AM. A large white ovoid object hovered over Poligny, France. Six smaller orbs exited the larger object, flew around, then returned. (Source: Lumieres dans la Nuit, issue no. 333).

June 5, 1995; Pensacola, FL
3:10 PM. A black disc was sighted moving toward the northeast over Pensacola, Florida. It flew slowly at 15 mph, across the wind, at 100 feet altitude, and made no sound. (Source: UFO Newsclipping Service, July 1995).

June 11, 1995; Cleburne, TX
On this night several golfers watched a metallic cigar-shaped object hover over the golf course for several minutes. A five-minute long videotape was made of the UFO by a professional photographer. (Source: Peter Davenport, National UFO Reporting Center, Seattle).

June 12, 1995; Wichita, KS
A lone witness reported encountering several strange humanoids to the National UFO Reporting Center in Seattle, Washington. There was no UFO associated with the report. (Sources: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1995, case #2170, citing Francis Ridge, UFO Intelligence Newsletter, February 1996; Peter Davenport, National UFO Reporting Center).

June 14, 1995; Holley, FL
9:00 AM. a flat topped silver disc flew slowy toward the east over Holley, Florida making no sound. It shot away at high speed. Two jets were next seen, apparently following it. (Source: Lumieres dans la Nuit, issue #334).

June 16, 1995; near Shelton, Washington
A silent bell-shaped disc flashed and maneuvered over the shore of Puget Sound northeast of Shelton, Washington. It emitted a bright red beam of light. After 10 minutes it flew off towards the northeast. (Source: West Virginia UFO Newsletter, issue #8).

July 15, 1995; Harwinton, Connecticut
Bt. 2:00 & 3:00 PM. Two witnesses observed a large metallic disk about 500 feet in diameter at an altitude of about 200 feet, from a distance of about a half mile. The object was traveling 65-70 mph. The shadow of the object had previously crossed the road. A group of independent witnesses at another location did not observe the object. The combination of circumstances allow close constraints on the observation so that size, distance, altitude and speed can be estimated even without a triangulation. (MUFON connecticut)

July 23, 1995; Snake River, ID
11:00 PM. A black, silent, manta ray shaped flying object passed overhead in Snake River, Idaho. It had black wings that appeared to "ripple." There was no mention of lights on the UFO in the report. (Source: Curt Sutherly, UFO Mysteries: A Reporter Seeks the Truth, p. 195, citing the Idaho Statesman, February 25, 1996).

July 28, 1995; The GAO Report on the Air Force Investigation of Roswell
The two Air Force reports on the Roswell incident, published in 1995 and 1997, form the basis for much of the skeptical explanation for the 1947 incident, the purported recovery of aliens and their craft from the vicinity of Roswell, New Mexico. The first report, The GAO Report on Roswell (Actual report in pdf file) “The Roswell Report: Fact versus Fiction in the New Mexico Desert,” identified a secret military research program called Project Mogul. as the source of the debris reported in 1947. More background information can be found in two IUR articles: The GAO Report, July/Aug. 1995 IUR Vol. 20, No. 4  &  What The GAO Found; IUR 1995, Vol. 20, No. 4

July 28, 1995; Racine, WI
2:00 PM. A very bright silver disc was seen hovering in the clear sky. It was suddenly joined by two more similar looking objects. (Sources: Peter Davenport, National UFO Reporting Center, Seattle; Jay Rath, The W-Files: True Reports of Wisconsin's Unexplained Phenomena, p. 81).

July 29, 1995; St. Louis, MO
11:30 PM. 45-min sighting. Witness looked out the front windshield and observed a huge metallic craft passing overhead.  Her description is of a solid metallic object the size of a football field or even larger.  She describes the bottom of the craft in detail.  She estimates the distance between the object and car to be between 200 and 500 feet.  The witnesses live next to an Air Force base and are accustomed to overflight distances.  She describes a rhombus shape (diamond) which contained row after row of 18-20 foot diameter cylinders that emitted a soft yellow glow.  She said each cylinder could easily swallow a car and there were many of these cylinders aligned in this diamond shape. The diamond shape itself that surrounded the cylinders looked like I-beams.  They looked like a dark metallic to her.  Around this diamond shape were several layers of dark metal ranging from black on the inside to a light fuzzy gray on the outside.  Within these metal layers appeared to be some type of recessed lighting.  The male witness almost lost control of the car.  He crossed the left lane of the highway and almost crossed into the median.  A truck some distance back had to apply defensive driving.  They don't know If any other driver saw what they did.  The husband saw horizontal lights with a domed top.  They are unsure why she saw the bottom so clearly and he saw a side view.  They wonder if the object has tilted but they don't know.  She looks behind them to see the object hovering over a bam silo.  She sees a yellow glow on the silo but is not sure if the light is from the object or silo lights reflecting off the object After a short distance they stop the car to video more of the flashing lights.  Video of the object was not successful because the witness became contused about when the camera was on and when it was off. the witness reports losing her glasses.  They drove to the next exit, turned around, and drove back in an attempt to find them.  They were unsuccessful. The duration of the sightings on the state map was roughly between Edwardsville and Litchfield on southern Illinois. They proceeded to make a report to MUFON in Seguin, TX. (Michigan MUFON Newsletter, Linda Murphy)

July 31, 1995; San Carlos de Bariloche, Rio Negro Province, Argentina
8:10 PM. An Aerolineas Argentinas jet narrowly missed a UFO that darted into its path and then flew beside it as the Boeing 727 was making a landing approach at the Bariloche Airport, according to its pilot Jorge Polanco. The object was as large as a Boeing 727 and was shaped like an inverted flying saucer with a very powerful illumination. Air Force Major Jorge Oviedo said that several other people saw the UFO and there was a simultaneous power failure throughout the city San Carlos de Bariloche, forcing the pilot to abort his landing. (Source: Flying Saucer Review, Volume 40, number 3,
pages 20-21)

August 31, 1995; Neath, Wales
A large green luminous sphere hovered over Neath, Wales and then sped off toward the northwest NW leaving a vapor trail. (Source: UFO Newsclipping Service, January 1996).

Sept. 15, 1995; Oklahoma City, OK
Dogs excited as disc emitted a light beam. (Animal Recation Specialist, Joan Woodward)

Sept. 22, 1995; Navaho Estates, CO
8:45 PM. On hearing a humming sound, four people went outside to see a 100 meter long rectangular object move slowly to the west at 60-80 feet altitude. It was yellow and had white lights oscillating on a rounded front, and red lights in the rear. After it went over a ridge eight or more blinking nocturnal lights crisscrossed in the same direction. Livestock in the area panicked. The entire sighting lasted about two minutes. (Sources: UFO Newsclipping Service, January 1996, citing Pueblo Chieftain; Christopher O'Brien, Enter the Valley, p. 315).

Sept. 28, 1995; Las Vegas, NV
9:50 PM.  A multi-colored flying object with neon red, green and yellow colored lights zigzagged overhead in Las Vegas, Nevada. The witness's dog was scared and won't leave the house during the UFO sighting. (Source: Peter Davenport, National UFO Reporting Center, Seattle).

Nov. 14, 1995; Saguache County, CO
6:30 PM. A swarm of at least 24 randomly blinking lights flew over Highway 17. They flew to the southwest in the western sky, at an altitude estimated to be less than 1000 feet. (Source: Christopher O'Brien, Enter the Valley, p. 311).

Nov. 20, 1995; Mount Summit, IN
8:00 AM. A fast moving domed disc was seen in the morning over Mount Summit, Indiana for less than a minute. It was shiny and reflected the sunlight. It shot away and was gone in 4-5 seconds. (Source: Francis Ridge, UFO Intelligence Newsletter).

Nov. 23, 1995; Lugo, Spain
8:30 PM. Several independent witnesses reported watching a disc-shaped object flashing at low altitude over Lugo, Leon, Spain. No figures were visible in its large, clear windows. (Source: Larry Hatch, U computer database, case # 17155).

Nov. 27, 1995; Dubai, in the Persian Gulf
6:15 PM. Two small silent triangle shaped objects with blue beams of light flew over Dubai in the Persian Gulf. (Source: UFO Newspaper Clipping Service, December 1995).

Dec. 4, 1995; northeast, China
5:45 PM. (AP). Four airplanes travelling over northeast China at about the same time observed at least one Unidentified Flying Object. A white UFO of oval shape moved about 900 kilometers per hour near the flight of a Northern Airlines plane at 5:45 p.m., according to its captain's account. A radio message from the captain of another aircraft revealed a viewing of the same object. (Source: Sunday Post (Bangkok, Thailand, 12/31/95)

Dec. 13, 1995; Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico
On this morning near the Urbanizacion Country Club, Mrs. Carmen Vazquez, accompanied by her 5-year-old daughter, was on her way home when the little girl pointed out something in the sky. Looking up she saw a shiny metallic oval shaped craft flying slowly overhead and head off towards nearby El Yunque Mountain. According to the little girl, the object had numerous windows and inside she was able to see several gray-colored figures with huge black eyes looking down from the windows at their car. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1995, case # 2571, citing Jorge Martin, Evidencia OVNI, issue # 9).

Dec. 15, 1995; La Spezia, Italy
10:30 PM A big rectangular object with many lights maneuvered in the sky at the same time that three lights were seen on the road. The big UFO flew away to the west, leaving a bright trail in the sky. An electrical power outage occurred in the area at the same time. (Source: Larry Hatch, U computer database, case 17168).

Dec. 16, 1995; Mt. Vernon, IN
7:00 PM. Brandon R. was driving near Ford Rd. when he encountered a huge, hemispherical group of lights (some green, many red),  with no flashing. The sound emanating from this object(s) was possibly masked by the closed wndows and engine noise of the car. This wasn't a fireball breaking up but apperaed to be a  vehicle of some sort. (UFOFC, Ridge files)

Dec. 30, 1995; Gosford, New South Wales,Australia
Between midnight and 4:30 AM local time. Three dozen calls were received by local police reporting dogs barking, and a loud 'humming noise. One specific report came from East Gosford, where a man saw, 100 metres away, a large object with five huge, illuminated white lights. It seemed very close to the water, which was 'boiling, or being sucked up by the object. (Source: Chalker, B. 1996. The OzFiles. pp 207-208.)

Dec. 31, 1995; Lodz, Poland
Two luminous spheres go up and and down very fast. Videos: genuine according to local UFO investigators. Objects were tracked by radar and sighted visually and videotaped. Animal reactions to the objects were reported. Two orange balls were observed by seven witnesses in a city for two minutes. (Source: Larry Hatch "U" computer database)


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