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20200901, updated 20210127

Based on lessons learned, there are three actions if you have a sighting during a MADAR event or learn of a sighting in your neighborhood or region.

A. Get outside and observe.
B. Take notes.
C. File a report.

Not everyone joined the MADAR Project to take advantage of the Early Warning System. Some volunteered as operators of a robot station (Mode Level I).  Twenty-five percent of the nodes operate at Level II and have a DAS (alarm box) and a trained team with a prescribed load list of equipment. If a sighting occurs in conjuction with an alert, the op has several choices.

Detailed descriptions:

If you are able to do this, once the alert sounds, go out and look! Grab a piece of equipment, the best you have, and go. Someone may see a UAP in your area, but without a report your MADAR anomaly is an "uncorrelated target".

If you have a sighting, or you get a report of a sighting in your area, or even out of your area if it is of a significant nature,
a) Immediately fill out an  FI-4 or Message Slip
Have a clipboard with a number of these small forms in your office or where you spend most of your time. Getting this basic data down while it is fresh is crucial. Let us know about it when you get an opportunity.

b) This is just a suggestion, but print a few of these  CUFOS Sighting Report Forms
When you get the time, fill this out quickly and set it aside. This could be very important.

c) DO NOT FILL OUT THE ONLINE MUFON FORM. If you have reason to believe the sighting is significant, contact your State Director and have him/her assign an investigator. To avoid a conflict of interest, you need MUFON to handle the investigation. Let them do what they do best and what they are trained and willing to do, but let us know ASAP.

Later on when the dust settles (give the sources time to get the data online) go to the MUFON CMS or NUFORC to see if anyone filed a report near you. Or, if you have a state director or "ufo officer", have him/her check the databases. You can also contact us or the MATCH UFO Officer:

MADAR Operations Center
franridge42@gmail,com or
Jeremy Haslam, MATCH UFO Officer

We have an online Sighting Search Tool. If you have a good sighting that you have discovered while searching MUFON CMS, NUFORC, or any other credible source,  send us a brief description. We must have the correct date and time, and the state. This will pull up any anomalies from any of the nodes in that state so that we can do further research. We will be looking for "hits" as well as field (E-M) numbers just short of trigger.

So, very important, if you have an alert, get out and look and take notes. It can make a big difference. It did at Millerton, Pennsylvania on April 23, 2020. You may be the first to be alerted to an invisible, structured UAP that is illuminated and recorded by your night-vision camera.

PRESCRIBED LOAD LIST (Each Op or team may have his own list of available or desired equipment)
Cell phone
Camera, video camera, night-vision camera/recorder
Note pad, pens
Polaroid sunglasses (for daylight use in observing possible [see paper on] Faraday rings).

Fran Ridge
MADAR Operations Director
(812) 490-0094