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JULY 1, 2020

Right now we are running with 86 nodes and 19 in various stages. Some of this is due to the Corona virus and those working at home, but of those NOL (not online) include upcoming installations.

MUFON no longer posts MADAR Updates in the hard copy MUJ each month. Instead, they have posted (or have us post) the latest updates on the MUFON website. The latest update, which includes the addition of new members and MADAR sites, can be accessed

MSV - To improve on the quality of the data without purging any information, I have developed a better procedure to extract potential anomalies. I refer to this as Multiple Sensor Verification. The MADAR node's threshold is different for every site, depending on a number of local factors. An anomaly is recorded when the device encounters raw field readings in milligaus that are equal to or exceed that TH number. With at least three recently credited anomalies having significant compass heading changes of at least 3 degrees, correlated with bonified UFO sightings, the data for the week ending 6/28 was manually rechecked and the number of raw hits was adjusted from 42 to 20. This gives sighting checkers more qualitative data and provides less "noise" in the NUFORC database, which is already overloaded with StarLink satellite reports.  An attempt to conduct weekly MSV surveys automatically via server is being devised and will be reported on as soon as we have an update.

MAVERIC - About to be tested is the new MADAR Audio/Video Environment Integrated Console system. The developer, our own tech consultant, Paul Browning, has shipped three modules to be tested at the MADAR Operations Center here at Newburgh, Indiana. Three computers already running with manual OBS recording will be set up with the special software to be activated by the MADAR node relay and record video images of each monitor screen for each computer, along with appropriate audio tracks. One pc has FlightRadar 24 and ADS-B Exchange, along with aircraft transmissions. Another has four SkyCams with external microphones. A third has a GMC-300E geiger counter visual data logger in milliroentgens per hour and CPM as well as audio counts per minute. MAVERIC allows the op to set the recording time length, plus it replaces the current DAS alarm.

SNP - Successive Node Penetration is a little further down the road but we believe is not only doable, but will be a major archive tool. More about this later, but described in simple terms it will be very much like FR24's radar loop.

With tons of data yet to go over, we have three good correlations to report. The most recent was April 23rd at Millerton, Pennsylvania.  
MADAR -UFO-Signature

The usual business is UAP detection and the search for PSOI (Potential Sightings Of Interest), and checking other appropriate reported sightings against data on the MADAR nodes where readings increased but were under "trigger values". We also have  the early warning system available under DAS (Delayed Alarm Signal) to get even more data by special strike teams. Of all the sites running in the U.S. and other parts of the world, thirteen (13) are DAS-equipped, giving the op an instant warning to go out with specific equipment to gather even more data, including standard videos, night-vision videos, radiation readings, etc. So all of the DataProbes are obtaining data on local EM field readings, compass heading variations and anomalistic barometric pressure changes. Everybody has something to do whether they get alerts via email and cell phone or DAS.

Something we all have on our special I-board is an onboard accelerometer, but we haven't set up that feature with the software to read and display it. There are several good possibilities here, one being to help eliminate false readings when a device is bumped. Just what a bonified UAP at close encounter range would do to such a device is not known at this point.

One of our priorities is to have a way of eliminating injuries or heart attacks during alerts and be able to collect and store data even when the op is out of town. The MADAR-CAM Project is working with a team to set up automatic cameras for all-sky or compass point imaging points. We have already set up two sites with four (4) RLC-511W surveillance cameras at Newburgh, Indiana (MADAR Command Center) and Oak Harbor, Washington. Soon we will have Clarksville, Tennessee.  There are several other experimental camera sites, one at Whately, Massachussetts, one or two in Switzerland, one in Ceuse, France.

We are currently working on a way to save data to the device's 16 gigabyte hard drive. This is the required and essential feature necessary to create and operate a Field Unit. A field device in most cases will not have access to the internet, so it is necessary to store the data until an internet connection is established and uploading takes place.

As mentioned last fall, the Apple App has been approved and it is available online and free to everyone. Take your i-Phone or i-Pad and go to the App Store and look for "madar". The android version is also available.

We have been very busy since we went operational in May of 2018, but it got more intense in the summer of 2019 as we were in preparations for the MADAR presence at the International UFO Congress in September (4th to the 8th) and had a sudden influx of major software and server changes. MADAR was
represented at Phoenix on September 4th-8th.  I wasn't able to attend but I assigned two MADAR representatives, Paul Anzalone (New Hampshire) and Paul Browning (Tennessee) and they ran booth 29, a corner booth with two tables. They had a Power Point Demo and were programming and selling MADAR-III DataProbes while customers waited. 

We have a new batch of MADAR caps, and they can be ordered at Amazon. Both MADAR and NICAP caps are the same price, $30 each, shipping is free in the U.S. 

One of the things that has been heavy on my mind more recently is that the series of 7 events in 1977 that led to MADAR (event) 15 and the "WOW"Signal had UFO connections, and therefore the "WOW"Signal had a connection by association to the phenomena we call UFOs/UAPs as well. These are inescapable conclusions, even though we don't know what the signal meant or if it was some type of intended signal or communication attempt. WOW underscored MADAR on August 15, 1977, and you could also say that MADAR gave even more scientific value to the "WOW"Signal, which was never explained. Add to that the fact that a major motion picture was being filmed that year and released that fall, entitled, "Close Encounters of the Third Kind"! It too, started with UFO sightings in Indiana and an unidentified signal. Did we miss something? Or did more happen that we are not aware of? 

If your just visiting and do not belong to the MADAR team, you can join by just sending me a note. Purchasers of the MADAR DataProbe are automatically added to the madar email list.

Francis Ridge
MADAR Operations Center
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