the Project HARVEST
2021 UFO Chronology

Updated 20 April 2021

January 17, 2021; Lee's Summit, Missouri
1:18 pm CDT. According to the witness the object was about the length of a football field, black, but angular features, almost like it was radar resistant (stealthlike). Was like a tall building on its side, with each level flat on the bottom and coming to a tip near the 'front'. The UFO was seen about 300 feet above the ground at 39°00'08.6"N 94°23'45.6"W,  Witness was driving eastbound at 39°01'01.3"N 94°22'28.7"W. By the time he got to the intersection at Lees Summit Drive and NW Vellie Rd, it had dropped to about 100 feet (just above tree line) and was about 1/4-1/2 mile north of its initial position. The movement of the UFO was like perfect motion, still, no shift in the wind, just a slow decent. It looked like it was going to land at around 39°01'24.5"N 94°24'23.1"W, but who knows. " Maybe it was just trying to hide?" He had his cell phone out to capture a recording, and hit record, but by the time he had passed the object from view, he noticed that his recording didn't commence. "I was extremely frustrated. I can't stop thinking about what I've seen. I've never seen anything like it and can only be described as a UFO". (MUFON CMS)
Compelling sighting 12 miles south of MADAR node 45 at Independence, Missouri. The sighting, which preceded the anomaly detected at Independence by 80 minutes, appears to be an unknown and the anomaly was apparently valid with no alibi of a false alarm filed. This event could validate Operation Foal Eagle's findings that an object matching the description of the object reported at Lee's Summit, had been idling down and operating at low levels between 100 and 300', its huge bulk thereby avoiding radar (if not already stealth) near Lee's Summit, then departed the region vertically near Independence with a powerful burst of energy,  The witness was previously in the Air Force, is now a scientist, has a PhD and works in Toxicology. The craft was described as traveling 1.56 miles in about 2 minutes, or 47 mph. When the witness tried to record a video, it did not work.

February 9, 2021; Tucson, Arizona
10:30 pm. The FBI has announced the start of an investigation into a strange near-miss incident that occurred in the skies over Tucson. A helicopter operated by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, or CBP, was reportedly buzzed by a “high powered” drone that followed it up to a high altitude. Multiple law enforcement agencies also attempted to follow the drone to the point that they could identify its operator, but were unsuccessful. Radar seems to have been involved only in tracking the two helicopters involved. Night vision goggles (NVG's) were used to keep sight of it. Performance in speed against wind, altitude (to 14,000 ft) and endurance (over 1 hour), seem to be unconventional, possibly putting it into the UFO / UAP category.

March 5, 2021 at Algonquin, Illinois.
It was around 1:00 pm. The witness lives on the Fox River on North River Rd. At about 1:00 pm, he turned right, out of his driveway, to drive to the Jewel Food store on east Algonquin Road. As soon as he turned he immediately noticed a bright object with sunlight reflecting off it above the road. He immediately realized it must be a UFO because he had never seen anything like it before. The object was heading from left to right, and as he drove he was trying to keep his eye on it and attempted to grab his phone to take a photo. There are tall trees along the right side of River Rd and he was able to view the object because there are no leaves on the trees at this time. He sped up to get to a spot 300 ft north of his driveway where there is an open area and the road goes up a hill to 4/5 houses to the right. He was planning to stop and take a photo and all this time he was viewing the object thru his windshield. Once he reached the open area the object was passing over the hill. He sped up to go to Haegers Bend Rd about a third of a mile north on River Rd. He turned right and sped down Haegers Bend Rd but lost sight of it. The object consisted of two cylindrical objects linked together, each looked to be about 40 to 50 ft long and 12' high, hooked together by a mechanical link and followed each other in a straight line. They were very bright because the sun was reflecting off them against a clear blue sky, very visible and clear to view. It was the first time he had witnessed what he suspected to be a UFO in bright daylight conditions. They came from a westerly direction and should have been noticed by others because they were relatively low, about the height a hellicopter would fly, 800 to 1000 ft AGL. He had hellicopter flight time, but was not a licenced pilot. It was a great experience that only lasted about 15 to 20 seconds.(MUFON CMS  114010)

April 12, 2021; Normal, Illinois
1:25 pm. Unfortunately the witness was only able to maintain visual on the object for 5-10 seconds. It was a sunny day, with some small, low sitting clouds. The wind was between 15-25 mph blowing from southwest to northeast. As he was driving back to work from lunch, he was making a left hand turn from Eastbound College Ave onto Northbound Veterans Parkway. He was the first car in line at the light, And as he saw the light turn green and began to turn, he noticed straight in front of him and moving to his right was a bright white, cylindrical/cigar-shaped object. The distance was hard to guess, but he did say between 1/4-1/2 mile away and a few hundred feet in the air. It was below the low hanging clouds, possibly 1/3-1/2 the distance up to the clouds. The object was reportedly not flying like one would expect, because it’s orientation was up and down, so like a paper towel tube standing up but still moving perfectly horizontally. He tracked it with his eyes, even looking over his shoulder as he was making the turn somewhat in disbelief of what he was seeing. He quickly realized he needed to watch the road and looked away. He immediately took the next right hand turn to pull into a parking lot and attempt to get another look. By the time he pulled in and was facing in the direction it was heading (30-45 secs) the object was nowhere to be seen. It did not appear to be moving too extremely fast, but maybe at the speed of a helicopter and in a perfectly straight line. His first thought was that it might be some giant weird long balloon, but he quickly realized it was not moving in the same direction as the wind. He sat for a few minutes in the parking lot scanning the entire sky and only saw clouds and 1-2 airplanes very high up. He made his way back to work, and when he got there he looked out a large window in the same direction, hoping to see more. What he did see, was a very large military style airplane. Not a jet, but the kind with huge wingspan and several large propellers on the wings, making a very low altitude circle, pretty much exactly where he had been parked watching 5-10 minutes before. He watched the plane as it completed one more circle, and then got even lower and it appeared to head towards their very small regional airport. He took a snapshot of the plane to send to his wife, but he did not think to save the video. He's use to seeing planes come in and land, but not usually this type of plane. He wished he had been able to watch the object longer, but he also did not want to cause an accident in a busy intersection. He attached a photo he took out the (dirty) window at work to show weather conditions and the area of the sky where the object was seen. (MUFON CMS 114706)

May 19, 2021; Newburgh, Indiana
4:12 am. The MADAR Op's wife was a lifelong skeptic and her object was an unmistakable UFO, She had taken one of the dogs out a few minutes before the event and was startled to see a bright green light that was coming toward her out of the west for 1 to 1-1/2 minutes, then anomalistic motion where the light suddenly jumped to the left (which no airplane or anything else can do), then jumped to the right, stopped, then just flat disappeared. None of the dogs in the neighborhood barked. There was no MADAR alert at this time, and the field readings didn't show anything anomalous. Newburgh's node 142 has a threshold shield of 27 and the field readings never exceeded 7.5 milligaus, which explains why 142 didn't "trigger". The accelerometer readings were normal but the compass heading numbers from col. 3 varied more than 3 degrees. In fact almost 5 degrees. At 4:08 the data shows a 221.14 degree reading. Three or four minutes before her sighting, something was disturbing the geomagnetic field. It is my opinion that had the UFO gone vertical, MADAR would have shown a spike in the field 2-3 times normal but still probably wouldn't have triggered the device. Also, if 142 HAD gone into alert, the data rate would have jumped to once per second, but the status rate is one line per minute "under trigger".  Two of the ReoLink skycams had been offline for months and the two that were running were aimed east and south.The west and north cams were not online. A few days later the cameras were pulled and the west and north were found to have been destroyed by moisture leaks at the lens. (MADAR Operations Center).

June, 2021; 60 miles east of Greenland
5:30 pm GMT (estimated 3:30 pm local).Photo of large strange object taken by commercial pilot. (Bill Puckett)

June 1, 2021; near Toledo, Washington
12:42 PM PDT. The pilot saw a small metallic spherical object off to his right. The object appeared to turn towards him and then sped away. The pilot was flying a Piper Cherokee (PA-28) aircraft. He had a TCAS unit and no aircraft were detected. He took a snapshot of his flight data showing his speed, altitude, TCAS, etc.  He was flying south from Tacoma, WA to Vancouver, WA. He did not report the incident to the FAA. He was flying at about 3,500 feet at the time of sighting. (Puckett)

September8, 2021; Goshen, Kentucky
6:47 am. EDT. MADAR Node 182 operator reported that he observed a trianglular UFO.  It was three white lights in a triangle formation with a single center red flashing light.  Object tracked from NE to SW at approximately 5000-7000 feet.  It made some maneuvers but mainly stayed on a straight and level track. The MADAR didn't activate although the sighting was only about a mile from the facility. This has happened before at other sites and many times the object just wasn't anomalous. But this time the object description puts it in the potential unknown category similar in description to the Belgian triangles during the UFO wave of 29 November 1989 to April of1990. And this wasn't near any Air Force base or test center. Checking 182's spreadsheet there was no increases or potential anomalies in the magnetometer field readings which is why 182 did not go into alert status. What WAS interesting was the compass heading had  gone way beyond the normal variations, and far in excess of the MSV (Multi Sensor Verification) 3-degree protocol. Since the device did not go on alert status, it was tracking at one minute intervals instead of one second data lines. But at 10:47:18 UTC (6:47 am) the compass heading was 64.17 degrees. The next minute it had gone to 358 degrees, which means the variation was 66 degrees (360-358+64). A compass needle would have swung counter-clockwise. If it had swung clockwise the variation would have been 294 degrees (358-64)! The next minute the heading changed back to 30.93. A high evaluation would have been given if the device had gone into any level of alert plus the MSV of 3 degrees or more. However, this much was established. 1) The ops Flight Radar 24 showed no flights at all! This object was not an airliner or normal aircraft. The op did the right thing by checking his radar during the event. 2) The compass heading change was certainly anomalous. As a result of this event the Information Series on FR24 was updated and a new IS was created especially for Black Triangles.