Group /Category 4
Animal Effect Cases

Jedburgh, Scotland
August 1955

Animal Reaction Feature:
At noontime, R. A. Wade and his female dog were eating lunch.  The dog suddenly started to shiver and shake and then she took off with her tail clamped between her legs.
She was nonresponsive to Wade who tried to call her back (typical behavior of a very frightened dog—jw).  Looking to see what had frightened her, Wade saw a silver cigar-shaped object at an estimated altitude of 2000 feet emerging from a cloud.  It was moving horizontally at an estimated 10 mph and was silent.  When he returned home later, the dog was at the front door and was still shaking.

Wade said that the dog was never the same after that.  It started having fits (seizures) and died  a couple of months later.  (Other than possibly the timing, there is no clear evidence that the seizures and eventual death of the dog are related to the sighting.  The age, breed, and medical history of the dog are unknown.   Seizures are more common in some breeds than in others, and in general are not uncommon in older dogs.—jw)   Wade reported that he had no physiological effects from the sighting.

Joan Woodward, Animal Reaction Specialist
R. A. Wade, 39 years old, a NCO with the local Air Training Cadets and certified in the identification of aircraft, balloons, and blimps,  was combining an isolated field, when he took a lunch break.  Alerted by his dog’s fearful behavior, he saw a silver cigar-shaped object emerging from a large white cloud.  He estimated its length as 40-50 feet and its width as 25 feet.  He estimated it at 2000 feet in altitude, and moving very slowly, estimated 10 mph.  The duration of the observation was estimated as 15 minutes in the letter and 5-10 minutes in the NUFON form.  The object traveled in a straight line parallel to the horizon until it eventually disappeared into another white puffy cloud.

A dark blue window was in the nose of the object, and four smaller porthole-type windows were along the bottom edge (see drawings).  These smaller windows were blue, orange/red, blue, orange/red (drawing with letter indicated first small window red, second orange and third red.  No small blue windows were drawn.—jw)  The object was silent, and its edges were very clear (not at all fuzzy). 

Wade was not afraid and he stood and observed all the detail he could.  He had no physical or emotional effects.  No EM effects were reported.  This was Wade’s first sighting, and he had no previous interest in UFOs.

Letter and NUFON sighting form from Wade.
Randles, Jenny, 1983, UFO Reality. A critical look at the physical evidence, Great Britain, Robert Hale Limited, p. 119.


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