the Project HARVEST
2019 UFO Chronology

Updated 17 May 2020

January 21, 2019; Chester, VA
11:35 p.m. I was driving home from work on 95 south at mm 59 at 11:30pm on 1/21/19. I saw a large object that I thought was a plane or helicopter about 1 mile ahead just west of the highway. It appeared to be hovering. I knew it wasn't a drone because it was too big. I first only saw the top and bottom lights. The top was pulsating between red and orange and the bottom was pulsating between blue and green. After about 10 seconds it slowly moved east towards the highway. It stayed at about 100-200 ft Altitude. The two side lights appeared as it moved over I95. They were yellow/white. They did not pulsate. There was no sound as it passed almost directly overhead. I slowed to nearly 20mph.the surface of the craft became visible. It was a dull dark gray or black and was smooth. As it moved east past the highway, the full diamond shape was visible. Red light on top, blue/green on bottom, and white on the sides. It continued east until it disappeared below the tree line. This was no normal plane, helicopter or drone. I estimated it was 30-50 ft long. Very odd. (MUFON CMS)

February 18, 2019; Allentown, PA
21:45 p.m. The man and  his wife had just gotten into bed for the evening. She was reading a book while he was on his phone. They start hearing a gradual pulsating hum. It started soft then started actually vibrating the house. He went to the window and pulled up the shade. At first he didn't see anything and then his wife pointed out forhim to look to the west. If he were to take an educated guess he would say it was maybe half a mile away and only a few hundred feet up. It was at first just hovering there. He noticed the lights were solid, no blinking or flashing. He can only describe it as a grid like elongated rectangle with multiple squares in it. The squares were red and blue and no apparent pattern. It was disk like in shape and very dark. They were in disbelief. It then started moving eastward. The pulsating hum stopped when it started moving. It wasn't moving very fast but very steady in direction. He lost sight of it as it flew over the houses. He was in the military and he had never seen any aircraft like it. (MUFON CMS 98637)

August 29, 2019; Erie, PA
9;30 p.m. Above Ainsworth baseball field.. Thought it (was the) size of (a) 737. Hovering less then 500 ft. Buzzing sound before moving north. Had it been a slow moving airplane it would have continued west to land. Instead object went north at a fast rate of speed. Didn’t comprehend what I saw until about 5 minutes later. Very creepy. I tried tracking it via car. And was able to get one picture from further distance then first sighting it 5 minutes prior. (MUFON CMS 103000)

December 14, 2019; Conowingo, MD
5:50 p.m. Witness said he was driving home, saw a light coming down on the right side, stopped and looked in amazement. "It was a ship with lights coming from it. It took off fast and in a flash was gone. Gone. Call me if you would like to see it."...."I don’t want people to think I’m crazy but I SAW IT. PERIOD!!! (MUFON CMS 105022)