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Vol. 1, No. 1                March-April 2004



            Historical Viewpoints                                                                            

            UFO Reports: 1901 and 1950                                                                         

            NICAP History                                                                                      

            Pre-History of UFOs                                                                             

            Keyhoe Archives Inventory                                                                       

            Dialogue with Wendy Connors                                                                       

            Chronology of Early History                                                                       

 Vol. 1, No. 2                May-June 2004



            NBC Special on UFOs, 1966                                                                       

            Chronology of Early UFO History, 1950                                                    

            Dialogue with Jan L. Aldrich                                                                       

            Historical Case Update, 1964                                                                       

 Vol. 1, No. 3                July-August 2004



            NICAP Early History                                                                             

            M. K. Jessup Letter                                                                              

            McDonald AIAA Paper                                                                          

            Chronology of Early UFO History                                                 

            UFOs Around the World                                                                        

            Dialogue with Francis Ridge                                                                       

 Vol. 1, No. 4                September-October 2004



            Dave Garroway Show UFO Debate                                                

            Chronology of Early UFO History                                                 

            News & Notes                                                                                      

            Dialogue with Ted Bloecher                                                                       

 Vol. 1, No. 5                November-December 2004


            The Congress and UFOs                                                                       

            Air Force Project and Colorado UFO Study                                        

            Major Keyhoe and the Air Force                                                               

            Ohio Sheriffs’ Sighting, 1966                                                                       

            Dialogue with Barry Greenwood                                                                  

            Chronology of Early UFO History                                                                         

            Alexander D. Mebane: In Memoriam                                                        

 Vol. 1, No. 6                January-February 2005



            Network UFO Broadcast Censored in 1958                                             

            Chronology of Early UFO History                                                 

            New Zealand: Harold H. Fulton                                                              

            Hermann Oberth & British Royal Astronomer Views                                   

            Dialogue with Loren Gross                                                                       

 Vol. 2, No. 1                March-April 2005



            The 1952 UFO Sighting Wave, Part 1                                                    

            U.S. Patents for Disc Aircraft                                                            

            Mike Wallace Interview of Maj. Donald E. Keyhoe                         

            Air Force Officers Support NICAP                                                 

            Secret Air Force Intelligence Memo, 1952                                         

 Vol. 2, No. 2                May-June 2005



            Keyhoe-Ruppelt Friendship                                                                       

            The 1952 UFO Sighting Wave, Part 2                                                    

            Ruppelt Letter to Keyhoe                                                                       

            McDonald Interview with Delbert Newhouse                                            

            Brief History of TV Documentaries                                                 

            Aime Michel Correspondence with NICAP                                         

            Historical UFO Publications                                                                       

 Vol. 2, No. 3                July-August 2005



            Historical News Notes                                                                           

            The 1952 UFO Sighting Wave, Part 3                                                    

            Washington Invasion, July 26/27, 1952                                                      

            East Germany 1950 Landing & Humanoids                                       

            French 1950 Landing & Humanoids                                                      

            The Original “Flying Saucers”                                                                       

            April 1966 Ravenna Case Revisited                                                         

            United Nations Interest in UFOs                                                               

 Vol. 2, No. 4                September-October 2005



            Pentagon 1952 Press Conference on UFOs                                        

            August-December 1952 Sighting Chronology                                         

            United Nations 1978 Press Release on UFOs                                             

            United Nations Session on UFOs                                                   


 Vol. 2, No. 5                November-December 2005



            Robertson Panel Report                                                                       

            Sighting Chronology Early 1953                                                                

            Keyhoe Book Creates Stir                                                                       

            AF Navigator Endorses Book                                                               

            “Space Man” Radio Hoax                                                                       

            Book Review: Unnatural Phenomena                                                      

 Vol. 2, No. 6                January-February 2006



            UFO-Balloon Encounters                                                                       

            Central Intelligence Agency UFO Documents Online                        

            Landing-Trace Case in Lithuania                                                          

            Late 1953 UFO Sightings Chronology                                                      

            The Kinross Affair: Air Force Jet-UFO Collision?                                           

 Vol. 3, No. 1                March-April 2006


            Air Force Takes New Approach                                                                     

            Temperature Inversion Theory                                                             

            George Adamski & Contactees                                                                  

            “Swamp Gas” Follow-up                                                                        

            Ruppelt’s “Best Unknown” Case                                                                

            Early 1954 Sighting Chronology                                                                  

 Vol. 3, No. 2                May-June 2006


            Ruppelt True Article                                                                              

            Navy Ship Encounter with UFO                                                                

            Dialogue with Jerry Clark                                                                       

            April-May 1954 Chronology                                                                       

            High-level Air Force News                                                                       

            B-29 Encounter with UFO                                                                       


 Vol. 3, No. 3                July-August 2006


            BOAC Airliner Paced by UFOS                                                              

            Satellite Object Cases                                                                          

            Missing F-89 Found?                                                                            

            Army Sightings in New Mexico                                                            

            June 1954 Sighting Chronology                                                                  

            UFOs and Clouds