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20200901, updated 20210215

In the process of looking for potential sightings of interest we obtain reports from MUFON, NUFORC, and other sources. Sometimes they are initial reports in the form of an email from a MADAR Op or someone he/she is associated with. If a report is compelling enough it should be reported and it should be investigated. In the summer of 2018 we solicited the help of MUFON to conduct these investigations, and with the help of Phillip Leech, Project MATCH was born. And with the support of a long-time member of the MADAR Team, Peter Davenport, NUFORC volunteered to allow the MADAR Director to submit entries of all verified MADAR anomalies so they could be listed graphically and chronologically (reverse) on the monthly printouts where sightings and hits lined up, showing potential correlations. If NUFORC had a sighting that was deemed important for followup, it was MUFON's job to get their state directors and field investigators involved. If MUFON had a compelling sighting that had a potential correlation with a MADAR hit, it was the MADAR Director's job to submit that report to NUFORC so that it would be inserted in the data.

The job of looking for sightings that might show a correlation was originally MUFON's job but depended on states where there were active MUFON teams and experienced state directors and FI's.  MUFON's state and national directors were already over-taxed. By the summer of 2020 a person was selected to be the MATCH UFO Officer and Jeremy Haslam accepted that position.

It is very important that ops file a preliminary report if they had, or encountered someone else who had experienced a UFO sighting, that may or may not be related to their (or a nearby MADAR) anomaly report. It is human nature for us to forget or confuse such things as dates and times if not written down ASAP. Once that occurs it is difficult and sometimes impossible to establish a date and time weeks, even days later. Two examples:

In May of 2018 a MADAR site tracked an anomaly within one minute of a documented sighting 9 miles away. The MADAR event was documented as usual and noted on the site's spreadsheet. The date/time had even been obtained from the Universal Time Code. Upon checking with the MUFON CMS, the sighting was logged as occurring within one minute of the exact time and date. Within days of the event, MUFON investigators noted that when the witness was asked about the time recalled, a much different sighting time was given. Thanks to our efforts with the MADAR Project work we have a screen grab to document this.

In April of 2002 we had a MADAR detect an anomaly at the same time two witnesses AT THE SITE had a close encounter with two objects at low level which involved animal reactions. When MUFON investigators checked out the case a week or so later the Op used the date of the event listed on the printout instead of the UTC corrected date and MUFON listed the case with the wrong date.

Based on lessons learned, there are three things to do if you have a sighting during a MADAR event.

If you are a Level Two op (have an alarm box, DAS) and are able to do this, go out and look! Grab a piece of equipment, the best you have, and go. Someone may see a UFO in your area, but without a report your MADAR anomaly is an "uncorrelated target".

If you have a sighting, or you get a report of a sighting in your area, or even out of your area if it is of a significant nature and you should note this:

a) Immediately fill out an  FI-4 or Message Slip
This form has to be printed out and filled in. Have a clipboard with a number of these little forms in your office or where you spend most of your time. Getting this basic data down while it is fresh is crucial. Let us know about it when you get an opportunity.

b) This is just a suggestion, but print a few of these  CUFOS Sighting Report Forms
When you get the time, fill this out quickly and set it aside. This could be very important.

c) If you have reason to believe the sighting is significant, contact your State Director and have the SD assign an investigator. MUFON has an online report form but in this case, to avoid a conflict of interest, you need MUFON to handle the investigation. If the sighting is borderline you could file the Online MUFON Reporting Form.

Later on when the dust settles (give these sources time to get the data online) go to the MUFON CMS or NUFORC to see if anyone filed a report near you. If you wish, just drop us an email and we will do this for you.

The system is working. So far the best year we had was the one we just came off of, but the MATCH UFO Officer and I are going over 2019, and 2018 with a fine-tooth comb. This year could be our best yet with a hundred-plus devices running and the quality of sightings improving.

Fran Ridge
MADAR Director