#1705: 1950/12/15  0:0  10  84:15:20W  35:59:20N  3331  NAM USA TNS  6 8 
Ref# 134 GROSS,L.:UFOs a HISTORY-1950/3 books Book # 3  Page 67 MIL. BASE

Knoxville, Tennessee.
December 14, 1950

A. Location and Time of Sighting: From 1605 hours for about three (3) hours, on 14 December 1950, on the Radar Scopes of the 663rd AC and W Squadron, McGhee Tyson Airport, Knoxville, Tennessee.

B. Weather at the Time: At 1600 hours on 14 December 1 950-"Ceiling- 2100 feet; Broken overcast; Seven (7) miles visibility; temperature, 37 degrees F.; and Wind-Southwest at thirteen (13) miles per hour.

C. Names, Occupations, and Addresses of Witnesses: Personnel of the 663rd AC and W Squadron, 30th Air Division, McGhee Tyson Airport, Knoxville, Tennessee, who were on duty at the time. Their occupations are Radar operators, Supervisors and experts.

D. Photographs of Objects, if available: No photographs taken. See "F" below.

E. Objects Sighted: A group of targets blanketed the Radar Scopes in the area directly over the government Atomic Energy Commission projects at Oak Ridge, Tennessee. These objects could not be identified from the radar image and a perfect fighter interception met with negative results.

F. Any other pertinent information: Lt. Robinson of the 663rd AC and W Squadron, McGhee-Tyson Airport, Knoxville, Tennessee took photographs of the scope readings with a personal, four (4) by five (5) Speed Graphic Camera, using Plus-X civilian procured film, a lens opening of F-2.5, and a shutter speed varying from twenty (20) to forty-five (45) seconds. The negatives were printed and forwarded to the 30th Air Division, Selfridge Air Force Base, Michigan, which installation printed the negatives and sent copies thereof to the 663rd AC and W squadron. The numerous targets can be readily identified from the permanent radar echoes by comparing the photographs.

Source: FBI, Clear Intent, 173

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