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In my paper, "Does MADAR Have A Range" (1), I briefly mentioned h
ow UAP's could affect MADAR.  UAPs either produce a field that is
a) omnidirectional with intensity varying by the inverse cube of the distance
b) omnidirectional with intensity linked to the application of and rated by applied power
c) directional (propulsion) or a directed beam (stalking phase in an abduction attempt?)
d) powerful enough to distort the earth's geomagnetic field in such a way as to create anomalies for many, many miles.

Operation Foal Eagle (2) gave us an idea how b) might work. We have two instances supporting this hypothesis.  Millerton, PA in April of 2020 with a UFO coming into an area and then "idling down", and Fishers, IN  in September of 2019 where a UAP left vertically in a sudden burst of energy.

We have no evidence for c), but my theory is that this is probably very real and may be what happened at Hawesville, KY in August of 1987. MADAR was in operation in 1987 but we didn't have MADAR-III's ability to collect field readings without going into full alert. Hawesville is not that far, only 70 miles east of our original MADAR site.

August 22nd, 1987; Hawesville, Kentucky
11:00 PM, The lady observed the object for about 3-5 minutes. The locale of the sighting was Hancock County, Hawesville, Kentucky, described as rural with fields and hills. The sky was clear. "I was traveling west on U.S. 60......I had left my parents' home in Hawesville, and was headed (west) to Lewisport, alone. I first noticed some bright red and blue lights to my right (north). I thought it was an airplane or lights from an industrial plant. I approached the object, I noticed brilliant gold, blue and red lights on what seemed to be on the sides of the object. And it gave off a white glow beneath the object, which lit up the ground below and surrounding trees. The object hovered over the same location (15-20' off the ground). As I approached this, I became very shaky. My knees were so weak I could not apply pressure to the gas pedal. I watched the object for a few minutes. I finally got my legs to move and left as fast as I could. I had a terrible feeling of being alone and lost." 3-5 mins. On the next trip past this area no such building or industrial plant was found. (Fran Ridge/MUFON)

With the current MADAR I would have been able to look at nearby node data, not only Mt. Vernon's, but Evansville (119), Newburgh (142) and Corydon (29), and see if there were any increases short of trigger on any of those nodes, for a period of 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after 11:00 pm. Who knows, maybe the nearest node, 114 at Santa Claus, IN would have had a full scale alert. The tracer 500 is Hawesville.

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