stands for
Multiple Anomaly Detection and Automatic Recording

The MADAR Project,
with a half century of work in the UAP anomaly detection field,
and thousands of dollars invested over the years,
has produced numerous ideas that developed as technology improved.


MADAR (1970-1992) was the first detection and recording system for geomagnetic anomalies and background radiation studies.


MADAR recorded 26 anomalies,
one of which directly correlated with the famous
"WOW"Signal on August 15, 1977.

MADAR-II (2014-2016)
used an improved verticle light beam, sensor, and
 photo-electric relay

The system included a camera-monitored
fluxgate magnetometer.

A mode control panel to activate data recorders
and additional equipment.

The system required two extra full-sized computer towers
and four surveillance cameras
and four extra composite monitors.


A quad video multiplexer


A 200' antenna,
a short wave radio for Coordinated Universal Time
and a time-lapse surveillance camera recorder

Three data recorders
covering five channels, all data time-stamped with the UTC.

With the support of over 50 members,
all these years the MADAR Project has had only
one detection station. Until now!

In April of 2016 a new idea was conceived
to create a network of affordable devices.
It would effectively replace most of this equipment.

By April of 2018
the MADAR-III DataProbe system
was operational.


Now anyone can be a part of a world-wide network.