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Date: Updated 3 Feb 2006
From: Francis Ridge, Coordinator
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Nuclear Connection Project

Subject: "Echo Flight" / Malmstrom AFB Missile Incident; Lewiston, Montana; March 16, 1967

Francis Ridge:
What could be more interesting and important than an incident involving UFOs and our strategic defenses, especially where there appears to have been a direct relationship between the incident and the failure of vital missile targeting systems, ten missiles at one site and ten at another, 35 miles apart! "Some signal had been sent to the missiles which caused them to go off alert status." What most people do not understand is, this was not just an unfounded rumor. The incident has been confirmed. Although it is normal for authorities to "explain away" almost all UFO incidents, this one is not that easy. This is the story of extraordinary events that happened in 1967 to Strategic Air Command Missile Combat Officers; Missileers assigned to operate the Minuteman Intercontinental Ballistic Missile , an essential part of America's Cold War strategic nuclear deterrent. Our thanks to Joel Carpenter for locating the image of what he suspects is the LCC capsule that was apparently targeted by the UFO.  And, most importantly, our thanks to Jim Klotz and Robert Salas for the official reporting of this incident to the world. And now, their book, "Faded Giant", tells the full story.(See link below).

Brad Sparks:
In the 1967 Malmstrom incident 10 Minutemans DID get knocked out, but the investigation was conducted not by NSA but by the missile contractor Boeing, which issued a SECRET classified "Report of Engineering Investigation of Echo Flight Incident, Malmstrom, Mont - 16 Mar 1967."  The trick was that the UFO "rumors" were denied so that the missile disabling could be investigated and reported as if unrelated to the UFO's (which WERE sighted, contrary to the flimsy denials).  No satisfactory explanation for the missile disabling was found. (See below) Presumably whenever these kinds of national security UFO incidents occurred that affected military equipment there were investigations by contractors who built or maintained the equipment, and the UFO aspects were compartmented off.  At a higher level these reports could be read by someone cleared to know about the UFO details, and they could ignore the perfunctory denials of UFO activity written into the contractor studies.

The Malmstrom AFB UFO/Missile Incident (1967) - Jim Klotz and Robert Salas (CUFON)
Minuteman Missiles Shutdown - Robert L. Salas (MUJ-345, 15)
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"Oscar Flight" Minuteman Launch Control Capsule 1.5 m.S. of Roy, MT.(TerraServer)
Update: March 2005: Book, "Faded Giant", now available - Jim Klotz and Robert Salas

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