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The MADAR-III-B DataProbe (Upgrade photo not yet available)
New pricing!

The upgraded version, MADAR-III-B DataProbe will be $229.99 which includes Priority Mail Shipping. (Add $20 for foreign). Those who opted to upgrade their A model and submitted $44.50 will either get a refund for $14.50 or a free MADAR cap (regular $30). The upgrade utilizes the new MADAR sensor board with improved magnetometer, the LSDS (legal shutdown switch), and the relay switch to operate an ADT and other equipment. We hope to be shipping within 30 days.

Due to our manufacturing process and build-to-order at this time, we are allowing two-three weeks for shipping.

To email us here at skyking42@gmx.com, click  here
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Join the MADAR Project by purchasing a MADAR-III DataProbe for $199.99 which includes the power adaptor, controller, sensors, and software. Shipped Priority Mail. (Ethernet cable not included and depends on where the device will be installed near your router) Foreign orders add $20. 


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