Three or more anomalies by a particular device in a particular week are considered problematic and are not counted in the evaluated hits submitted to NUFORC. These COULD be representative of real anomalies associated with UAP, and are therefore retained in the server database and can always be obtained in an online Sighting Search.

Any col 4 field reading in excess of 150 milligaus indicates a probable local issue rather than a UAP-related anomaly. If random, the op should simply take note of a possible local cause. If readings are chronic, the device needs to be re-located. Such a reading would probably not be indicative of a valid anomaly and would also mask any valid reading. Data is still retained in the server database and is accessable in an online Sighting Search.

Readings in excess of 950 milligaus in col 5 could result in the device overheating and being destroyed. Any such reading could also result in poor performance. If these readings persist, the data for that week will not be tabulated.