The farm and Silo 1/4 mile north-west of the MADAR site.
20200527, updated 20200811

April 23, 2020 Alert at Node 104 / Ops report UFO and evidence of animal reaction.
Millerton, Pennsylvania Node 104. UTC 01:58:58 conversion to local = 2159 MT or 9:59 PM local, converts to April 23, not April 24.

104 alertStat 126.53 3 834.79 20 28.3 2020-04-24 01:59:05
104 alert 125.85 20.25 834.79 20 28.3 2020-04-24 01:59:04
104 alertEnd 125.63 3 834.79 20 28.3 2020-04-24 01:59:04
104 alert 125.54 20.25 834.79 20 28.3 2020-04-24 01:59:03
104 alert 125.82 20.25 834.79 20 28.3 2020-04-24 01:59:02
104 alert 124.77 20.25 834.79 20 28.3 2020-04-24 01:59:01
104 alertStart 125.58 20.25 834.79 20 28.3 2020-04-24 01:58:58
104 status 122.62 10.5 834.79 20 28.3 2020-04-24 01:58:49
Data is in reverse order

As one can see, the object was less than a quarter mile away and the compass had swung almost 3 degrees, from 122.62 to 125.82. The magnetometer's field reading went from 10.5 to 20.25 and back to 3.0 in about 6 seconds, all of which occurred before the witness got outside. If site 104's threshold shield had been set higher than 20, no anomaly would have been detected. Many of the MADAR hits are similar to this, but not all ops go outside to look or even have a chance to do so. The animal reaction added potentially important evidence. 

The primary witness was Larry Brown, a retired U.S. Navy Electronics Technician (1965 to 1990) and MADAR Op of DataProbe Site 104. He and his 24 year-old grandson, Timothy Brown, were in the radio room where the MADAR DataProbe is located when it happened. The alarm sounded at 9:59 p.m., and the operator immediately went outside while the younger man stayed behind, attempting to reset the alarm. The area is described as rural. "As for distance and height you would have to see the sighting location. It flew between us and a 50 foot silo, that is across from where we stood."

Witnesses were about a quarter mile SE of the silo which is dead center in the image above.

The primary witness went outside and immediately searched the sky and noticed to his left, and over a barn to the northwest, a light reddish-yellow object, generally spherical, but fuzzy, possibly due to clear but low mist condition. Temperature was 29-degrees F.  Second witness was still in the radio room and came outside about 5 mins later and had been trying to reset the MADAR alarm, which ran about 186 seconds. The size of the object was estimated at about 20' in diameter and the altitude at about 50', range less than a quarter mile. While there was no obvious sound from the object, "all the dogs down the alley were barking". Witnesses attempted to photograph the object, but due to lack of sufficient light or a camera malfunction was not able to do so. Object traveled slowly, less than 10 mph, in a straight line to the northwest approximately on a 330 degree heading and faded away into the mist.

MUFON investigated the case on 11 May 2020.

CMS 108195

Date: 23 April 2020
Time: 9:59 PM
Location: Millerton (Jobs Corners?), Pennsylvania
Duration: 10 minutes

Witness Statement:

Observed following MADAR alert.

202004241239R April 24,2020 @1239EDT. At 2200EDT received MADAR alert. Witness 1
went outside. Witness 2 attempted several times to reset alert status of MADAR local alert each
time it returned to alert status. Cold misty, very light fog, 26 deg. F, wind calm, overcast at 1000
ft. Searched sky, over the barn to the northwest was an orange orb, generally spherical, it was
not clear, fuzzy, this may have been due to the misty conditions. The object traveled slowly less
than 10 MPH to the northwest appx. on a 330-degree heading and faded away, into the mist. No
sound was heard. From object, when first arrived outside notice all the dogs down the valley
were barking. Don’t know if they continued as was focused on attempting to get camera to
function as witness 2 had arrived with his camera. The object was about 20 ft. in diameter, a light
orange with a little red cast. It was a UFO/UAP as I could not identify it. Background witness 1:
Retired US Navy 24 yrs., electronics technician 1965 to 1990. Retired high school instructor in
electronics, New York state. Wide range of interests and skills.

Investigator’s Report:

Synopsis: On April 23, 2020, witness and grandson notice the alert light they have installed for their MADAR unit (#104) was showing positive. Both witnesses observed a single object that appeared to split into 2 objects before disappearing out of view due to distance and weather conditions.

Pre-event activity: Recreational, watching television in living room where alert light for MADAR unit is installed.

Temperature (degrees F): 40
Dew Point (degrees F): 34
Ceiling (feet): 1363
Wind Direction (N/E/W/S): NE
Wind Speed (mph): 3
Weather Conditions: Mostly Cloudy
Lateral Visibility (miles): 1
Weather Event:

Investigator’s Summary and Conclusions:
On April 23, 2020, at 21:59 MADAR unit # 104 located in Millerton, PA, showed constant alert for an anomaly for approximately 10 minutes. At first sign of anomaly, the first witness went directly outside of home while witness #2 (grandson) proceeded to radio room to reset the MADAR unit. Grandson stated that he had attempted to reset the unit 4 to five times without success. First witness informed me that this meant something was continuously causing the alert to signal. After no success with resetting the system witness #2 joined witness #1 outside of the home. At this time, both individuals observed a single orange sphere approximately 30 ft. in diameter heading slowly in a NW direction with no sound. Witnesses had a difficult time trying to estimate the altitude due to weather conditions and not knowing exactly what they were observing but did explain that it seemed to be only 50 feet above their tallest tree. (MADAR unit antenna is taller than highest tree and stands at 125 feet). During this event, both witnesses stated that they observed an orange glowing sphere that was accompanied by another of similar size and color. As both objects traveled farther from the witnesses, one object traveled in and out of the other’s flight path, which appeared to be very sequenced until distance traveled led to the inability to be observed any longer. The total time from the first alert to the end of the event was estimated to be 10 minutes. Livestock from nearby farm located one-quarter mile from anomaly location were heard by both witnesses to be very disturbed and restless for the duration of the event and also heard local dogs barking. Both witnesses stated that they were the only noise being heard. Geographically, the objects observed were positioned between the witnesses’ home and the livestock. Nielson Airport (99PA) is located 3 miles from witnesses’ home and reported no aircraft in the vicinity of the airport at that time. (Weather conditions were IFR only at the time of the event and this airport has no IFR equipment.)

Node 104 had been listed as Millerton, Pennsylvania, but it's actual location is (and has been corrected to) a point south of Jobs Corners.

Map from Jobs Corners, Pennsylvania 16936 to
                    Millerton, Pennsylvania 16936

The Millerton area has been the source of at least three events since July of 2018.
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Fran Ridge
MADAR Operations Center