Time Anomalies
By Fran Ridge


THE "11:25" ALARM
     Some of you may may not know it but during the Apollo 11 powered descent to land in the Sea of Tranquility a number of computer codes popped up. These were scary and were clear on the recordings as being "1201" and "1202" alarms. Each one could have ended the mission to land. But a computer whiz at Houston recognized the codes as computer overloads and that the landing was still cleared to go.

     A credited alert is one where no false alarm report was filed by the operator, or where there was no conflicting data to suggest a more mundane cause for the "anomaly". An example of the latter would be a very high field (EM) reading suggesting a non-realistic number in milligaus.

     For the last year or so some UTC numbers (Universal Time Code) have shown up, not only too frequently in some nodes, but in numerous nodes at the same time. Some of these suggest that at times a neighborhood coming to life in the mornings might create a field-effect with an increase in milligaus as many electronic devices are used, such as microwaves ovens, etc.  However, no definitive study was ever conducted to see if this could be a sever or device programming item. In April I intend to have my team check this out.

Turn ons would not cause a 6 sec surge.